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Wed Mar 01 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Janet Smollett

Husband : Joel Smollett
Janet Smollett took the wedding vows with Joel Smollett.

Janet Smollett (born November 27, 1952) received fame through her children. She is the mother of the controversial Jussie Smollett. Apart from Jussie, she is a mother to five other famous and successful children responsible for her fame. 

New Orleans-born Janet's fame is not just limited to her children's work. She is an activist too. She has been vocal about HIV/AIDS and spread awareness on preventing the disease along with other activities.

Was Married To Joel Smollett

Janet changed her surname for Harris to Smollett after marrying Joel Smollett. Unlike the rest of the Smollett family, Joel had always tried to distance himself from the fame and limelight of his kids. However, he wasn't anti-celebrity lifestyle as he, just like Janet, influenced his kids.

Joel is holding the small Jussie while touching their heads with closed eyes.
Joel Smollett with his son Jussie Smollett (Source: Twitter)

He had migrated from Russia to live in the US. Both Joel and Janet were in a happy and stable married life before Joel passed away. 

Her Husband Died Of Cancer 

Janet was devastated when her husband, the leading man of the Smollett family, lost his life on January 7, 2015. Joel Smollett lost his life to cancer.

The cancer news was nothing new, as everyone knew that Joel had been fighting against the disease for a while. However, his death news was difficult to digest for them as Joel had touched the lives of the entire Smollett family. 

Janet chose to keep this loss to herself. However, her children have talked about the death of their father on social media. They all had good things to say about the man, which shows he was a great father and a loving husband.

Mother of Six

Janet is a parent of the same number of kids as Wanya Morris. She is a mother of six children. Her children are Jake, Jussie, Jazz, Jojo, Jacqui, and Jurnee Smollett. All of her children are celebrities.

All of them are posing together with Joel holding the smallest one of the kids.
Janet Smollett with her husband Joel Smollett and six children Jake, Jussie, Jazz, Jojo, Jacqui, and Jurnee Smollett (Source: Pinterest)

She has always been a loving mother to them. She is a proud mother watching all her children grow up and live good lives. All her children are on good terms with each other due to Janet raising them well.

She never acted as a hurdle for her kid's dreams. Instead, she has always encouraged her children to perform on the stage. During family occasions such as birthdays and mothers days, the kids would act and sing in front of everyone.

What Is Janet Smollett's Net Income? 

Janet Smollett is a famous mom because all of her children work in Hollywood likewise Ysabel Caminero. Madera Being the mother of so many famous children, it should not be surprising that she has also generated some income for herself. She has also developed money through her political career.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $250,000. It may seem a bit low compared to Hollywood standards, but she doesn't live a lavish lifestyle. Plus, all her children are successful celebrities and make much money themselves. So, she probably is worried much when it comes to money.

All Her Children's Worked Together In Sitcom

Janet may have received fame through her kids, but you would be wrong to assume that she did not influence her kid's success. The encouraging mother has always been there for her kids and has helped them when needed.

She helped them to get over any stage fright (if they had one) by encouraging them to sing, dance, and perform at a young age. It seems to have worked wonders as all of her kids landed a role in ABC's On Our Own at such a young age.

The woman is sitting on a chair while the others surround her.
The cast of On Our Own (Source: IMDb)

It was a comedy sitcom with the basic premise being the oldest brother deciding to become the man of the house and take care of his siblings after they become orphans due to an accident.

Despite the show not being a massive success, with ABC discontinuing it after just a season, it gave the kids the TV exposure and experience they could carry forward in their careers which most likely helped them in the current success they have tasted.

Is Janet Absent from Social Media?

Janet is the leading woman of the famous Smollett family. Her children may be on social media, but she isn't. Social media is something every famous people use to connect with their fans, promote their business or share their lives with the world. It seems like Janet doesn't feel the same way.

She prefers to keep things between herself and her close and loved ones. However, you can find her children on social meida, as they are all very active. Unfortunately, you will hardly find any of Janet's posts on her kid's social media. 

Controversies & Rumors Around Her Activist Work

Always vocal about what she believes in, Janet has been part of a few controversies. The activist Black Panther Party association, has led to some controversies surrounding her.

Politics will always be a dividing topic as people's political ideologies will always differ. The Black Panther's belief in Black nationalism and socialism is something many Americans don't like, and her association with the party has given her a bad reputation.

Jussie Smollett, the actor and one of Janet's sons, revealed that his mother is friends with Angela Davis, the American political activist. The latter is not liked by many for being a communist.

Angela Davis is addressing people while talking through the mic.
Angela Davis talking to the crowd (Source: CSUF News)

When Jussie Smollett came into controversy for staging an attack and lying to the cops, people started calling out Janet. Some even claimed that her political influence was responsible for her son's actions.

What Is Janet Smollett's Height And Weight?

You can tell Janet takes healthy care of her body, considering how good she looks for her age. One would have a hard time guessing that she is a mother of six children.

Now coming to body measurements, the Afro-American beauty stands at the same height as Cara Mia Wayans at 5 Feet 6 Inches (167.64 cm) tall. Her weight is 51 kg.

Association With The Black Panther Party

Aside from her children, everyone knows Janet for being an activist. She, in the past, has been very vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement. Her activism can also be seen in her association with the Black Panther Party.

Black Panther Party is an African American party hailing from Oakland, California. The party at the time was one of the most prominent black militant political organizations. The party mainly focused on the self-defense of Black people against Police brutality.

Janet Smollett Son Jussie Smollett Was Jailed For Lying

Jussie Smollett is easily the most famous child of the Smollett Family. The Empire actor has seen a lot of success in the industry, with numerous awards to his name. He was destined for greatness before the controversy happened.

Jussie Smollett was found guilty of lying to the cops. He filed a false report claiming he was the victim of a racist attack. He reported that two white men, staunch supporters of Donald Trump, attacked him while shouting "Make America Great Again," the slogan used by Trump during his election campaign.

He was charged with a fine of $145,000 and was sentenced to 150 days in jail. With such a successful CV to his name, the controversy, unfortunately, is what people will associate him with.


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