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Fri Jul 29 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of John Connelly

Wife : Sandra Smith
John Connelly married to Sandra Smith on 2010.

John Connelly is an American business commentator. He came to prominence as the husband of the popular news reporter, Sandra Smith. Despite being one of the known public figures, he loves to live and maintain a low-key life.

John is native of Chicago and he received his degree from the same city. Currently, he is forty-nine years old and is working as a business commentator at Holy Cathedral in Chicago.

Now, let's know more about the husband of Sandra Smith.

Exchanged wedding vows with the news anchor, Sandra Smith

It is a matter of fact that, John has exchanged his wedding vows with the beautiful anchor, Sandra. The two first encounter one another back in 2009 at that time Smith used to appear frequently as a guest on Fox Business Happy Hour. 

Sandra Smith and her husband, John Connelly
Image: John Connelly and his wife, Sandra Smith during their wedding
Source: Instagram @sandrasmithfox

Within a first met, they were actually impressed with one another. Soon they started dating one another and spend most of the time together. After a year of their relationship, they decided to exchanged wedding vows. 

In 1st May 2010, the duo accepted one another as the husband and wife in front of their family.

Blessed with one daughter and one son

Mr. and Mrs. Connelly are now married for more than ten years. In this marital duration, the pair are blessed with one daughter and one son. The elder one, daughter, Cora Bella Connolley was born in June of 2013 while the younger one son, John Connelly Jr. was born in 2015. 

Sandra Smith son and daughter
Image: Sandra Smith with her two kids
Source: Instagram @sandrasmithfox

As of now, the kids are seven years old and five years old respectively. Currently, they are affiliated in the school. Despite being a very busy parent the pair are still taking very good care of their children in every possible manner.

Are Mr. and Mrs. Connelly already divorced?

The pair seems very much happy with one another in every possible manner. Having a common working field and almost the same interest has led them to be very much bound with one another. 

Despite previously the pair came to limelight with their news of divorce due to long-distance relationships. Which wasn't true and all the rumors ended like a blink of an eye. 

John Connelly's wife, Sandra Smith
Image: Sandra Smith and her husband, John Connelly ready for date night
Source: Instagram @sandrasmithfox

Sandra even has stated that 

Despite having a long distance relationship we are still very close to one another. I was on a plane almost every Friday night. Time schedules, weather and flight delays has made it very challenging.

 But neither, John and me has every complain about the matter. So we are happy and we respect one another's needs and goals.

How rich is John Connelly?

John's net worth is roughly estimated at $1 Million. However, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. As a part of various big companies and involvement in different fields, he has gathered all of his fortunes. 

His estimated annual income is between $100,000 to $250,000. Furthermore, his wife is a renowned news anchor and one of the oldest staff at the moment. Her net worth is over $500,000. And her estimated annual salary is over $80,000 as of now. 

Moreover, the pair are enjoying their life together and taking good care of their kids.

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