Journalist Miguel Almaguer Wife and Children

Tue Mar 23 2021
By   Selena

Miguel Almaguer is a well-known journalist based in California; the NBC News journalist has become a star for the network in recent times. As a matter of fact, he has accumulated a lot of popularity for his news reporting. 

In addition to his reporting, people are also fans of his personality, which is why they seem to always want to know more about him and his personal life. While his professional life is in the public eye, he is a particularly reserved person when it comes to his personal life, read more to know about the journalist’s love life. 

Is Miguel Almaguer Married? Who Is His Wife? 

As mentioned above, Almaguer is a low-key personality when it comes to his relationships, due to this there is very little to no information about his marriage. However, tabloids have speculated that he is not married. 

Miguel Almaguer does not have a wife in 2021
Image: Miguel Almaguer does not have a wife 
Image Source: MCelebrity

A quick peek at his social media accounts also shows no sign that he is in a relationship. 

The star journalist is 44 years old in 2021 and must have had his fair share of relationships in the past but details of his former love life are also missing from the public domain. 

Does Miguel Almaguer Have Any Children? 

Miguel Almaguer has never been married and does not have any children. Additionally, he has also kept his lips sealed on any plans to have kids in the future. He is one of the top reporters at NBC and might be focused on his career. 

Miguel Almaguer and his nephews
Caption: Miguel Almaguer and his nephews 
Image Source: Instagram@MiguelAlmaguer 

He does have 2 nephews whose pictures he uploaded on Instagram, but other than this he does not have any kids. 

Miguel Almaguer’s Gay Rumors 

There have been many rumours that Miguel is gay, mainly because there is no information about his dating life in the public domain, these rumours have never been confirmed by the journalist. 

Miguel was rumored to be homosexual
Caption: Miguel was Rumored to be gay
Image Source: CelebWIki

Likewise, fans and paparazzi have never spotted him with a male partner, due to this we can guess that he is probably straight. 

Another reason why people speculated that he is gay maybe because he is unmarried at the age of 44. Similarly, fans have also never spotted him on a date with a girl, even though he lives in the bustling studio city area of Los Angeles. 

The journalist is probably not gay and may just be too secretive to reveal the details of his dating life to the public. 

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