Jerry Shirer and Priscilla Shirer Married Life

Mon Sep 09 2019
By   Bibek

Priscilla Shirer and her husband Jerry Shirer are famous as the Christian evangelist and motivational speaker. They enjoy an ordinary married life just like the most couple but when they are on stage, the couple is an absolute rockstar.

From their work and films, the pair promotes the Bible's messages to people via their expository teaching method. At home, they appear as an ordinary couple who enjoys spending time with their children. Family is always important for the duo as they always keep them above everything else.

Jerry Shirer Relationship with Priscilla Shirer

The relationship between the couple is in an amazing stage. They first locked eyes with each other in 1998 and after some months of knowing each other Priscilla felt an angelic connection with him.

Priscilla Shirer (left) looking at her husband Jerry Shirer (right)

The couple exchanged wedding vows in 1999 after a year of knowing each other. During the time, Jerry worked as the Director of International Operations for Hilton Hotels. 

In the speaking program held for the Hilton Hotels executive, the pair took notice of each other and gradually started their conversation.

The Mysterious Woman played a Matchmaker

A woman invited Priscilla to speak at the Hilton Hotel event. Shirer never met her in her life but because of someone's reference, she agreed to talk to her. After some discussion, Priscilla agreed to speak at the event and sent her details via mail.

Priscilla calls this the calling of the Lord as that Woman for some reason decided to match up Jerry Shirer with her. At first, Priscilla seemed hesitant to meet her but after seeing Jerry at the event three months later changed everything.

Jerry Shirer (right) and Priscilla Shirer (left) talking about their relationship

As she recalls, Jerry looked very beautiful and during the event, they only shared a few dialogues with each other. After that, Jerry decided to call her in the evening and the rest is as they say history.

Priscilla Shirer Angelic Connection with her husband

Prior to meeting Jerry, Priscilla went through so many hurtful relationships. Because of that, Shirer was reluctant to start a romantic relationship with Jerry. 

In the beginning, the speaker wanted to become a friend with Jerry but he made it very clear about his feelings to her. Gradually, she felt more inclined toward him. In an interview talking about her connection with Jerry, she said,

"I knew he was the one for me about 6-7 months after we meet. There wasn't a specific instance when it hit me".

Jerry Shirer and Priscilla Shirer at their house

She further added,

"He was like a soothing balm to my emotional wounds and his care, concern, and protection of me was overwhelmingly stunning".

Priscilla considers marrying her husband as the best decision of her life. Currently, the couple together runs an entire ministry- women's ministry in particular. Jerry also lends his skills as a Motivational speaker just like Steve Craig.

Priscilla Shirer is a Family Woman!

Being a mother and the responsibilities of motherhood completely threw her off balance. Shirer is completely an opposite personality to that of what's required for successful motherhood.

The couple, however, started a family and as of now, they are blessed with three children. Jackson Shirer, Jerry Jr. Shirer, and Jude Shirer all three children keep the couple alive and energized.   

Priscilla Shirer and Jerry Shirer with their two sons

The pair is absolutely amazed by their kids' uniqueness. With each day, the children are growing and it adds more responsibility to them as parents.    

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