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Twitch Streamer/Manager (1992)
Thu Mar 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jessica Goch

Husband : Ninja
Jessica Blevins Married To Ninja In 2017.

Jessica Goch Blevins is an Instagram and Twitch star who gained fame after streaming live videos of her playing Halo game. Also, she is the wife of a professional Fortnite player and Twitch star, Tyler Blevins. He is wildly popular as Ninja and Ninjashyper. Jessica currently works as the manager for Twitch TV Ninja.

Tyler is one of the world's best Fortnite players, but Jessica contributes to his success. She manages his entire business, oversees calls, emails, and coordinates Tyler's enterprise. Stay with us to know the couple's earnings, personal life, and lesser-known facts.

Jessica and Tyler's Married Life

The 28-year-old Jessica married her longtime boyfriend, Tyler Blevins, on August 12, 2017. Their wedding ceremony took place at Lake Villa, Illinois. For their big day, Jessica wore a beautiful long white gown, while Tyler dressed up in a black suit and red tie.

Jessica Goch and her husband, Tyler Blevins.
Image: Jessica Goch and Tyler Blevins married in August 2017.
Source: Instagram@jessicablevins

The Blevins got engaged in November 2016. Despite being married for over three years, they don't share any kids. Jessica and Tyler first met in 2010 but began dating in 2013. Jessica took Tyler's surname, and now she is Jessica Blevins.

How did Jessica meet Tyler?

Back in 2010, Jessica was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Her boyfriend, at the time, invited her to attend a Halo tournament. But she broke up with him a week before the tournament. Nevertheless, Jessica went to support her ex-boyfriend but guess what, she met her future husband.

Nothing happened as Tyler also had a girlfriend at the time. In 2013, Jessica and Tyler reconnected through Twitter. They exchanged numbers, started texting, and later met in person. Soon they began a relationship.

Hectic Schedule

If you are one of the world's best video game players, then you would probably be spending much time laying games. And Tyler Blevins' life is similar to that. Sometimes, he streams videos from 10 a.m and stays up until 1 or 2 a.m.

Jessica and Tyler.
Image: Jessica and Tyler both have a hectic schedule because of their profession.
Source: Instagram@jessicablevins 

Jessica wakes up first and responds to emails and phone calls. Around 9 a.m., Tyler wakes up and shares a good half hour together. Therefore, sometimes the couple doesn't even have time for lengthy talks or a lovely evening date.

Who is Tyler Blevins?

Richard Tyler Blevins, best known by his online alias ‘Ninja,’ is an American Twitch streamer and Internet personality. On average, he spends around 14 hours playing games, but he also gets paid millions from it.

Tyler Blevins was born on June 5, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His parents Chuck Blevins and Cynthia Blevins, are of Welsh descent. He grew up two elder brothers named Jonathan Blevins and Chris Blevins.

Net Worth

The manager for Twitch TV Ninja, Jessica, has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Another celebrity, Lucie Zolcerova is also a manager who has a $3 million net worth She has been facilitating her husband's career since March 2016. Previously, Jessica worked in various sectors such as sales, tutor, public relations, and amassed a decent net worth. As a manager, she earns around $82,326 per year.

Jessica Goch Blevins has a net worth of $2 million.
Image: Jessica and her world-renowned gamer husband live a lavish lifestyle.
Source: Instagram@jessicablevins

Jessica began her career as a product specialist for STI Fleet Services, where she worked from 2010-2014.  Then she became a brand ambassador for Cyber Solutions Agency. Further, Jess worked for Plantronics as a sales representative for two years. Hence, she was able to make millions of dollars from her decade long career.


Jessica and her spouse regularly participate in charitable works. The couple has raised and donated to various charities over the years. In 2018, Ninja raised around $325,000 from a single livestream in aid of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In 2019, Ninja donated $15,000 to MrBeast’s Team Trees campaign and an additional $10,000 to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Husband's Net worth and Earnings

Tyler, aka Ninja, has a net worth of $25 million, which is way higher than another Fortnite player, Ghost Aydan. One of the top-ranked video game players, Tyler, earns stunning revenue from streaming, YouTube, merch sales, and various sponsorship deals. In 2019, Ninja earned $17 million from deals with multiple companies.

Twitch star and Fortnite game, Tyler Blevins has a net worth of $25 million.
Image: Tyler Blevins has a net worth of $25 million.
Source: Instagram@jessicablevins

As of now, Ninja is the most followed streamer on Twitch, with a huge 15.8 million followers. Likewise, his YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers. Blevins has earned about $6 million from his Youtube channel since its start in 2011. Further, he is associated with some of the biggest brands such as Red Bull, Uber Eats, NZXT, and, most recently, Adidas.


Jessica Goch was born on July 23, 1992, in Schofield, Wisconsin, the United States. Her mother’s name is Darcy Goch, and her older brother is Joshua Goch. She attended Wausau West High School, where she participated in the school's dance team.

Jessica graduated with a degree in interpersonal communication and human resource management from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

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