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Fri Mar 31 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Jordan Belfi

Wife : Rachelle Dimaria
Jordan Belfi exchange the wedding vows with Rachelle Dimaria.

Jordan Christopher Belfi is an American actor mostly known for his television works. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 30, 1978.

The actor's most well-known work arguably is Entourage, where he played the role of Adam Davies. His other recognized works are All American, Grey's Anatomy, and Snow Bride

Relationship Status

The NCIS actor Jordan Belfi is a happily married man. He is married to a fellow actress Rachelle Dimaria. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on October 27, 2018.

Both are sitting in a sofa with she lying to her in this monochrome image.
Jordan Belfi with his wife Rachelle Dimaria during their wedding photoshoot (Source: Instagram @jordanbelfi)

The two of them act for a living. So, it's not so surprising to learn that they first met each other on a movie set. While shooting for the film Badlands of Kain, these two encountered for the first time. It was in 2014. Fast forward a few years later, and they are now happily married.

Belfi's Wife Rachelle Dimaria Professional Life 

Belfi's wife, Rachelle Dimaria, is also an actor like him. Some of her famous works are Grandma's House and Justice for Vincent.

Besides acting, she also works as a producer and a film writer. She produced the 2017 TV movie Secs and Execs.

He Is A Father

Jordan Belfi prides himself on being a fantastic husband and is now responsible for being a loving and caring father. The actor is now a father to a baby son Rocky Elios Belfi

Rocky was born on December 1, 2021. Belfi has been busier than ever before since the baby's arrival. You can see his love for his son by glancing at his Instagram. The page is filled with pictures of his son.

He celebrated his first father's day not too long ago. On the day, he posted a picture of himself with his son and captioned it:

I sure love being this little guy’s dad. My first Father’s Day. Unreal and the most real simultaneously. He’s so happy, and sparkle-eyed, and good-natured, and full of life. We have so much fun. Boy am I lucky.

The baby is in a shopping cart as Jordan is looking at him.
Jordan Belfi with his son Rocky Elios Belfi (Source: Instagram @jordanbelfi)

Family Background

Belfi may be American, but his ancestral roots go outside the country. All thanks to his parents, Nancy P. Lapeter and Elios Joseph Belfi.

Like Peter Riley, he carries Italian ancestry through his father, Joseph. He also has Jewish blood, thanks to his mother, LaPeter. His mother is an Ashkenazi Jewish. It is referred to the Jews who lived in the Rhineland valley before migrating to Slavic lands.

American-Born Actor Belfi Is A Millionaire! 

Jordan Belfi is an accomplished actor. He started working on-screen in the 90s and only found his big break a few years later. Since then, he has been making quite a name for himself, and his acting success has also resulted in monetary success, having an estimated net worth as same as Leeanna Walsman at $2 million.

The monochrome image shows Jordan posing on a denim jacket with his right hand behind his neck.
Jordan Belfi on a photo shoot (Source: Instagram @jordanbelfi)

The actor makes most of his money from his acting works. Some of the most significant projects that he has been associated with, which have contributed a substantial portion of his net worth, are Grey's Anatomy, Entourage, NCIS: Hawaii, and Code Black, among others.

Educational Qualification

Grey's Anatomy actor Belfi prepared himself in all necessary ways before entering the movie world. So, he learned everything that needed to be understood by studying films.

He took the film as his major. He did his education at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. It is a private art institution.

Loves Beaches & Surfing

Belfi is a fan of beaches who loves going to the beaches, hanging out with his friends, and having fun. The man not only goes to the beach to relax and lie on the sand. He knows how to surf too. 

While shooting for NCIS: Hawaii, he took the free time to surf the famous Oahu with his crew mates. He posted a picture and captioned it:

Shooting on Oahu and surfing below that sunset on Kauai…tough to beat. 

Both of them are wearing a swimming suit as Jordan's board is white and his friend is blue.
Jordan Belfie holding a surfing board with his friend (Source: Instagram @jordanbelfi)

Physical Appearance

All American actor Belfi is one handsome man. His core television audience loves his face. It's not just his face as the actor does not lack in other departments.

Girls love a tall man. God has not shortened him in that department, as the actor stands tall at 6 feet (182 cm). He takes good care of his body. It's easy to figure that out since his weight is around 70 kg, but he hardly has unnecessary fat.

Belfi also has an attractive face with dark eyes, and it goes well with his contagious smile. He also has a massive forehead; if you are a fan of Chinese face reading, you will perceive Belfi as intelligent.

Loves His Nephew

Besides seeing himself as a role model to his son, Belfi also has a nephew he loves taking care of. There is no information available on his nephew's name. But you can find his pictures on the actor's Instagram.

Belfi has been a part of many important events in his nephew's life. He was there when his nephew had his first-ever baseball game. Not only that he was also there when the kid watched his first-ever film. It was the actor himself that took his nephew to watch the movie for the first time.

Such ridiculous fun nephew time, taking him to not only his first movie in a movie theater, but his first MOVIE ever! I watched this 4 year-old naturally become a leg-crossing, hyper-focused cinephile moviegoer in one go.

He is engaged in a film and sitting with his left leg crossed.
Jordan Belfi's nephew watching a movie in the theatre (Source: Instagram @jordanbelfi)

Belfi Is On Social Media

You can learn more about his life through his social media. Jordan Belfi is on Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter Handle @JordanCBelfi is all about his work. All the tweets on his account are about his movie's promotion and stuff.

His Instagram (@jordanbelfi) is where you will see another version of him. And by that, I meant his life outside of work. Most of the posts on his Instagram are related to his family, but that doesn't mean he doesn't post about his work over there. 

A Part-Time YouTuber

Apart from movies, the 9-1-1 actor Belfi is also interested in YouTube. He has a youtube channel, and it's called @Jordan Belfi.

Unfortunately for his fans, there isn't much to explore on his channel. He has only uploaded one video so far. There is no information available as to the reason behind it. The fans can only hope that his work has consumed a lot of time and he will start uploading on the channel soon. 


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