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Tue Feb 18 2020
By   Manish

Jessica Clendenin has a lot of options with grabbing a bag of money when it comes to her wealthy lifestyle. She is one of the richest celebrity wives, who assumes that time is more valuable than money because it is the currency of a person who makes the ability to make fortune easy.

The beloved wife of Brett Gardner, Jessica is living a life of a rich person after marrying him. She found herself as one of the notable celebrities with her husband's uncountable earnings from MLB. So, let's check out how rich is Clendenin and her husband, Gardner in the following sections.

What's the Status of Jessica in the List of Richest People?

Coming up to Jessica, her net worth is $500 Thousand as of 2020. She currently receives a fruitful payroll from her profession, which is still a mystery to the people. Nevertheless, she might have maintained a lucrative bank balance up to now.

Jessica Clendenin with her husband, Brett Gardner garners a lucrative net worth. How much is Jessica's net worth?
Photo: Jessica Clendenin and her husband, Brett Gardner 
Source: Zimbio

On the other side, Clendenin's marital partner, Gardner has a net value of $25 Million. He currently plays for the New York Yankees as a professional outfielder since 2005. So, his income might be listed in millions just like Pat Kellywho played as an infielder for the Yankees.

Her Husband's Overall Earnings with Total Cap Hits

Jessica's beloved spouse, Brett is currently in a 1-year contract with the New York Yankees for a total cap hit of $12,500,000 for the 2020 season. He earns an average annual salary of $8 Million with a $2 Million signing bonus while carrying a total salary of $10 Million.

Check out the Huge Hits of Brett Gardner in the Grand Slam!

At the beginning of Brett's career, he earned a decent salary of $210,000 in 2005. He then garnered a $2.8 Million contract with the Yankees in 2012, and a four-year contract of $52 Million in 2014 as well as $7.5 Million in 2018. Throughout his MLB career with the Yankees, he collected total earnings of $70,896,000 from 12 seasons.

Bought a Lavish House for $1.5 Million!

Jessica and her husband, Brett currently resides in an expensive accommodation located in Summerville, South Carolina, where John Mellencamp also lives. The pair owned the residence for $1.5 Million in 2011.

The couple's house is based on 2,514 square feet, which consists of five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms. It also includes a fully furnished kitchen with designated ceilings, a big living room for guests, and an ample backyard on the south face of the house.

Jessica Clendenin and her husband, Brett Gardner bought a house in Summerville, South Carolina. Do you know the wealth status of Brett Gardner and Jessica Clendenin.
Snap: Jessica Clendenin lives in a luxurious home in Summerville, SC with her husband, Brett Gardner and two children 
Source: Virtual Globetrotting

More to this, Jessica's father-in-law, Jerry Gardner was also a baseball player who played for the Phillies in the minor leagues. More to this, he purchased a 2,600-acre (1,100 ha) farm situated in Holly Hill, Florida. Currently, Clendenin and her spouse, Brett are taking care of the farm.

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