Jared Keeso and Magali Brunelle Keeso

Thu May 14 2020
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A long asked question by the fans of the Canadian heartthrob, Jared Keeso is about his married life. The actor knows how to keep his personal life off the radar, especially about his partner.

Is he married? Does he have a wife or just a girlfriend? In an interview with Hello Magazine, Jared definitely confirmed having a lovely lady in his life. Want to know more about his relationship? Then, read along.

Letterkenny Actor is Married 

The successful actor of the hit show Letterkenny, Jared is now a married man as per reports on online tabloids. Reportedly, he walked down the aisle with his wife Magali Brunelle Keeso on July 4, 2018.

Jared Keeso with his friend Tyler and wife Magali Keeso
Image: Jared (left) with his wife Magali (right) and a friend Tyler (in the middle) 
Source: Instagram @jaredkeeso

Prior to the wedding, the couple was dating for a brief period of time. The charming actor broke many ladies' hearts when he tweeted about the special lady in his life. Despite many rumors surrounded his dating life, in an interview in May 2017, the actor confirmed about being in a love affair.

The wedding ceremony, however, took place in a private venue. Any details about the big day did not make the public domain. 

When did Jared Confirmed about his Girlfriend?

The first limelight on Jared's dating life fell in December 2012. Letterkenny actor made a trip with his friends and went to Twitter to share about the trip. Brett Catto replied on the Tweet and to that reply, he mentioned his girlfriend.

He said that his girlfriend will be driving him and his friends from the trip. After four years again in August 2016, he mentioned his girlfriend driving him and his dog to New Brunswick.

Jared Keeso with his co-actors of Letterkenny
Frame: Jared Keeso (left) with his Co-actors
 Source: Instagram @jaredkeeso

Despite all of the mentions, Jared still did not confirm about being in a relationship with Magali. He, however, in an interview with Hello Magazine, he talked about how his girlfriend will be disappointed by cutting the beard. He said,

"Mom and Grandma will be disappointed on keeping the beard whereas cutting the beard will do the same to his girlfriend. Well, I don't like to disappoint the women in my life."

The limelight on his dating life or married life now is still under the shadow. Whatever it is, as of now, privacy is very important for the actor and his wife.

Do the Couple Share any Children?

A child is still in the plan of the future for Jared and Magali. The couple, even though they were dating each other from 2012 reportedly, they still do not share any children.

Keeso pair is very much focused on their career and not thinking about offspring. It's been two years now of their marriage and surely the duo is thinking about kids down the line. 


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