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Wed May 24 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jessica Ditzel

Husband : Joe Rogan
Jessica Ditzel and Joe Rogan married on 2009.
Ex-husband : Dino Conner
Jessica Ditzel married to Dino Conner and divorce on 2003.

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, Joe Rogan is a famous name. He is an American martial arts experts, UFC commentator, and a businessman. People are familiar with his work in television and commentatory, but less of them know about his personal life. Today, this article will provide useful information about Rogan's married life, his wife, Jessica Ditzel, and their family.

Jessica Ditzel is a television producer who previously worked as a cocktail waitress. She is known for her work on stand up events and comedy shows. Ditzel is a celebrity wife and is mostly known as the wife of Joe Rogan. Rogan is the host of a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience, which is one of the most viewed podcasts in the world.

Nine Years Of Married Life With Husband Joe Rogan

Ditzel, who is a former model, married the stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan, in 2009. The couple was longtime boyfriend-girlfriend before tying their wedding knot. As per sources, they first met while Rogan was performing his stand-up, and Jessica was working as a waitress.

Jessica Ditzel and her husband, Joe Rogan
Image: Jessica with her husband, Joe Rogan.
Source: Fabwags

Jessica, who is now 41 years old, has been married to Rogan (52) for over nine years. To date, the pair are living a happy married life with no issues. Further, the couple is the parents of three children, including Ditzel's child from her previous marriage.

Although Jessica and Joe are longtime married couples, they rarely attend any high profile events nor parties and even red carpet events. However, they both are happy with their romantic relationship.

Little Info About Joe Rogan

The 52-year-old, Joe Rogan is best known for his mixed martial arts commentator for the UFC. The World MMA Awards has awarded him with the MMA Personality of the Year four times.

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, mma commentator, and podcast host
Image: American stand-up comedian, MMA commentator, and podcast host, Joe Rogan.
Source: apmma 

Joe hosted the NBC stunt/dare game show, Fear Factor, from 2001 to 2006. Rogan is also the host of the popular podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience, which is one of the most-watched podcast shows in the world.

Jessica Has Two Daughters With Rogan

Jessica and her husband, Joe, are parents of two daughters. Their first daughter Lola was born in May 2008, while their second daughter, Rose, was born two years later in 2010.

Jessica with her husband and daughters
Image: Jessica and her husband, Joe, with their daughters, Lola and Rose.

The husband-wife duo is often spotted with their children on public places,  but they don't reveal any information about their daily updates.

Besides, Jessica has another daughter named Kayja Rose from her previous marriage with singer Keven Connor.

Past Marriage And Affairs

Before Rogan, Jessica was previously married to the singer Keven Connor AKA “Dino” around 1996 but separated in 1998. The reason behind her divorce with Keven's extra-marital affair with another woman. Keven “Dino” Connor, the former member of the R&B group H-Town.

Jessica first had a daughter with her former husband, Keven Connor
Image: Jessica's first daughter with her late husband, Keven Connor.
Source: Kidages

Jessica's former husband, Kevin, died in a car accident in 2003. Afterward, she single-handedly took care of her daughter, Kayja. On the other hand, Ditzel's spouse, Joe, had relationships with Jerri Manthey, Lakana Zee. Besides, as per rumors, Joe dated a lot of models before settling down with Jessica.

Net Worth

The former model Jessica Ditzel who now works as a television producer, has a net worth of $3 million. She has worked for several tv shows and comedy programs after retiring as a model. Ditzel is a renown celebrity wife just like Elaine Chappelle.

On the other hand, Ditzel's husband, Joe Rogan, has an impressive net worth of $40 million. He first gained major success on television show News Radio where he portrayed the character of electrician Joe Garrelli.

YouTube: The Joe Rogan Experience!]

Rogan is a versatile personality and has amassed a huge net worth. His salary and income include his commentary works, stand-up acts, and hosting the sports events. As per reports, Rogan earns $75,000 per episode from his podcast.


Jessica lives with her family in a 7,573 sq-foot house in Bell Canyon, California. He purchased the house back in July 2018 for $4.95 million. The luxury house consists of 5 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, and two fireplaces. Just five less than five minutes, he has another Bell Canyon abode, a Mediterranean-influenced mansion.

Joe Rogan bought a luxurious house in Bell Canyon back in 2018
Image: Joe Rogan bought a house in Bell Canyon for $4.95 million in 2018.
Source: dirt

Apart from luxury houses, Rogan owns several cars such as 1970 Barracuda, Mercedes, Porsche 911, and Mustang. There is no doubt that Jessica and her husband has an extravagant lifestyle.

Career Overview

After completing her study from California State University, Jessica worked numerous jobs, including waitressing and modeling. She worked as a management assistant for Rent-A-Car and later for Volvo Motorsports as a product analyst.

People are often mistaken Jessica Ditzel for Jessica Schimmel, who is th daughter of a renown comedian, Robert Schimmel.

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