Jason Earles and Jennifer Earles' Relationship Status After Divorce

Thu Oct 24 2019
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Forever young-looking actor Jason Earles and his former wife Jennifer Earles is one of the famous couples in the 90s. The pair started their affair in college and went on to confess their love in front of God and loved ones.

The Hannah Montana actor relished a long marital relationship with Jennifer before calling it quits. So, what is their current relationship status? To know about the new relationship status of the couple, read along.

Relished The Married Life For A Decade

Both of them were at the Rocky Mountain College, where the couple first locked their eyes with each other. During the time, the Disney actor rose to stardom for his role in Hannah Montana alongside Miley Cyrus, Madison Pettis, Emily Osment, and Kennya Baldwin, to name a few. 

Jason Earles and his former wife Jennifer Earles at the Hannah Montana movie premiere
Image: Jason Earles (left) and his former wife Jennifer Earles (right). 
Source: Itisweird

The former lovebirds went to the same college and soon became a college sweetheart. After dating for five months, the pair took their relationship to the next level on January 4, 2002. The nuptials was quite a hot topic for the Disney fans, but the couple managed to keep it behind the closed doors.

Jennifer and Jason further relished their blissful married life for over a decade before calling it quit in 2013.

Divorce And The Custody Battle

Jason's marital life with Jennifer went through a lot of ups and downs. But the media and the fans were not aware of this fact as they all thought everything is right between the married duo.

After unable to solve the crisis in their matrimonial life, the pair decided to go separate their ways. Further, they announced the end in their relationship in 2013 and moved on in their lives. 

During their decade long marriage, the pair expanded their family from two to three with the addition of their angelic daughter.

Jason Earles with his daughter Noah Earles
Picture: Jason Earles (left) with his daughter Noah Earles (right). 
Source: Naijaonpoint

Along with the divorce, the duo fought the custody battlet for their daughter, Noah Earles. Unlike many celebrities, the former couple was very subtle on their court proceedings. In the end, Jennifer wins the child custody battle, and as of now, Noah is living with her mother away from all the media attention.

Jason Found Love Again!

Jennifer went under the radar after the divorce, so there are no exact details about her current relationship status. She might be dating or completely living a single life with her daughter.

Jason Earles and his wife Katie Drysen
Frame: Jason Earles (left) with his wife, Katie Drysen (right). 
Source: marriedwiki

On the other hand, Jason found love again. Nearly a year after the split, in late 2013, he started dating Katie Drysen. After being in a relationship for three years, the Hannah Montana star exchanged wedding vows with Katie on August 13, 2017. 

The Wedding Details

All the favorite Disney Channel superstars arrived at the venue where the bride walked down the aisle in her stunning strapless white wedding gown. The wedding looked like a big fairy tale ceremony, and guess what Katie exchanged her wedding vows with a Tiara on her head. 

Jason, however, has not posted any pictures related to his big day as of now, but Katie did post a photo where she is seen kissing Jason on the lips.

Katie Drysen kissing her husband Jason Earles on the lips at their wedding
Frame: Jason Earles (right) and his wife Katie Drysen (left) kissing at their wedding. 
Source: Instagram @ktacd247

All the big Disney celebrities joined the couple on their magical day. In the montage video played at the matrimony, Jason mentioned how much he loves his wife. And so did Katie on her part. 

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