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Entrepreneur (1965)
Fri Mar 10 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jonathan Steinberg

Girlfriend : Marion Kant
Jonathan Steinberg and Marion Kant

American entrepreneur, Jonathan Steinberg is the founder and CEO of a fund management company, WisdomTree Asset Management. He is also the president of WisdomTree Investment, Inc., a new york-based exchange-traded firm. More to that, his investment company reaches $60 Billion of assets every year.

Steinberg was born as Jonathan Laurence Steinberg on 7th November 1965 in the United States of America. He, moreover, holds American citizenship and hails from white ethnicity. His parents, Barbara Steinberg (mother) and Saul P. Steinberg (father), are the natives of Manhattan, New York. He grew up with his sister, Laura Steinberg, a commercial litigation attorney. Apart from this, Jonathan is a married man.

Steinberg & Maria Bartiromo's Married Life

The 54-year-old entrepreneur, Jonathan, and his wife, Maria Bartiromo, an American journalist are enjoying the most beautiful moments of their marital relationship. The duo walked down the aisle on 13th June 1999, at Jonathan's father's residence in Quogue, NY, which was held as a Jewish ceremony.

At their nuptial, the pair invited a special wedding guest, Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein, who's a senior rabbi of Central Synagogue. More to that, the bride was four years younger than the groom who was 34 during that time.

Jonathan Steinberg and Maria Bartiromo at the 60th anniversary ball of the year gala
Picture: Jonathan Steinberg and Maria Bartiromo at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City
Source: Getty Images 

After their wedding ceremony, the couple is still maintaining a strong bond in their relationship and celebrates their marriage anniversary on the 13th of June every year. They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on 13th June 2019.

Jonathan Steinberg and Maria Bartiromo at the pre-party Gala of the Foundation of the Columbus Day Parade
Photo: Jonathan Steinberg and his wife, Maria Bartiromo at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on 11th October 2003 in New York City, NY
Source: Getty Images

Back in 2014, the pair went to Arizona for hiking and spent quality time. In May 2015, the couple further said that they have no time to share children because they're workaholics.

Net Worth - $55 Million

Jonathan Steinberg's net worth is $55 Million. He currently earns $15 Million per year on average. Back in 1995, he received total earnings of $3 Million and even traded stocks in exchange, which include $1 Billion.

On a similar hand, Jonathan invested his Bar Mitzvah Money in the stock market. Eventually, his stocks started to increase, which helped him to establish a multi-million investment company. As of now, his company carries $60 Billion stocks every year, and Jonathan shares $40,906,930 of public assets.

Jonathan Steinberg posing for a photo
Photo: American multi-millionaire, Jonathan Steinberg is investing his money for double
Source: Instagram @mariabartiromo

Just like Laurence, his wife also maintains a whopping net worth of $50 Million and earns $10 Million annually from her journalism work at Fox News. She also received a total wage of $6 Million per year at CNBC News. Likewise, Seema Mody and Sue Herera currently serve and earn a lucrative salary from CNBC News.

Lives in a Lavish Accommodation

Jonathan and his wife are living a standard manner of living in their East 62nd Street, New York City, New York habitation. The two purchased the house at $6.8 Million in August 2004, which is measured on 6,639 square feet.

 Jonathan Steinberg and Maria Bartiromo in their New York townhouse
Picture: Jonathan Steinberg and Maria Bartiromo in their New York townhouse
Source: Getty Images

Their residence consists of five bedrooms, five full and one-half bathrooms. It also features a 39-foot-yard garden in the backyard, a big dining hall for family and relatives.

Owns a Maltipoo Dog Breed

Steinberg's family possesses a pet dog, Dusty, who is a Maltipoo dog breed. Moreover, Jonathan's wife is fond of sharing their dog's lovely pictures on her social media. Recently, Maria shared a photo while spending a happy weekend with their pet on 7th December 2019, via Instagram.

Jonathan Steinberg and his wife owns a Maltipoo breed dog, Dusty
Image: Jonathan Steinberg and his wife, Maria Bartiromo adores a Maltipoo dog breed, Dusty
Source: Instagram @mariabartiromo

As of now, the price of a Maltipoo dog breed is listed at the average rate of $1,200, but you can buy it from $400 to $2,000 and more higher. Also, quality Maltipoo puppies cost from $700 to $800 from a good breeder.

Working as a Business Tycoon

Before pursuing the field of business, Jonathan started working as a marketing analyst for the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of a carpet cleaning company, Bear, Steam & Company Inc. While there, he struggled in the company for two years from 1986 to 1988.

Take a look at the video where Jonathan Steinberg gave tips to invest with WisdomTree Company

Steinberg later established a fundraising company, WisdomTree Asset Management, in October 1988 that gave him a life-turning opportunity. During that time, he achieved the opportunity and became one of the leading business persons in the United States. He also runs two financial companies, including WisdomTree Investments, Inc. and WisdomTree Trust, since the period of the 1980s.

Steinberg's Publication Works

As an author, Steinberg wrote his first book, Fountain Pens: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Enjoying New and Vintage Fountain Pens on 1st March 1994. As of now, the book costs $6.65 in hardcover, which includes 43 used ($6.65) and two new ($119.00).

The cover of Fountain Pens: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Enjoying New and Vintage Fountain Pens
Frame: Jonathan Steinberg wrote his first book, Fountain Pens: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Enjoying New and Vintage Fountain Pens
Source: Amazon

Steinberg's second book, Midas Investing: How You Can Make at Least 20% in the Stock Market This Year and Every Year, is about the investment strategies for new businesspersons, which was published on 5th November 1996. Currently, it prizes $19.90 in hardcover that include 32 used ($0.69), used ($57.40) and new ($19.00).

The frame of Midas Investing:: How You Can Make at Least 20% in the Stock Market This Year and Every Year
Cover: Jonathan Steinberg wrote and published his another book, Midas Investing:: How You Can Make at Least 20% in the Stock Market This Year and Every Year 
Source: Amazon

Jonathan wrote several other books, including The Deutsche Bank and its gold transactions during the Second World War, Bismarck: A Life, All or Nothing and Tirpitz, and the birth of the German battle fleet.

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