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Tue Mar 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Johnny Argent

Girlfriend : Roseanne Barr
Johnny Argent dated to Roseanne Barr since 2003.

American writer, composer, and producer Johnny Arnold is best known for Downwardly Mobile (2012) and Comedy Central of Roseanne (2012). He is currently dating, Roseanne Barr, an Emmy award-winning actress and comedian.

Johnny was born in 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland. While growing up, Johnny took part in the school's music programs and started his career as a composer or Old Mac Nut Factory. Now, he is one of the finest music composers.

Dating Roseanne Cherrie Barr

Before getting on with Johnny, Roseanne had separated with Ben Thomas in 2002. The two met in the same year through an online writing competition on Roseanne's blog. They began phone conversations for a year and began dating since 2003.

Johnny and Roseanne haven't decided to marry yet. Also, there are no rumors about their engagements. But the pair seems to live together and attend every interview and events together.

Johnny and Roseanne haven't announce their marriage yet
Image: Johnny Argent and Roseanne Barr at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on March 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California
Source: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Johnny hasn't revealed his past marital affair but he has gotten well with Roseanne's kids. Unlike celebrity Scott Mackinlay Hahn, they are open to the public and media

Although the pair haven't exchanged wedding vows, Johnny and Roseanne crossed nearly seventeen years as lovers. While Johnny's past marital affairs are rarely known to the public, his girlfriend Roseanne is famous for her series of marriages and affairs.

His Girlfriend, Roseanne Is a Divorcee

Before getting on with Johnny, Roseanne had separated with Ben Thomas in 2002. She and Ben had married on February 14, 1995, at Caesars Tahoe. Ben was once her security guard. But the marriage didn't last long and Roseanne and Ben divorced in 2002. They share a son named Buck Thomas.

Roseanne has five kids from her past marriage
Picture: Johnny Argent with her girlfriend Roseanne Barr and her son Buck Thomas at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on August 31, 2015 in Los Angeles
Source: Getty Images

When Johnny's wife Roseanne was a seventeen years old teen, she gave birth to a daughter, Brandi Ann Brown. She hasn't revealed her biological father yet. Brandi Ann was adopted and Roseanne later united with her. On February 4, 1974, she had married Colorado motel clerk, Bill Pentland. They had three children, Jessica Barr, Jennifer Barr, and Jake Barr. Roseanne and Bill divorced as well on January 16, 1990.

Tom Arnold is known for Nine Months, True Lies, Animal Factory,  The Great Buck
Photo: Roseanne Barr was once married with American actor and comedian Tom Arnold
Source: Closer Weekly

After ending her second marriage, Roseanne went on to marry fellow comedian, Tom Arnold on January 20, 1990. Arnold was a writer for her sitcom Roseanne. Four years later on April 18, 1994, Roseanne filed for divorce from Tom. The pair didn't have any children.

Net Worth In Millions

Johnny is assumed to own a net worth which is not less than $5 million. He lives with his partner on a macadamia nut farm located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The property spread on 46 acres was bought by Roseanne in 2007 for $1.78 million.

Johnny Argent and his girlfriend talks about politics on "She's So High":

 As a music composer, Johnny makes an average figure of $51,000 a year. Likewise, Johnny also works as a scriptwriter for several TV shows. Scriptwriters earn around $60,000 on average. But Johnny surely makes more than the average. 

Johnny's notable works include; The Tipping Point and Rockin' with Roseanne. According to IMDb, his girlfriend makes $500,000 per episode of her TV shows.

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