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Instagram star, producer (1998)
Sun May 21 2023
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Jeremy Ayala González is well-known as the only son of Daddy Yankee. While Jeremy's father found the massive spotlight as a rapper, he is a rising producer. González grew up in the limelight. As such, much of his life remains in the forefront, for example, his relationship.

As the son of a globally loved music artist, Jeremy also hopes to be a star in the music industry. However, it seems like his talents are blooming late. For now, González is focused on working behind the camera and the mic. 

Is Jeremy Ayala González Married?

Yes, the celebrity son Jeremy Ayala González is married to his long-time girlfriend, Andrea De Castro Font. She is an Instagram influencer from Puerto Rico. Furthermore, she is a digital marketer for A-listed musical artists.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez with his wife Andrea De Castro Font.
Jeremy Ayala González with his wife, Andrea De Castro Font. Source: Instagram @jeremyayala

Jeremy and Andrea have not kept their relationship secret. However, details regarding their love life are not revealed. The celebrity couple married secretly in their house on March 8, 2021.

Daddy Yankee's only son Jeremy started dating his wife, Andrea, in 2019. The romantic pair shared their love life on their respective social media.

Jeremy and his wife, Andrea, aren't shy about the public. They made a red carpet appearance at the Premios Tu Música Urbano in San Juan in 2022.

Andrea De Castro Font took a picture of hugging her son.
Andrea De Castro Font took a picture hugging her son. Source: Instagram @andreadecastroayala

Jeremy and Andrea do not have children of them together. But Andrea does have a son named Jose from her previous relationship.

Previously Dated Karla Rivera

Jeremy Ayala González is married to his wife, Andrea De Castro, and is pretty happy in their relationship. Previously, he had dated a girl named Karla Rivera.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez with his ex-girlfriend Karla Rivera.
Jeremy Ayala González with his ex-girlfriend Karla Rivera. Source: Instagram @jeremyjahmar

The Instagram account @jeremyjahmar has pictures of Jeremy and Karla together. Maybe the couple were high school sweethearts. The celebrity's son posted the pic in 2016.

Jeremy Ayala González: Early Life & Age

Instagram influencer Jeremy Jahmar Ayala Gonzalez was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on May 26, 1998. As per his birthdate, Jeremy is in his mid-20s in terms of age.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez with his father Daddy Yankee.
Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez with his father, Daddy Yankee. Source: Instagram @jeremyjahmr

González belongs to a well-known family from Puerto Rico. He is the son of the legendary reggaeton artist Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, popularly known as Daddy Yankee. Jeremy's mother is Mireddys González.

Jeremy used to live in public housing with his parents. Once his father, Daddy Yankee, started making money, they shifted to a luxurious apartment in Isla Verde.

Has Two Sisters

Jeremy Ayala González is the only son of the king of Reggaeton. However, Jeremy isn't the only child. In fact, he has two sisters who share both of his parents.

Gonzalez is the youngest of the siblings. His sisters Jesaaelys and Yamilet González are well-known and are accomplished in their respective fields.

About Jesaaelys González

Jesaaelys, the eldest sibling, was born in 1994 when their father was just 17 years old. Currently residing in Florida, she has ventured into the cosmetic industry, specifically focusing on makeup and skincare. 

Jeremy  Ayala Gonzalez's eldest sister Jesaaelys Gonzalez.
Jeremy  Ayala Gonzalez's eldest sister Jesaaelys Gonzalez. Source: Instagram @jesaaelys

González has established her online shopping store called Jesaaelys Beauty, which offers makeup kits. With over 1.5 million Instagram followers, Jesaaelys has gained considerable success and appears to have built her independent career separate from her father's influence.

Speaking of love life, Jesaaelys is in a relationship with Carlos Olmos. The love birds have been together since November 13, 2017.

About Yamilet González 

Yamilet, the second oldest sibling, is four years younger than Jesaaelys. Known for her intelligence, she achieved straight A's in high school. 

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez's sister Yamilet Gonzalez.
Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez's sister Yamilet Gonzalez. Source: Instagram @yamiletgonzalez

González is a fitness coach who has inspired many people with her stunning body. She mostly posts a glimpse of her workout on her Instagram. Yamilet is in a relationship with Kamal Hardy.

How Tall Is Jeremy Ayala González?

King of Reggaeton's son, Jeremy Ayala González stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 7 inches (172 cm). Likewise, he has maintained a weight of around 68 kg (148 lbs).

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez looks in Youth Awards.
Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez looks in Youth Awards. Source: Instagram @jeremyayala

The distinctive feature of the music producer Gonzalez is the mole on his face. He has inked his body and has tattoos on his arms. 

Jeremy looks like a model with his charming face and sense of clothing style. Many say his face is similar to his father, Daddy Yankee.

Jeremy Ayala González Is Inspired By His Father, Daddy Yankee

Jeremy was exposed to music from a young age as his father is a music artist. Growing up in such a musically rich environment, it is no surprise that he developed a profound passion for music.

González holds his father, Daddy Yankee, in high regard as a pillar of support and mentorship in the music industry. His glorious music career has inspired Jeremy Ayala to be the best music artist just like his father.

Similarly, the upcoming music producer Jeremy expresses immense pride in his father's accomplishments, recognizing the profound cultural influence Daddy Yankee has cultivated through his music. 

Jeremy Said:

"I am so proud of your accomplishments, it's incredible to witness how you have formed a culture and how you impact the whole world every time you make music. I so admire your passion for art and work, and only aspire to have that same work ethic and dedication."

Jeremy Ayala González Net Worth: How Rich is Daddy Yankee's Son?

The budding music producer Jeremy Ayala González  is speculated to have a net worth of a staggering $1 Million. In addition to being a producer, he is also an Instagram influencer.

González lives a wealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, his wife has added more to their net worth. His wife, De Costa, has an estimated net worth of $1 Million, similar to him.

Jeremy has not disclosed much about his work. However, he has talked about his project on his YouTube Channel Once.

Social Media Presence

As a social media personality, Jeremy is quite active on Instagram. He often posts glimpses of his personal life there.

Gonzalez has said he is a producer on his Insta bio. He has more than 350k followers on his Instagram with the username @jeremyayala.


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