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Fri Apr 07 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of jim halcro

Wife : Rhonda Halcro
Jim Halcro married Rhonda Halcro.

If you've watched Relatively Nat and Liv, you must be familiar with Jim Halcro. He is a former firefighter who came into the limelight because of his daughter, Natalie Halcro, an Insta-famous celebrity.

Jim is a Canadian citizen, supposedly from Vancouver. The retired fire captain making it big as a real estate agent is a pleasant part of the TV show Relatively Nat and Liv. The celebrity father, Jim, is an ever-supportive parent and uncle to his kids.

Relationship Status: Who Is Jim's Wife?

As of now, Jim Halcro is happily married to Rhonda Halcro. The promising couple tied the knot more than four decades ago. They have spent most of their married life in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Rhonda's sister Julia Pierson set them up, and they have been in love ever since.

Jim Halcro posted a picture with his wife, Rhonda Halcro
Jim Halcro with his wife, Rhonda Halcro. (Source: Instagram @jimhalcro)

Currently, Jim and Rhonda are parenting three children. Natalie Halcro, Joel Halcro, and Stepanie Halcro are their kids. Despite being the mother of three kids, and the wife of Jim, Rhonda looks much younger than her age. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Jim?

Despite having humble roots, the celebrity father, Jim, has a distinguished career. After a glorious firefighting career, he is making it significant and staying relevant as a realtor and mortgage specialist. 

The net worth of Jim Halcro is estimated to be over $800 thousand, which is the annual salary of Greg Gutfeld. He also gets a generous pension from his time as a firefighter. On top of this, he is from an established family with real estate holdings.

In addition, Jim has even started working with a real estate company in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Jim's Wife Rhonda Is A Beauty

As mentioned earlier, the Halcro couple, Jim and Rhonda, gained recognition for being the parents of Natalie Halcro. However, Jim's wife, Rhonda, gained a different fanbase and fame for her beauty.

A picture of Rhonda Halcro and Natalie Halcro in their early days.
Rhonda Halcro & her daughter, Natalie Halcro, in their early days. (Source: Pinterest)

Rhonda is a beautiful lady whose beauty is undeniable. After seeing her pictures, many are surprised to hear that she is a mother of three kids. Moreover, her picture with her daughter Natalie in their early days became much more famous and loved among their fans.

Moreover, her fame gained her nearly 10k followers on her Instagram account, @rhondahalcro, when she has barely made any posts.

Schooling And Education

Jim was a student at Douglas College, where he studied Fire Sciences in 1977. It was a two-year course. Just like Stan Cadwallader, he began his career as a firefighter in the Burnaby Fire Department. 

After retiring from the fire department, Jim returned to learn at the UBC Sauder School of business. There he got an education in Real Estate Trading Services as a Mortgage Consultant in 2011.

Career Of Jim

The Canadian realtor, Jim Halcro, has worked in demanding fields as a fireman and real estate agent. He worked hard to provide for his family and is close to his in-laws. As of now, Jim is a retired Canadian firefighter. 

Jim Halcro got injured during his work.
Jim Halcro got injured during his work. (Source: Burnaby)

Jim was on active duty for three decades in the Burnaby Fire Department. He officially used the name James Halcro but was called Jim by his mates. He started his duty on July 30, 1979, and was promoted to fire captain on December 1, 2003. He retired at the end of June 2009 after thirty years of service.

Jim was even awarded the 'Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal' on August 16, 2000. After he retired from the fire department, he started out as a real estate agent. Currently, he is a realtor at eXp Realty in Vancouver, Canada. He is experienced in real estate consultation and foreclosure, even working as a mortgage specialist.

About Daughter Natalie Halcro

Natalie Halcro is one of the three children of Jim and Rhonda. She is an Insta-famous celebrity who made a break into reality TV shows. She first came to the small screen for the WAGS LA. She was there as the then-girlfriend of American Footballer Shaun Phillips. However, they broke up in 2017

Jim Halcro's daughter, Natalie Halcro.
Jim Halcro's daughter, Natalie Halcro. (Source: Instagram @nataliehalcro)

Natalie then branched out and made appearances in 4 the love sessions before doing her own reality show, Relatively Nat & Liv. She is bringing the spotlight to her simple roots in Canada and thrusting her family to fame. Her siblings, parents, and cousins have given a warm picture of the family.

Jim Became A GrandFather

Thanks to their daughter Natalie Halcro, Jim and his wife, Rhonda, have become grandparents. The couple has been blessed to know the bliss of becoming a grandparent. After ending the show, Relatively Nat and Liz, Natalie announced that she was pregnant. 

Jim Halcro and Rhonda Halcro with their grannddaughter Dove.
Jim Halcro and Rhonda Halcro with their granddaughter, Dove Alayah Halcro. (Source: Instagram @jimhalcro)

Jim's daughter, Natalie, gave birth to a baby girl on February 4, 2020, and named her Dove Alayah Halcro. The couple loves their grandchild and is often seen playing with Dove and posting about her.

What Is Jim Doing Now After His Retirement As A Fire-Fighter?

After retiring from firefighting, Jim Halcro is excelling in his career in real estate as a realtor. Though his daughter became an American, he continued to reside in Vancouver, British Columbia and started working for several companies in Vancouver.

After he retired, he worked as a mortgage specialist and real estate professional with several companies like Dominion Lending Centre-The Professionals & Team 3000 Realty. However, he is now working as a realtor in eXp Realty. 

Social Media Presence

The former firefighter Jim is available on both Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he is active under the username @jimhalcro, with over 3k followers. He is active under the same username on Twitter, @jimhalcro. However, he does not have as many followers as on his Instagram.

Jim Halcro posted a picture with his granddaughter, Dove.
Jim Halcro having fun with his granddaughter, Dove Alayah Halcro. (Source: Instagram @jimhalcro)

Although Jim is available on social media, he is not very active on those platforms. It's funny how it seems he was forced to create his Instagram account by his children. However, it looks like he started using Twitter for his business.


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