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Musician(drummer) (1988)
Sun Jun 19 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Josh Dun

Wife : Debby Ryan
Josh Dun Married To Debby Ryan In 2019.

Joshua William Dun, famously known as Josh Dun, is an American musician who is the band member of the musical duo, Twenty One Pilots, contributing through drums and percussion alongside Tyler Joseph. Along with Twenty One Pilots, he is also associated with the band known as House of Heroes.

Mastered in a music genre like Alternative hip hop, indie pop, alternative rock, electro pop-rap, and rock pop, Josh was born on June 18, 1988, in Columbus, Ohio. He is expert in a instrument like Drums, percussion, and trumpet. He started his professional career in 2009, and from 2015 Dun pursue performing with Twenty One Pilots.

Josh Dun And Debby Ryan

The famous drummer of Twenty One Pilots is in a relationship with the famous American actress and singer Debb Ryan. Perhaps, the romantic couple Josh and Debby started to date each other between May 2013 to September 2014.

Josh Dun And Ann Ryan
Caption: Josh Dun And Ann Ryan 
Source: Twitter@joshdun

However, Dun planned to marry Debby, so to acquire his plan, he proposed his girlfriend on Dec 2018. On Instagram Josh dedicated a post to his lovely partner on a day when he purposed his soul mate,

Verified I found a tree house in the woods in New Zealand and proposed to my girl. She my dude for life. I love you Debby

Going through Josh's Instagram post, we could sense that Debby and Josh are spending pleasant time together. They often shared their picture on different social networking platforms where the couple can be spotted, spending a vacation on different locations. So far, there is no official report of their marriage, but we hope soon they will be tied in a knot.

Josh Dun Purposing His Future Wife Ann Ryan, engagement ring , Fiance
Caption: Josh Dun Purposing His Future Wife Ann Ryan
Source: Instagram @Joshdun

Josh's future wife, Deborah Ann Ryan, who is famously known as Debby Ryan is an American actress and singer. She started acting professionally from theaters at the age of seven. She appeared in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie 16 Wishes as Abby Jensen, which was the most-watched cable program on the day of its premiere.

Josh Dun Gets Marriage Advice From The Rock(Dwayne Johnson)

Back in 2015, the twits between Josh and Hollywood actor and former wrestler The Rock made a full sensation when josh reached out to Johnson for advice by twitting, “@TheRock hate to ask but can I get a little encouragement on this beard I’m trying to grow? this is so hard to do.” Whereas Rock re-twitted, @joshuadun Yes stay focused and give beard rides often. I hear that promotes hair growth. Good luck, bud.

Twitter Conversation Between Dwayen Johnson(The Rock) And Josh, marriage advice
Caption: Twitter Conversation Between Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) And Josh Dun
Source: Twitter@ josh dun

After this incident, there were no official meetings made by these two artists. However, after four years, Dun returned to Twitter, inviting Johnson to his wedding with a simple invitation, “Hey, would you want to come to my wedding." One of the busiest actors of Hollywood denied it.

Twitter Conversation Between Dwayen Johnson(The Rock) And Josh , josh dun inviting Dwayne Johnson in his marriage
Caption: Twitter Conversation Between Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) And Josh Dun
Source: Twitter@jsohdun

Although The Rock is married in 2019 in the above post, we could see that there is no consideration of the Dun's marriage date neither Josh and Debby has publicly announce their wedding plans and wedding dates so far.

Secrets Behind Josh Dun Tattoos

The 28-year old drummer of Twenty One Pilots has several tattoos inked in his different body parts, and most of them have a very sensitive massage for his fans and the entire world. The drummer got “X” tattoo along with his bandmate Tyler Joseph on his right bicep as a symbol of their dedication to their fans in their hometown.

Caption: Josh Dun Bicep Tattoo
Source: Twitter@joshdun

Recently, Josh got inked in Ohio state on his arm, which is the most prominent tattoo so far on his right sleeve. It covers his entire arm. This tattoo seems a bit confusing for his fan because, so now, he has not revealed the actual meaning of this tattoo. 

Josh Dun Full Arm Tattoo
Caption: Josh Dun Full Arm Tattoo
Source: Twitter@joshdun

Describing his arm tattoo, it's a dimensional blue design or some galaxy-like with the psychedelic touch of nature. His other tattoo, he got on his left arm, which is a drum figure tattoo, and it symbolizes his passion and dedication for the Drums.

Josh Dun Tattoo To Show His Drum Passion
Image: Josh Dun Tattoo To Show His Drum Passion
Source: Twitter@joshdun

Moreover, Dun's last tattoo is simple in art, but when you dig deep into it, then we can find something exceptional. He got a tattoo of  Tyler Joseph above his knee. Not Only Joseph but his bandmate Tyler also has a tattoo on his knee too, to show the band closeness.   

Get To Know More About Josh Dunkley

Josh grew up in Ohio, to the parents of Laura Lee Dunkey and Earl Bill Dunkey. His mother, Laura, is a Hospice social worker, whereas his father, Earl, is a physical therapy assistant. The outstanding drummer shares three siblings, two sisters Ashley Bonnie Lee and Abigail Christine and his only brother, Jordan Christopher Dun.

Josh Dun His Whole Family
Image: Josh Dun His Whole Family 
Source: Twitter@joshdun

Practically, Josh never attended college. He spends most of his childhood focusing and learning music. His drumming skills took a turn on March 11, 2010, when he joined a band House of Heroes. Later on, after some major gig, he appeared in the music video known as God Save The Foolish King.

Harsh Childhood Experiences To Become a Musician

Every great musician went through a tough time at an early age. As a drummer, Josh's adolescence was somewhat rebellious. He has never been into drugs and alcohol, but his parents almost kicked him out when he was 14. They nearly sent him to military school. At that time, he was a Punk Rock lover, and he started to taste the different flavors of music from an early age. 

Though he never been to college, he remembers Trumpet lessons while he was at school.  He was never good at it, but he learns to read music rather than create his own. After learning several things, he initiated to imitating the beats of the records, and later on, he'd buy an electronic drum kit, which led him to learn deep about drumming.

Financial Portfolio OF Josh Dun

Josh Dun is a drummer of a famous band Twenty One Pilots who has a staggering $3.2 million as per 2020. His band is busy in world tours, so by performing with a group, he probably earns between $700,000 to $1 million annually.

Josh Dun And His Luxury Ride
Caption: Josh Dun And His Luxury Ride
Source: Twitter@joshdun

Besides, his musical profession, he has often seen in several photoshoots for world-famous bands where he must gain thousands of dollars. His couple of songs like Stressed out and Heathens got more than one billion views on YouTube, and recently he has signed a contract with a giants production house through which he must be earning grate amount of wealth.

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