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Fri Feb 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jesper Vesterstrøm

Wife : Jennifer Esposito
Jesper Vesterstrøm married Jennifer Esposito in 2020.

Jesper Vesterstrøm is a professional fitness coach and a windsurfer. He is popularly known in the entertainment world as the husband of actress Jennifer Esposito, the actress famous for her role in Law and Order, Blue Blood, and The Boys.

Jesper has given his life to the beach. He loves surfing and was also crowned the windsurfer champion in 2004. This article tries to provide some insight into his life.

He Is A Married Man

Besides the ocean and beaches, Jesper Vesterstrøm also fell in love with a woman named Jennifer Esposito. The two are married and seem to have the time of their lives.

They are standing in front of pastor who is on a red suit.
Jesper Vesterstrøm and Jessica Esposito getting married at the beach (Source: Instagram @jespervesterstroem)

For the man who likes spending his entire time on the beach, it's no surprise the couple chooses it as their wedding venue. Though the exact date of their wedding is unknown, as they wed in a private ceremony, it is believed they tied the knot somewhere in September 2020

Who Is Jesper's Wife, Jennifer Esposito?

Jennifer Esposito is a Hollywood actress, producer, and director. Her most famous works include Law and Order, Don't Say a Word, and Crash and Taxi.

The Brooklyn actress is one of the biggest names in the film industry. Apart from acting, she is now turned to writing and directing with her crime thriller film Fresh Kills.

Has A Nephew

Jesper Vesterstrøm does not have his child yet. However, he is an uncle to his nephew, Oliver Gundtoft, and he loves his nephew as if he is his son.

He isn't reluctant to show his love for his nephew on the Internet. When Oliver participated in a marathon, he was the proudest uncle in the world and had nothing but praise for him. He posted a picture of his nephew with the caption:

Coaching a lot of kids and achieving great results. Kids are the future and movement and sports are more important than ever. I got so happy to see my nephew finishing half a marathon yesterday in Copenhagen - what an achievement (coached by his dad :-). Proud uncle , well done    

They are taking a selfie wearing a marathon dress.
Jesper Vesterstrøm with his nephew, Oliver Gundtoft (Source: Instagram @jespervesterstroem)

How Rich Is The Surfer?

Jesper Vesterstrøm is a successful trainer. He was already an established name in the water sports world after winning the 2004 Danish National Championship. The surfer's value has only grown, which has helped him to become a millionaire with an estimated net worth of around $3 million.

Most of his income comes through surfing. Apart from that, he also works with a few companies. Besides that, he is also an NLP coach. 

His Wife Was Previously Married To Bradley Cooper

Crash and Taxi actress Jennifer apart from her film works is also known for having previously been married to Gloria Campano's son Bradley Cooper. Their marriage is famous for all the wrong reasons. It is one of the shortest-lived marriages, with the two calling it quits just four months after the wedding.

They dated for a while before getting engaged and officially got engaged in October 2006. The engagement didn't last long as the couple officially tied the knot just two months later, in December 2006, and just four months later, she filed for divorce in May 2007.

They both have turned the opposite direction of chair and posing for the camera.
Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper at an event (Source: Eonline)

Jennifer released a book in 2014 called "Jennifer's Way," which provided us with more layers of their short-lived marriage. She brought up the issues that started at the beginning of their marriage. She wrote:

I should have noticed the red flags from the beginning - actually, they were more like an entire marching band squad of red flags - but I ignored them because, honestly, I didn’t think the relationship was really going to go anywhere.

Fight Against ALS

Jesper, apart from his regular work, also makes people aware of ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, is a condition that affects the nerve cells responsible for your muscle movements and could paralyze you. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking was also affected by the disease.

Jesper knows the threat of the disease firsthand, as he lost his father because of it. The father's condition also affected him greatly, directly hampering his surfing performance.

Jesper is associated with the ALS Foundation. They work to spread awareness about the disease so that people would be cautious about it. He is also an ambassador of Hope Loves Company. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to help those kids whose parents are diagnosed with the disease.

He Has been Featured In A Documentary

Jesper is one of the most respected names in the surfing world. The professional surfer has achieved much success, but that didn't come easy for him. That's what the documentary Chasing The Wind focuses on.

Chasing The Wind is a short documentary focused on the life of Jesper Vesterstrøm. The film documents his success and all the struggles he had to overcome to achieve it, mainly how his father's death took a toll on his mental health. 

It is an inspiring documentary that teaches us to get back up when we are down and has been relatively well-received. Dimitri, in his review of the film, said:

Very sorry about your father’s loss Jesper. I think he should be proud about his son living his life, regardless of him being a champion. Nice film, too.

Body Measurements

As mentioned earlier, Jesper is a professional surfer. It requires a particular type of body to make it big, as it is a physically demanding sport. Jesper is a well-known surfing athlete, so it doesn't take a lot to guess he is well-built.

The surfer is already winning in the height department. Jesper is over 6 feet tall. He has the same height as Mason Gooding at 6 Feet 2 Inches (189 cm). His weight compliments his height at 171 lbs (78 kg). His other features are shoe size 44, chest 101, and collar 40.

An athlete's body helps them mainly for their longevity in their career. So, his ridiculous body measurements shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Man has to train and exercise regularly. He also tops himself by constantly challenging his body and doing tough training like the EMS training.

Has Two Pets 

Along with beaches and oceans, Jesper also has a love for dogs. He is a dog person and owns two dogs, Gus and Goose.

He is sleeping with his two dogs.
Jesper Vesterstrøm with his dogs Gus and Goose (Source: Instagram @jespervesterstroem)

His Instagram is filled with pictures of his dogs. However, the images of Gus only start appearing in the latter half of his page. If you scroll through his Instagram to watch his old pictures, you will only see his Poodle Goose, which suggests that he adopted Gus and brought him to the family much later.

He loves spending time with them, whether taking them out for a walk in the snowy winter or just lying on the bed with them. 

The Surfer Is On Instagram

You can learn more about Jesper and update yourself on his life through his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @jespervesterstroem

However, he doesn't treat Instagram as a necessity. The surfer isn't posting every day on the platform. He probably is a busy man and seems not to be too worried about taking time to post instead of feeling the urgency of posting something to appease his followers.


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