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Fri Jul 30 2021
By   Selena

Jennifer Irwin is a decently popular actress who has accrued fame all over the world for her various roles in comedic films and shows. Over the years she has gathered more than 3 decades of experience as an actor on the big and small screens. 

Irwin came to the limelight of the Canadian film industry due to her comic skills and has stayed a relevant actress since the 1980s. Her personal life has been shielded from the media but fans are ever-curious to know about her relationships. 

Is Jennifer Irwin Married? 

Jennifer Irwin is not married as of July 2021. She has never been married or engaged as per online sources such as this one. In addition to this, she does not have any kids. 

Jennifer Irwin Is Reportdely Not Married Woman As of Now
Image: Jennifer Irwin Is Reportdely Not Married Woman As of Now
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

She has also not been engaged in the past to anyone. The records of her relationships have also been kept in the dark from the media. She might have dated some high-profile names in the past but the information about her past dating life is not available in the media.

Similarly, any news regarding her personal affairs is yet to make it into the media. She is also most probably single as of 2021. A quick peek at her social media also reveals no sign of a partner. 

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Who Is Jennifer Irwin? 

Jennifer is a Canadian actress born on June 17, 1975, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is 46 years old as of July 2021. The actress is a Canadian by nationality and is White by ethnicity. She was born along with a brother to her Canadian parents.

Before becoming a star, she went to McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She came into fame for her comedic skill which she showcased on shows like iZombie, Superstore, The Ellen Show, etc. She is known as an accomplished comedic actor with numerous films and TV shows to her name. 

Jennifer Irwin as Cassie Powers on Eastbound & Down
Image: Jennifer Irwin as Cassie Powers on Eastbound & Down
Source: IMDB

The star has done some great work as a dramatic actress too and has starred in miro roles on various films. One of her most recognized shows is ‘Still Standing’ on which she had the main role from 2002 to 2006. More recently, she starred as ‘Cassie Powers’ on the Eastbound & Down series. 

According to IMDb, she was a Gemini Award nominee for her work on the 2003 series “Slings and Arrows”. Similarly, she starred alongside Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the 2011 rom-com “No Strings Attached”. 

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