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Wed Nov 20 2019
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Jennifer Pfautch's married life with Omari Hardwick surrounds with criticism most of the time. Especially, Omari's' fans negatively criticize his wife because of the interracial marriage between the two.

The Power actor comes to his wife's rescue on social media most of the time. Despite all the negativity around them, the pair is happy in their marital life. As of now, Omari and Jennifer are blessed with two children who feature on the pairs' Instagram from time to time. Now, if you're ready, let's know more about the duos' married life.

Jennifer's Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Both of them likes to take their personal life away from the media. Jennifer especially hides from the public attention rather than her husband, who is surrounded by the paparazzi.

Omari Hardwick with his wife Jennifer Pfautch at the premiere of TV Show Power
Image: Jennifer Pfautch (right) with her husband Omari Hardwick (left). 
Source: Glamour Path

As of now, there are no records of how the couple first met each other, but we know they are together for a long time now. Jennifer and Omari walked down the aisle in June 2012 at the beautiful Kansas City. The guests enjoyed the wedding ceremony in the venue which was kept discreet by the couple.

Omari was already a massive star at the time of the marriage. Jennifer, on the other hand, Jennifer plays a significant role in spreading awareness in people about mental health. Hardwick is also a political activist, and maybe they first locked eyes with each other during some event.

Jennifer's Happy Family of Four

There is no doubt how much the couple loves each other. All the pictures on social media are evidence of their love. Their coziness with each other and the time they spend with each other is undoubtedly now divided upon the arrival of new members in the family.

Jennifer Pfautch kissing her husband Omari Hardwick with her two children
Picture: Omari Hardwick (left) kissing his wife Jennifer Pfautch while she is holding their two children. 
Source: Pinterest

After just a couple of years, Jennifer became pregnant with the couple's first child. She gave birth to a daughter in 2014 and a son in 2016. Both of them are very protective of their children, and rarely you can see them on social media pictures.

Omari and Jennifer has stayed tight-lipped on the names of their children. Not revealing the names of their children gives us the idea of how much they want to keep their children away from public attention. In front of the media, the couple calls their kids Nova and Brave, but upon doing some research, we know that these names of the children do not seem to be their real names.

Omari responds to the Criticism

Jennifer often deals with negative criticism on social media, which is mostly about her looks. The fans of the show Power called Omari's wife Ugly, which broke the patience of Hardwick.

Omari Hardwick and his wife Jennifer Pfautch at HBO's Boardwalk Empire promotion where he hits back at criticism
Frame: Jennifer Pfautch (right) and Omari Hardwick (left). 
Source: Hip Hollywood

He took to social media to express how disgusting it is to judge someone on the choice of their spouse. The actor went on a Twitter spree to make his point. In addition to that, he also wrote a letter to his kids on Instagram., Through his letter, he tells his children how much he cares for his family. He further added how much he focuses on and loves his family. 

With that, many people have voiced their support for the actor and his wife. Many also thanked Jennifer for sharing Omari with the world. She was the one who inspired Omari to take on the role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick in the TV series Power. In the show, Hardwick features with actors like Sheena Sakai, Lucy Walters, Joseph Sikora, and Naturi Naughton, to name a few.


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