Juan Rivera and Wife Brenda, Are They Still Married?

Wed Sep 22 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Juan Rivera is an American singer who is widely famous for his hit songs like El TamaulipecoMe Puse a PensarEl Atizador, El Abandonado, and more. But, he is also well known as the brother of the late Jenni Rivera, who had a successful life with her music and other ventures.

Besides, Rivera is well known for his family name also. The Rivera family has comprised singers and composers like Jenni Rivera, Rosie Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, and Lupilo Rivera, who are prominent figures in the Mexican music industry.

Moreover, the singer was arrested for drug possession, which made his mind unstable and eventually suicidal while he was in jail. The person who helped Juan overcome all his notorious activities and helped him to become a gentleman was his wife, Brenda. Below we are discussing Juan and Brenda's love life.

Is Juan Rivera and Brenda Still Married?

Yes, the love birds Juan and his wife, Brenda Rivera are still married. In fact, they are living their marital life happily with their children.

Juan is living his marital life happily with his wife Brenda Rivera.
Juan Rivera is happy with his wife Brenda Rivera.
Photo Source:  Instagram@juanriveramusic

Before the couple tied the knot, they had been in a relationship for 22 years. Since both of them were very young. When they first met each other, their relationship was not easy for the first few years, but they didn't give up. 

After 22 years of a romantic relationship, the couple finally shared their wedding vows in 2017 in a beautiful intimate ceremony where their close friends and family members were present. Since their wedding, the duo has been leading a happy and peaceful marital life together for four years.

Juan always mentions his wife as an idol since she helped him to battle alcoholism. Even when Juan was arrested at the young age of 17 for drug possession, Brenda helped him a lot in every way she could.

How did Juan and Brenda's Relationship Start?

There is not much known about Juan's wife Brenda Rivera, but in an interview carried out in 2017, he tells the media how Brenda helped and supported him while in jail. He even recalled how he carried out his courtship of more than 22 years.

When Brenda was in love with Juan, she was just 17 years old. Though she was seventeen, he felt that she was the woman with whom he would stay for the rest of his life. Right before Juan was again arrested for weapon possession, Brenda was pregnant with Juan's child.

Juan Rivera thought many times during his stay in prison was what would happen to Brenda, his wife. He got released after six months and vowed Brenda to change. She helped him change in every possible way she could see so that their future married life would be full of happiness.

After being in a relationship for two decades, the couple tied the knot with tearful eyes and heartfelt vows. 

Does the couple have Children?

Yes, Juan and Brenda are proud parents of four children, two daughters, and two sons.

Juan and Brenda are living their life peacefully with their four children.
Juan with his children and wife.
Photo Source: Instagram@juanriveramusic

Marina Rivera and Divine Rivera are his daughters, in which it seems Divine is older than Marina. And their sons are Johnny Rivera and Frido Rivera. Currently, a family of six is living there.

Know About Brenda and Juan's Daughters

The married couple became parents for the first time after the birth of Divine Araceli Rivera on October 28, 1995. Divine is a social media influence over 65.3k fans following her Instagram handle alone.

Likewise, Brenda and Juan became parents for the second time on May 2, 1998, after giving birth to their cute daughter, Marina Precious Rivera. Marina is a baker and chef by profession. Nevertheless, she is also a social media influencer with handles on various sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Know About Brenda and Juan's Son

As previously mentioned, Brenda and Juan are blessed with two daughters and two sons. The married couple welcomed their first son, Johnny Rivera, on March 5, 2002. Their son is also known by his nickname YoyoJohnny.

Likewise, their last child, Lupito Frido Rivera, was born on September 5, 2007. Lupito is the youngest member of the family. He is loved and cared for by his parents and three elder siblings.

Has Juan Rivera Dated Anyone Besides Brenda Rivera?

Well, the answer is no. Juan Rivera has not been in any other relationship or affair since dating his present wife, Brenda Rivera.

They have a strong relationship as well as their relationship foundation is also strong. Moreover, Brenda was the one who helped Juan Rivera during the hardest and most crucial part of his life.


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