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Thu Jan 26 2023
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Jeff Lumby is a famous Canadian actor and producer who produced the 1980's Canadian kids' television series Size Small. He came into the limelight after his movie “Winston Rothschild III.” 

He was born in 1955 somewhere in Canada but his exact date of birth and place is still behind the curtain. His alternate name is Jefferson LumbyHe is also a member of the Lumby family. 

Early Life

Lumby was born and raised in Canada and has a white Ethnicity. He was raised under the supervision of his parents; however, his parent's details are still a mystery.

Picture of Jeff Lumby with a cute smile
A black and white picture of Jeff Lumby with a cute smile. Picture Source: Moon Chase

Since his childhood, he has been a charming guy with appropriate behavior. Furthermore, he was interested in performing from a young age because he grew up watching various movies and TV shows. 

Because his birth date is unknown, his zodiac sign is likewise unknown to the public. 

Net Worth

As we know, Jeff Lumby is among the rich actors in America who has a total net worth of $5 million.

Thanks to his career as an actor, he has access to such an amount. On top of that, his wealth includes all his income from his acting and voice-over roles and other assets. 

Movies and TV Show

Size Small actor Lumby has appeared in a lot of different movies with his voice-over-the-roles. Some of his notable credits are Peep and the Big Wide World as raccoon, George of the Jungle as a Narrator, Time Wrap Trio as a Lepidines, and Fugget About it as a Terry.

Picture of Jeff Lumby during the voice over of Peep and the Big wide world as a racoon
Picture of Jeff Lumby during the voice-over of Peep and the Big wide world as a raccoon. Picture Source: YouTube 

Furthermore, being an actor, he performed in various TV series, such as Victor, The Red Green Show, The Animal Shelf, Sailor Moon, The Little Flying Bears, and Ned's Newt. Besides acting, he directed one TV Show, Small Size, where he appeared as a puppeteer and as various characters.

If you are not aware of this news then let me tell you, Lumby is also a writer and producer who has written and directed thirteen episodes of a TV Series, Red Green Show.

The Red Green Show Of Lumby

The Red Green Show series is about a handyman. The series originated in Canada and was mostly broadcast on CBC Television. 

In the series, Lumby played the role of Winston Rothschild who is a Turkish man whose septic lines were stopped and discolored. It is a comedy TV series.

The movie was created by Steve Smith and Rich Green in Canada. There are fifteen seasons and 305 episodes of the series. The movie was distributed by S & S production. 

On top of that, at the end of the day, The Red Green Show got a ranking of 8.1 out of 10 which is a good rating for a TV series.

Relationship Status

Jeff Lumby without a doubt is a secretive person who has not revealed much about his personal life to any media. He is single and there is not any news regarding his love life that has hit the headline media.

Furthermore, there are not any traces of his previous relationships and affairs. It seems that Lumy does not want to mix his personal life with his professional life.

Parents Details

Talking about Lumby's parent's details, he was born to his mother Helen Lumby but his father's name is not revealed yet. As mentioned earlier, he has not revealed much information about his parents. In addition to that, their profession is still unknown.

Picture of Jeff Lumby and his uncle Tom Lumby at family get together
Picture of Jeff Lumby and his uncle, Tom Lumby at a family get-together. Picture Source: Gerontology wiki

On the other hand, he has shared a picture of his Uncle, Tom Lumby on social media. Besides, that other pictures of his family members are not found on any media.

Did You Know?

As his IMDb page has stated, Winston Rothschild actor Lumby is a lucky man who got to work with his family. He has previously worked with his mother Helen Lumby who played the role of Miss Helen.

Also, his sister Lisa Lumby-Richards who played the role of Grandma Gussie, and his brother John Lumby Jr who played the role of Oliver Sudden, on the short-lived Children's show Size Small.

Physical Appearance

Jeff Lumby is a handsome man with a decent height of 5 feet 8 inches (168 cm) similar to Marguerite Macintyre. On the other hand, his weight is still a  mystery.

He has got brown eyes and a pointed nose, with blonde hair color, which absolutely suits his personality. As he has become a lot quite old but he still looks fit and healthy.

Career Overview

Lumby started his career as Skatoony on Teletoon, which was developed in the UK. He animated his voice over the many years in the movie-mad Scientist as Professor Tomoe. 

After many struggles, he got a chance to host radio in Hamilton, Ontario. He worked as a radio hoster for eight years over there.

However, Lumby started Co-hosting a morning show on a Toronto country radio station. His hard work and dedication led him to be the lead host of morning radio hosts in the year 2007. 

After his career as a show hoster, he started appearing in TV series and slowly in Movies. His first movie was The Red Green Show which was produced by himself.

IMDb Profile

The Little Flying Bears voice-over artist Lumby has his own IMDb page with thirty-two credits for him as an actor. Further, in acting, he has also got one credit as a writer and one credit as a director.

Moreover, his profile includes his short biography, Trivia, and other personal details. The rest of the credits are given to him as a writer, producer, and Self. 

Social Media

Time Warp Trio actor Jeff Lumby is not a social media-friendly person. He is not active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

It seems that Kingdom Force actor Lumby does not want to mix his personal life with his professional life which could be the reason for his lack of participation in the media.

However, Lumby has a Twitter ID but has not posted anything. He goes by the username of @JeffLumby. On top of that, the account is not verified yet and it is still unclear whether it is his own account or it may just be the fan base account.

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