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Actress, Model, Writer, Speaker, Horse Trainer (1948)
Thu Aug 17 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jennifer O'Neill

Husband : Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr.
Jennifer O'Neill Married To Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr. In 1996.
Ex-husband : Jeff Barry
Jennifer O'Neill Married To Jeff Barry In 1978 And Divorced In 1979.

American-Brazilian actress Jennifer O'Neill is popular for her portrayal of Dorothy in the romantic drama movie, Summer of '42. She is also best known for her debut role, Shasta Delany, in the adventurous, romantic war film, Rio Lobo, for which she earned huge recognition and honors.

O'Neill was born Jennifer Lee O'Neill on 20th February 1948 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and hails from mixed ethnicity (Irish-Spanish-English). She is the daughter of Oscar O'Neill (father) and Irene O'Neill (mother). To know more about O'Neill's personal life, read the article till the end.

How is Jennifer O'Neill's Current Marital Life with Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr.?

The 71-year-old, Jennifer, and her current husband, Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr. are enjoying the most beautiful moments in their blissful marital life. The two exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony in 1996.

Jennifer O'Neill with her current husband, Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr. at Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Invitational Opening Party
Photo: Jennifer O'Neill with her current husband, Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr. at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas 
Source: Getty Images

While Jennifer is no stranger to failed marriages, she and her current husband, Mervin, share a thriving wedlock. Likewise, O'Neill spouse, Louque, and herself remain blissfully married after over two decades!

Over the decades, the couple is carrying their marriage more strongly with love and respect. Jennifer recently celebrated their 25th marital anniversary in 2021 and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. And now, in 2023, they live out their married life of close to three decades!

O'Neill's Past Marital Relationships & Broken Engagement

Summer of '42 actress, Rossiter faced several ups and downs, successes and failures, in her whole life, including tragedies in marriages due to divorces. She has been linked with many high-profile celebrities for several years.

O'Neill was married eight times and became the mother of three children, including nine miscarriages and one abortion, which is described in the following sections.

Jennifer O'Neill was Married to Dean Rossiter

Scanners actress, O'Neill was married to her first husband, Dean Rossiterwhen she was only 16 years old. The pair's nuptial was an intimate ceremony held in 1965 between their close relatives.

Following their wedding ceremony, Jennifer and Dean expected a baby at the end of 1966. The couple later became the parents of a daughter, Aimee Rossiter, on 26th April 1967.

After the birth of Aimee, Jennifer started facing mental stress and underwent electroshock therapy in a mental hospital for a year. During that time, she was pregnant again, but they aborted their second child. They later divorced in 1971, and Jennifer took responsibility for their daughter, Rossiter.

Jennifer O'Neill Ex-Husband Joseph Roster

The former model, Jennifer, was married to her second spouse, Joseph Koster, who is a former advertising executive, novelist, and scholar of Eastern philosophy. The two married secretly in 1972.

Jennifer O'Neill with her second ex-husband, Joseph Koster on their wedding day
Image: Jennifer O'Neill and Joseph Koster were dressed in a well-manner 
Source: Getty Images

All things were going all right in their marital union, but something happened that changed their relationship's path. The couple later divorced by the end of 1974.

Jennifer O'Neill Ex-spouse Nick De Noia

The motivational speaker, O'Neill, got married to her producer and choreographer of the Chippendale dance group, Nick De Noia, in 1975. The duo enjoyed the most joyful moments of their lives while maintaining a blissful bond in their marriage.

Jennifer O'Neill and her third ex-husband, Nick De Noia at the 47th Annual Awards Rehearsals
Picture: Jennifer O'Neill with her third ex-husband, Nick De Noia at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California 
Source: Getty Images

The couple, however, ended their marital union due to some misunderstandings in 1976. Unfortunately, Nick was shot dead by a large-caliber handgun in April 1987 just 11 years after their divorce.

Tied the Knot with Jeff Barry

The CoverGirl cosmetics model, Jennifer committed to her fourth husband, Jeff Barry, who is an American songwriter. The duo walked down the aisle in a private nuptial held on 3rd June 1978.

After their wedding, the couple separated due to a lack of intimacy and filed for divorce in 1979. Following this, the registered court concluded their divorce with a settlement agreement on 26th June 1978.

Marital Relationship with John Lederer

American activist, Jennifer was married to her fifth husband, John Lederer, who is her former manager. More to that, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1979.

Jennifer O'Neill with her fifth ex-husband, John Lederer
Snap Jennifer O'Neill with her fifth ex-husband, John Lederer 
Source: Getty Images

At the time of the marriage, Lederer sexually abused O'Neill's daughter, Aimee three to four times a week. Fortunately, Jennifer found him guilty of his conviction and divorced after four years in 1983. Upon their divorce, O'Neill took responsibility for their son, Reis Michael Lederer (born in 1981).

Jennifer O'Neill And Neil L. Bonin

The horse trainer, O'Neill, and an actor, Neil L. Bonin, united as husband and wife on 9th December 1992 in Travis, Texas. During their marriage, Neil was 11 years younger than Jennifer, who was 44 years at the time.

Just five months later, the pair annulled their marriage in May 1993 due to Nei's fraud which put a black mark on their relationship. They then finalized their divorce on 7th May 1993, due to some disputes.

Jennifer O'Neill Twicely Married to Richard Alan Brown

Jennifer O'Neill was married to her limo driver, Richard A. Alan twice before she went on a blind date with him in 1984. After dating for two years, the duo married on 13th July 1986.

The couple eventually divorced on 18th January 1989, after staying married for two years. The cause of their divorce was Richard's unfaithfulness with O'Neill, which later led them to separation.

Jennifer O'Neill with her seventh ex-husband, Richard A. Alan at the Hollywood 100 Pro Celebrity Polo Match
Picture: Jennifer O'Neill and her seventh ex-husband, Richard A. Alan at Los Angeles Equestrian Club in California 
Source: Getty Images

O'Neill and Richard patch up again in 1993 and secretly remarried on 9th December 1993. Nonetheless, they again filed for divorce after finding Richard's extramarital affairs with prostitutes in 1996. The duo later divorced taking the custody of their 9-year-old son, Cooper Alan (born on 8th March 1987).

Once Engaged with Elliott Gould

Rio Lobo star cast, O'Neill was in a relationship with an Oscar-nominated actor, Elliott Gould, who recently completed a movie, Windfall. The duo met for the first time in 1974 and shortly started dating after a while.

After dating for a few months, the duo decided to marry and got engaged in the same year. But, their engagement was later called off because of some personal problems that arose in their relationship in 1974.

Survived from an Accidental Gunshot

The prize-winning actress, Jennifer suffered a gunshot by chance while she was at her home on McClain Street in Bedford, NY on 23rd October 1982. After the gunshot, police officers immediately arrived at her house to make a report about O'Neill's incident. 

NYTimes reported that Police said O'Neill was shot with a .38 caliber revolver in her abdomen while she was trying to know whether the gun was loaded or not at her French-style estate located in New York. 

At the time of the incident, two other people were also in her house, who were later recognized as her relatives. Then, Thomas Rothwell, a detective sergeant, said that it was a case where O'Neill didn't have much knowledge about guns.

Check out the speech of Jennifer O'Neill about her story

Two years later, Jennifer also faced an accidental gunshot incident while working on the set of Cover Up with Jon-Erik Hexum on 12th October 1984. But this time, Hexum was the victim of the case who eventually triggered a loaded blank cartridge gun that caused him a fatal wound.

Six days later, after the incident, Hexum died due to the effects of expanding powder gasses, which gave him extreme damage on 18th October 1984. He was then buried at Grandview Crematory in Glendale, California, and his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean, near Malibu, CA.

Sued Lady Gaga for Treating Her as a Slave

The nine times a married woman, O'Neill filed a case against Lady Gaga for treating her as a slave after serving as her assistant for three and a half years. It was also proclaimed that Gaga hasn't paid $400,000 for O'Neill, according to the police report.

The conflict between O'Neill and Gaga started when they were traveling to Paris for her modeling at Thierry Mugler's fashion show in 2011.

Upon their arrival at the airport, Gaga noted there were 20 huge pieces of luggage, and there was no helper for her. At the time, Gaga hired O'Neill as her assistant, but she didn't help her to take the bags to her room.

Jennifer O'Neill sued Lady Gaga for not paying her overtime duty as a personal assistant
Picture: Jennifer O'Neill and Lady Gaga filed a case for workplace violence 
Source: Daily Mail

After Gaga went to her room carrying those heavy bags by herself, she was so frustrated with O'Neill for not taking the bags as she paid her $75,000 annual salary for her care.

But, O'Neill later filed a lawsuit against Gaga at the Manhattan federal court for treating her as labor for more than 7,168 overtime, which includes a $393,000 loss of damages from 2009 to 2011.

Lastly, Jennifer got the case after Gaga didn't give her emails to the court custody, saying it is personal and private for her, which includes her conversation with O'Neill. The court later settled down a financial fine to Gaga and banned Jennifer from presenting the case files in court.

Net Worth - $10 Million

Jennifer O'Neill's total fortune is $10 Million as of 2020. She earns a decent salary from her profession because she isn't much active in her current filming projects. So, her annual earnings might be below the average income of an American actress, which is $46,693.

The Brazilian-born American actress, O'Neill, purchased a lavish home in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, for $1.5 Million. Her house is placed on 1,456 square feet, which consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining hall, and a fully designated kitchen. Likewise, Ashley Judd also resides in the Tennessee area.

Notable Books of Jennifer

As an author, O'Neill wrote her first book, Surviving Myself, on 17th February 1999. The book is about the early success of O'Neill's musical career in Hollywood, which includes her personal experiences.

Jennifer's book garnered four out of five stars from 25 ratings of readers. Currently, it prizes $23.66 in hardcover which consists of 43 used ($4.05), ten new ($19.80), and five collectibles ($30.99).

The cover of Jennifer O'Neill's book, From Fall to Forgiven: A Spiritual Journey into Wholeness and Healing
Picture: Jennifer O'Neill wrote her second book, From Fall to Forgiven: A Spiritual Journey into Wholeness and Healing 
Source: AbeBooks

O'Neill's second book, From Fall to Forgiven: A Spiritual Journey into Wholeness and Healing, received four stars out of five from ratings. In the book, she told the story of an international model who faced eight tragic divorces but later found her genuine relationship after knowing Jesus Christ.

O'Neill wrote and published another book, "IT'S Complicated" on 28th September 2017, which is listed at $19.95. Her other books are Faith Lessons, A Late Spring Frost, and many others. Similar to Jennifer, K Callan also mesmerized the world with her magical words in her notable novels.


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