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Mon Jul 31 2023
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Jenisa Garland is popularly known as former actor Isaiah Washington's wife. Washington has appeared in many movies and TV shows including Romeo Must Die, Grey's Anatomy, and so on.

Garland was involved in a scandal with a Make-up artist in 2012 which made her name infamous all over media. What happened during the scandal? Know about it as we explore the intriguing and mysterious life of Jenisa. 

Jenisa Garland Is Isaiah Washington's Wife

Yes, Jenisa Garland is currently married to Isaiah Washington. She was the long-time girlfriend of the Grey's Anatomy actor. Even though the married pair have not talked about their dating life, based on their wedding date, one can assume they are pretty romantic.

Isaiah Washington and his wife Jenisa Garland.
Isaiah Washington and his wife Jenisa Garland. Source: Pinterest

Guess what, Garland married Washington on Valentine's Day. Isn't that romantic? Jenisa tied the knot with Isaiah on February 14, 1996. Since then the husband-wife duo has shared a blissful marital bond for more than two decades now.

Washington and his wife Isaiah will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day in 2026. To date, the couple's love life is going strong.

How Is Jenisa Garland's Married Life With Isaiah Washington?

Jenisa Garland has been with her American actor husband Isaiah since her young days. She is not reported to have been with anyone else. With all these years of togetherness, Garland and Washington share a beautiful bond.

Isaiah and his wife Jenisa have also made a happy family of three children. Despite having stubbornness, Garland is said to have a soft spot and transparency for their loved ones. Although ups and downs in the relationship Garland and Washington are still together.

Jenisa Garland And Isaiah Washington's Children

Isaiah Washington's wife is the proud mother of three children just like Erin Burnette. Jenisa Garland's children are Isaiah Akin, Thyme, and Iman Washinton. 

Jenisa Garland with her husband and three children on the pool. Source: Instagram

The celebrity couple Garland and Washington has raised their children in privacy. Although it is known that, Jenisa's children are all grown up their birthdate is not revealed.

Nevertheless, the Vice Versa actor Washington occasionally shares the picture of his children on Instagram. Garland's and Isaiah's children are happily growing up with such capable parents.

Jenisa Garland Net Worth: What Does Isaiah Washington's Wife Do For Living?

What Isaiah Washington's wife does for a living at the moment is undisclosed. But, she used to be a cloth designer and it is unclear whether Jenisa still continues doing it. 

Isaiah Washington is a former actor.
Isaiah Washington is a former actor. Source: Instagram

Jenisa Garland's net worth is estimated at $800k. If Washington's wife is still active in the clothing designing business, she might earn a salary of an average of $54,625.

Speaking of Garland's celebrity husband, Isaiah Washington has a speculated net worth of $500 thousand similar to Vanessa Rubio. He is a former actor and an author.

Jenisa Garland Husband: Isaiah Washington Is A Filmmaker & Author

Washington has 85 credits as an actor. Besides this, he has some credits for producing and directing too. Apparently, Jenisa's husband is a multitalented personality. Some of Isaiah's Movies and TV shows are  Grey's Anatomy, The 100, Bull, Keys to the City, The Sin Seer, and so on.

Book written by Jenisa Garland's husband.
Book written by Jenisa Garland's husband. Source: Amazon

Also, Washington is the author of "A Man from Another Land: How Finding My Roots Changed My Life". The 6ft one inch tall Isaiah had a DNA test to find his roots which were traced back to Sierra Leone.

Jenisa Garland's Slapping Scandal: What Happened Between Isaiah Washington's Spouse & Makeup Artist?

Jenisa Garland's name was highlighted after the infamous 2012 slapping scandal involving her. Garland slapped the make-up artist after she threw drinks on his face during a night out at Club Deep in Hollywood.

Jenisa Garland and her husband in matching black outfits.
Jenisa Garland and her husband in matching black outfits. Source: Pinterest

As per the witness, while chatting with Isaiah, Garland marched on to makeup artist Merc Arceneaux and said, "Really, Merc? Really?" And when Arcenaux said Washington to talk to his wife, she slapped Merc.

Following that makeup artist, Merc said in an interview, "[Garland] had no right to put her hands on me, My feelings are hurt -- I never received an apology" Well, the matter was solved in private and the outcome was not revealed by any party.

Isaiah Washington Was Kicked Out Of Grey's Anatomy

It is not only Jenisa Garland but her husband Isaiah has also been in the controversy. Washington was kicked out of the famous series Grey's Anatomy after the third season.

Washington used to play the role of Dr. Preston Burke. He was doing good with the character and acting, but after using a gay slur on co-star TR Knight, Isaiah was out of the show on June 7, 2007.

Jenisa Garland's Husband, Isaiah Washington, Retires From Entertainment Industry

Isaiah Washington has made an early retirement from filmmaking. According to Garland's husband, he no longer wants to be part of this showbiz industry. Now, Garland's husband is raising a fund from Go Fund Me to make his new project.

Washington on March 2023 said:

"It is with a heavy heart and a sense of relief that I am announcing my early retirement from the entertainment industry today, It seems that the haters, provocateurs, and the Useful Idiots have won"

Looks like, Washington had lots of people who hate him. Also, being kicked out of Grey's Anatomy might be one reason. In a 2014 interview with I Am Entertainment magazine, he said, "They killed the actor [in me] on June 7, 2007".

Jenisa Garland Bio: Age, Birthdate & Early Life

Jenisa Marie Garland was introduced to the world on November 30, 1968, in  Los Angeles, California. Garlad's father was a pilot and traveled a lot while she was a child.

Garland's mother worked as a clothier at a local fashion agency. So, Isaiah Washington's wife spent most of her time doing chores and helping her mother with her work.

Jenisa Garland is an American nationality.
Jenisa Garland is an American nationality. Source: Biography Mask

Speaking of Jenisa's siblings, the celebrity spouse has kept the identity of her brother and younger sister out of media reach just like her parents. Did you know? Garland was brilliant in her academic days.

Moreover, Washington's wife enrolled in German, Dutch, French, and English lessons. This made her fluent in four languages.


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