John Reeder and Carol D. Leonnig Married Life

Mon Jan 24 2022
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John Reeder and Carol D. Leonnig are always included in the famous couple list of America. The couple never lefts to shock the people through their outstanding bonds and chemistry after a couple of years of their marriage.

John is an American astrologist who was active in identifying the grasses of New Guinea, Wyoming, and Arizona. Carol Duhurst Leonnig is a  famous American investigative journalist and has also been a writer at Washington post since 2000.

John Reeder and Carol.D Leonnig's Marriage  

The lovely couple Reeder and Leonnig is living happily in America after their marriage. They both are busy in their personal life but also they manage time for each other.

The time management of the couple used to be perfect for each other despite their busy schedules, which proves their love for each other.

John Reeder and Carol.D. Leonning ,Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
John Reeder and Carol.D. Leonnig posing with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Source: married celeb

Did the lovely couple have any children?

The lovely couple has two beautiful daughters. The elder daughter Elise Reeder and Molly Reeder the younger one.

We got to know about their daughters after carol posted her elder daughter's graduation photo. Her daughter was graduated from the Sidwell friends school on August 2, 2021.

John Reeder and Carol.D. Leonning ,Else Reeder and Molly Reeder
Family photo of John Reeder and Carol Leonnig with their daughters Elise Reeder and Molly Reeder. Source: Featured biography

When did Reeder and Leonnig get married?

Reeder and Leonnig prefer their life away from the limelight as they carry a high profile. Due to the preference for the low-key profile, they have not published their marriage date yet.

Is Carol.D Leonnig John Reeder's second wife?

The American astrologer's first wife is Leonnig only. They both don't have their past relationship and exes yet that have been published on any social media.

Carol.D. Leonning ,Else Reeder and Molly Reeder
Carol Leonnig with her daughters Elise Reeder and Molly Reeder. Source: Radaris 

Anniversary celebration

Carol D Leonnig and John Reeder seem to enjoy their anniversary dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in the year 2015. 

But they don't share more information with the media because they don't prefer to share their personal stuff with the media.

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