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Filmmaker/Youtuber (1998)
Thu Apr 20 2023
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Joshua Ovalle is a young and talented American filmmaker and a vine video social media star. He has been promoted for MTV at events shows. Ovalle rose to prominence after posting award-winning short films and comic routines on Vine.

For nearly a half-decade, Ovalle has worked in the film industry. Minimum Max has received half a million views on YouTube and has been featured in the Huffington Post. It has also been accepted into twenty-five film festivals.

Early Life

Ovalle was born on August 21, 1998, in Washington, DC, USA. His full name is Joshua Ovalle also his horoscope is Leo, and he is an American citizen. He suffered from ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a mental disorder from an early age.

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Ovalle has chosen the film industry to avoid focusing on his health issues. He attended Mater Dei High School in his senior year and he has not revealed much information regarding his childhood on any media for now.

Family of Ovalle

Josh was born to his mother, Rose Ovalle, and Wernher Ovalle who is his father. Just like other famous actors, his parents are well-known among the public as an actor and actresses. Also, they appeared in "Two and a Quarter Minutes". 

Lucas Ovalle and Elijah Ovalle are his younger brothers whereas Elijah is the youngest of the brothers. Lucas is also a well-known social media personality and actor. He has also appeared in "Two and a Quarter Minutes". He also feels at ease when he is among his brothers and they are having fun.

About Josh's Brother Lucas

Lucas Ovalle is an actor and Youtuber. He rose to prominence through the app 'Vine,' and later expanded into 'Instagram' and 'YouTube.' He has appeared in and helped direct a few short films directed by his award-winning filmmaker brother Josh Ovalle. 

His first short film was released on his 'YouTube channel,' marking his debut as an independent filmmaker. Lucas has become involved in a cancer fundraising campaign after having to lose his girlfriend to the disease.

Social Media

Joshua Ovalle can be found on social media. He usually communicates with his fans via Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter handle is @JoshOvalle and his Instagram handle is @filmquaker.

Josh Ovalle taking a selfie with a cute smile. Picture Source: The Famous People

On Instagram, he has amassed 402k followers and 436 posts, and on Twitter, he has over 134k followers. He shares updates from his film sets as well as updates on his friends.

Relationship status 

Josh Ovalle is a multi-talented and legendary Hollywood filmmaker who appears to be single. He has a lot of female friends and has a lot of images with them on his social media pages. But he has never disclosed or discussed his relationships.

Ovalle appears to have recently focused on his filmmaking career and increasing his social media fame. Or perhaps he doesn't want the public to know about his girlfriend. But Ovalle is such a charming and hardworking man that every girl wishes to be his.

Ovalle Suffered From ADHD

This type of ADHD is also referred to as attention deficit disorder (ADD). Because the symptoms of ADD are not always obvious, they can go unnoticed. 

Ovalle may exhibit symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity and impulsiveness, or he may exhibit only one of these types of behavior.

In addition, Ovalle has had ADHD since he was a child. It was difficult for him to concentrate on anything. So he began making movies to distract himself from his feelings.

Physical Appearance

Joshua Ovalle is 5 feet 7 inches tall (174cm) and he weighs about 62 kgs. He has dark brown hair and a black eye. Because he regularly goes to the gym and does a residential workout routine for his body shape, he has a stunning and hot body shape. 

Ovalle has also started gaining fans and followers as a result of his well-kept body. He has an oval face type with a fair complexion. As a filmmaker, he is very health conscious and conscious of his appearance. He appears to be in good shape and attractive.

Awards and Achievement

Ovalle has screened at a number of film festivals throughout the world. Due to his Excellent Performance and dedication to movies, he was able to win an award for his film "Two and a Quarter Minutes," which was a huge achievement for him.

Josh Ovalle with Award in his Hand. Picture Source: AnswersAfrica

At the All American High School Film Festival in 2014, Ovalle got the prestigious ''Audience Award''. At the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival, he took home two honors.

Ovalle As A Starter filmmaker

When Ovalle first started making films, he was astounded by how many people were watching him, and others were astounded that a 13-year-old teenager could make such an incredible film. 

They used to discuss his abilities. When Ovalle was thirteen, he made the film Minimum Max. This film was based on his life as a young boy who suffered from ADHD. He gradually began to recover from this situation.

As a Youtuber

Besides Ovalle's career in filmmaking, he is a well-known YouTuber. He has above 339k followers on his channel Josh Ovalle. To be a successful YouTuber, a lot of hard work and dedication is required. 

It usually takes a lot of time, which few people have, but Ovalle is one of those few. He mostly posts about his daily life and vlogs. He is entertaining his fans in every way. His most recent video is "Random House Footage".

Net Worth 

Josh Ovalle has a net worth of around $2 million dollars. As a well-known filmmaker and YouTuber, he supplemented his income with income from commercials, promotions, and other sources.

Josh Ovalle with his long curly hair. Picture Source: FamousBirthday

He is a talented and hardworking individual. He began working at the age of thirteen, which is an example to many young people around the world.

Movies of Ovalle 

When Ovalle was thirteen, he began making short films. He has made over six films to date, including "Minimum Max," "Two and a Quarter Minutes," "The Norwegian Vampire Film," and others. 

His films were all inspirational. They were inspired by a true story. They were also box office smashes in Hollywood.

"Minimum Max" Review

"Minimum Max" is the most award-winning film produced by Ovalle. Many people adored this film because of its story and concept. This is the most popular film on the internet. This film's plot is based on a true story. This film depicts the world of ADHD.

Max, a high school student, must navigate the world of ADHD and all the medications that come with it in this brief and riveting first-person story. Finally, he must choose between medication and better grades and tolerating his ADHD and poor grades; however, in the end, he must be happy.

IMDB Profile

This young and well-known filmmaker Ovalle has an IMDb page with five credits as an actor, three credits as a director, three credits as a writer, two credits as an editor, and two credits as a producer. Ovalle has worked on so many movies. His every movie is most rated on the Internet.

His IMDb profile also includes a biography, filmography, as well as some pictures, and videos. Ovalle has been smart and intelligent since childhood, which has led to his fame and name.

Facts About Ovalle

  • Josh Ovalle changed his surname from Ovalle to Kennedy and is now primarily known as Josh Kennedy.
  • Ovalle and YouTube sensation Cody Ko are best friends.
  • Ovalle has received the prestigious ''Audience Award''.
  • Ovalle loves baking actually this is his first interest after filmmaking.
  • He suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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