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Wed Oct 27 2021
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American business executive, John Riccitiello is the CEO of a gaming company named Unity Technology. Riccitiello, one of his hobbies is film making. Behind the sports and professional life, he's also active in politics.

Globally he visited places like London and Paris, and Dusseldorf. 

Who Is John Riccitiello Wife?

John Riccitiello's relation is not revealed and has kept a secret about his wife. Not only about Riccitiello's wife but also about the kids. According to the sources, it is said that Riccitiello has two daughters.

John Riccitiello with her daughter Kristen
Source: Facebook @Kristen Claire Riccitiello

When Riccitiello got separated from his wife and was staying in a nearby hotel, Riccitiello propositioned Anne Evan asking her to go to his hotel room. That is the reason why Evan filed a case against Riccitiello.

How Rich Is John Riccitiello? His Net worth

John Riccitiello is not only a CEO of Unity Software Company but also a President & Chief Operating Officer by Electronic Arts, Chief Executive Officer of VG Holding Corporation. He is also on the Board of Directors at Unity Technologies and has a School of Business.

Being a CEO of a Unity Software Company, Riccitiello earns an annual salary of $615,445. As of 2021, the estimated net worth of John Riccitiello is $578 Million. Riccitiello sold 217,124 shares of the business stock with an average price of $125 for a transaction of a total of $27,233,863.


John Riccitiello was inducted into the Hall of Fame which he never dreamed of. Riccitiello was even ranked 39 number out of 50 on the Sports Illustrated list as the most powerful person in Sports. 

Riccitiello has great effort in making the use of Unity's software tools not only in gaming but also in the industries such as filmmaking, construction, and automotive design. Riccitiello also worked hard to get Unity's game engine to the Oculus software development kit.

Sexual Harassment

According to Forbes, John Riccitiello sexually harassed female employees asking them for sex and threatening them saying it would be better for their future career if they won't speak about it. Anne Evans, the former vice president of Unity Technologies suit filed in the Superior Court of California, San Francisco. 

Anne Evans Sues John Riccitiello for Sexual Harassment
Source: @theGeek

Not only Riccitiello is involved in sexual harassment but also other men in the management department were also involved. The lawsuit take the action against the company with termination in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Unity technology responds that the Evans allegations were false and had been terminated.

John Riccitiello Career

In John Riccitiello's early days of his career, Riccitiello worked at PepsiCo and Clorox. Riccitiello also worked as a managing director of the Haagen-Dazs department of Grand Metropolitan.  Riccitiello was the Chief Executive Officer of Wilson Sporting Goods and also of Sara Lee Corporation. 

John Riccitiello at Electronic Arts
Source: @mint

In 1997, Riccitiello joined a video game company named Electronic Arts(EA). Riccitiello left EA Company to cofound with Elevation Partners. After the joining of Elevation Partners, Riccitiello came back to EA to serve as a CEO which he became in late 2014.

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