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Journalist, Newscaster (1985)
Fri Apr 14 2023
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Jenn Pellegrino is an American journalist and a Newscaster currently working for the channel, Newsmax where she hosts Prime News on the channel. She replaced Steve Cortes who left the news channel after he famously refused to accept the vaccine mandate rules.

Pellegrino's net worth has been estimated to be $1.25 Million. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She stands at the height of 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm) and has a body weight of 128 lbs (58 kg). 

Relationship Status Of The Newsmax Journalist

Jenn Pellegrino is not seeing anyone at the time of this writing as the newscaster is single. She is investing all of her time in her career, friends, and everyone close to her.

Jenn Pellegrino and Sanibel are lying in a pillow.
Jenn Pellegrino with her pet dog, Sanibel (Source: Jenn Pellegrino Instagram @jenn_pellegrino)

Pellegrino is also very quiet about her love life as she hasn't revealed much about it. Hence, there are no records of her previous relationships. She wants to keep her private matters away from the media.

Net Worth Of The Newsmax Newscaster

Jenn Pellegrino's net worth has been estimated to be around $1.25 Million. She is having a successful career in the media as evidenced by her wealth. Her employment in Newsmax is her main source of income. She works as the host of Prime News on the network.

The exact salary Pellegrino gets paid has been kept under wraps. But, as per Indeed, the average salary of the news reporter in Newsmax is $66,625 per year. 

Since Pellegrino works in prime time and is one of the faces of the channel, it has been speculated that she makes more than $100,000 annually. But, this is mere speculation so take it with a pinch of salt.

Pellegrino's Political Allegiance

Newsmax journalist Pellegrino works as a newscaster and is actively involved in politics. Like everyone else who are invested in politics, she has her beliefs and she is a staunch supporter of the Republicans. In simpler terms, she is a right-winger.

Jenn Pellegrino and Donald Trump are posing with their thumbs up.
Jenn Pellegrino with the former US President, Donald Trump (Source: Jenn Pellegrino Instagram @jenn_pellegrino)

Even the news channel, Pellegrino works on is considered by Americans to be a right-wing channel. She is also a huge fan of former US President Trump and her political allegiance has also made her a bit unpopular among a lot of people who have opposing political views.

How Tall Is Jenn Pellegrino?

Pellegrino has kept herself in good shape and her body measurements are 35-25-35 inches. Height isn't her best of attributes as she stands at 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm), similar to actress, Ruth Horrocks. She has a slim body type that weighs around 128 lbs (58 kg). 

Talking about Newsmax anchor, Pellegrino's other body features, she has got blonde hair and brown eyes. She works in front of the camera and if you are a news anchor, it is expected of you to look in a certain shape. 

Without a doubt, Pellegrino takes good care of her body. And, one of the ways she stays fit is by going for the long run. She has even participated in marathons in the past.

Did You Know Pellegrino's Father Served In The Army?

Jenn Pellegrino's father has served in the United States. We are still trying to find out his name but it is no secret that he was in the military as he was a member of the US Air Force. 

Jenn Pellegrino's father is leaning to a vehicle.
Jenn Pellegrino's father when he was in US Air Force (Source: Jenn Pellegrino's Instagram @jenn_pellegrino)

Pellegrino hasn't shared many details about her father's time at the Air Force. However, he retired from his work with honor. Her parents live a low-key life away from the media. 

Pellegrino's father previously attended the Luxembourg American Cemetry with her to pay respects to the people who lost their lives in the second world war.

Previous Work Of Pellegrino 

Pellegrino has been working in the field of journalism for a very long time. Working in Newsmax has been her career's biggest success but before that, she was working for a completely different network called One America News.

While at One America News, Pellegrino worked in the White House covering events related to the office and the President. In other words, she worked as a White House Correspondent. 

TFI Global has mentioned in their article that she even got to interview Elizabeth Trump Grau's brother and former US President Donald Trump. In addition, she has also interviewed Vice President, Mike Pence. 

Is A Marathoner

Jenn Pellegrino besides talking about American politics on television also has other hobbies and interests. She is a marathoner and has run 75 Marathons at the time of this writing.

Jenn Pellegrino is wearing a blue short, US flag socks and a red top.
Jenn Pellegrino taking part at the Marine Corps Marathon 2022 (Source: Jenn Pellegrino Instagram @jenn_pellegrino)

Pellegrino has previously run on Marine Corps Marathon, and Mesa Marathon, among others. She can run a lot of miles and her habit of jogging every morning can be credited to that.

The Controversial Exit Of Steve Cortes From Newsmax

Pellegrino works as the host of Prime News today but her landing this job position had its fair share of controversies. Before her, a man named Steve Cortes was the host of the show. Steve not only left the position but the company as well and it wasn't on good terms. The problem started due to the mandate of covid vaccines.

Newsmax had decided to make covid vaccines mandatory for everyone who works on their news channel. Cortes being an anti-vaxxer didn't like it and decided to leave the job, the position that was then given to Pellegrino. Both of them had previously worked together in another show called, Cortes & Pellegrino.

DailyMail has reported that Cortes was already in a bit of trouble with Newsmax for his previous comments on the 2020 election results where he said that the election results were manipulated. The article has also mentioned that the ratings of the network were decreasing and these things were also considered before he was asked to leave by the network. 

About Pellegrino's Work

Jenn Pellegrino works as a journalist and a newscaster. She, at the time of this writing, works at Newsmax, a cable news media company. The blondie is one of the faces of the network and currently hosts Prime News on the network. 

Besides working when the Newsmax audience is the highest, Pellegrino is also involved in other shows on the network as mentioned on her IMDb page. She works as the writer of the Cortes & Pellegrino. She has also worked as a correspondent on The Record with Greta Van Susteren and American Agenda in the past.

Social Media Presence

The Newsmax newscaster, Pellegrino is active on social media. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. Her Insta page and Twitter handle are @jenn_pellegrino and @JennPellegrino respectively. She actively posts on both platforms.

Pellegrino's majority of the posts on both Twitter and Instagram are related to her work. However, we do see a bit of the personal life of a journalist on her Insta page. You will find her posting pictures with her friends, and family and just generally having a good time.


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