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Fri Feb 23 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Judith Varnado

Husband : Reo Varnado
Judith Varnado took the wedding vows with Reo Varnado.

Judith Varnado is the mother of famous American wrestler Justine Kaestner-Varnado, who goes by the name Sasha Banks. Banks is one of the biggest names in wrestling, having been crowned the WWE Raw Women's Champion 5 times and Smackdown Women's Champion 1 time.

Her daughter might be famous, but people don't know much about Judith herself. This article aims to provide a bit of an insight into the life of a celebrity mom.

Little Bit About Judith Varnado's Daughter Sasha Banks:

Sasha Banks is among the most respected in the WWE Women's Division. She started wrestling at the age of seventeen and made her debut in August 2010. She hasn't looked back since. 

Sasha is wearing a red head band while the mother is wearing all black dress.
Young Sasha Banks with her mother Judith Varnado (Source: 90min)

In addition, Sasha is also one of the most decorated wrestlers on the current roster, having won the Raw Women's Championship, Smackdown Women's Championship, and NXT Championship.

Besides titles, she has also been part of some historical moments in the division. Sasha was the first woman to compete in WWE's pay-per-view event. She is also the first African-origin performer in the main event at Wrestlemania.

How Much Is Judith's Daughter's Net Income?

Sasha Banks may be famous and always be the talk of the media, but her mother, Judith Varnado, is quite the opposite of that. She lives a low-key life and hardly gets involved with the WWE. There is no information about her job and income, but we know much about her daughter.

Banks' net worth is estimated to be around $3 million (the same as Casey Deidrick). Most of her income comes from wrestling. She is one of the main eventers in the business, so it's no surprise her annual salary is estimated to be around $250,000. Maya Krampf also holds a $250,000 net worth from her career.

Her Son-In-Law Used To Be A Wrestler Too

Judith's daughter is a married woman. A wrestler found love in another professional wrestler Sarath Tom. Sarath, who also goes by the name Mikaze used to be a professional wrestler before being forced to retire due to an injury. He now works as a costume designer in WWE.

Sasha is looking at the phone standing behind him in this selfie.
Sasha Banks with her husband Sarath Tom (Source: SportingFree)

Mikaze has designed the wrestling attire of many professional wrestlers, including his wife, Sasha Banks. This romantic couple tied the knot on August 4, 2016. The two have been going strong since.

Judith's Daughter's Relationship With Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time. People like him for many things, including how chill he is most of the time. Everyone wants to hang out with him. So, imagine knowing him personally. Judith Varnado is a lucky woman.

Her daughter and Snoop know each other. And they aren't just friends. Snoop is Sasha's first cousin. The news of these two being cousins first came to everyone's attention when Snoopy performed for his cousin at Wrestlemania 32. It is widely regarded as one of the best WrestleMania entrances among wrestling fans.

Sasha has always spoken highly of Snoop. She revealed how Snoop supported her when she was 16 and told him about her dream of being a professional wrestler. She said:

He got me out there and I told him my dreams of wanting to be a wrestler and he told me ‘if this is your dream then go get it’. That was at 16. Then at 23 or 24 he’s walking me down at WrestleMania.

She Wasn't A Huge Fan Of Wrestling

Sasha Banks is a massive name in the wrestling world today. She had wanted to do it her whole life, and now she is living her dreams. You would assume her family loved wrestling and that they were okay with her career decision which involved a lot of risk with little payoff. It turns out her mother wasn't a fan of it.

Sure, things are well now, but when Sasha was a kid, Judith didn't like her daughter watching giant men and women in the ring fighting against each other.

Judith is a devout Catholic. She isn't into the concept of fighting. She believes the fight upsets the god. Sasha talked about her mother in one of her interviews. She said:

I remember I was living in Iowa at the time and there was nothing on tv and we had no cable and SmackDown came on and I was like what is this? And, I remember my mom coming in and being like, ‘What are you doing, what are you watching?’ God wouldn’t like this stuff! Turn that off!’ And I was like, ‘ok.’ So I turned it off and I ran into my brother’s room and I turned it back on and I just continued watching it.

Her Son's Suffers From Autism

While Judith was lucky and blessed to see her daughter gaining fame, success, and, most notably, the career she had always wanted, she didn't have the same luck as her son.

Like Ashley Melnick's elder brother, her son Joshua has Autism, and the whole family had to deal with a lot because of it. Banks has always loved her brother and has always been protective of her. 

All three are smiling as Sasha is taking the selfie.
Judith Varnado (middle) with her daughter Sasha Banks and brother Joshua Varnado (Source: Reddit r/TheLegitBoss)

Growing up with her brother, she said:

I didn’t have friends growing up. Because of my brother’s disabilities, I was ashamed to show him off, and I was so afraid of people making fun of him. Living in a hotel and not having my mom have work, not having much food to eat, all I had was wrestling to make me happy.

Who Is Judith Varnado's Husband? 

Judith experienced one of the worst moments of her life when her husband passed away. Reo Varnado died on January 14 of this year. The reason for his death remains unknown.

The man was a restaurant owner. His Barbeque restaurant Reo's Ribs, was loved by many. It was famous throughout the whole of Portland.

Varnado was one of the most beloved family members, with the man having good relations with everyone. He was Snoop Dogg's uncle, and that's how most people identify him. Many discovered him when he appeared at Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

His death affected everyone close to him, including Snoop, who took to his Instagram to post about his uncle's death. The post was captioned:

Uncle. Reo. U will be missed. Thank u for loving me and the whole world u were a blessing 

Snoop is eating chicken while Reo is on an apron.
Snoop Dogg with his uncle Reo Varnado (Source: Instagram @snoppdogg)

Wrestler Sammy Guevara's Remarks About Judith's Daughter

In what is considered one of the most disgusting incidents to happen in wrestling, AEW's wrestler Sammy Guevara found himself in hot water for one of his comments on Sasha Banks.

The news came to everyone's attention in 2020, four years after Guevera commented. The incident happened on the Whole F'N Show Podcast, to which he was invited. What he said about Sasha was insensitive, awful, and flat-out disgusting. He said:

Bro, Sasha Banks, oh my God. When I was at the WWE the other week I wanted to just go f****** r*** that woman.

He is flexing his biceps in the picture.
Sammy Guevera in action (Source: Wrestle Talk)

Everyone rightfully criticized him. Guevera has since apologized to Banks for his remarks. She has accepted the apology. Sasha also asked people to have more of these conversations so no one would be subjected to any hate.

AEW's suspension of Guevera didn't come as a shock to anyone. He also had to take classes for sensitivity. His salary was donated to the Women's Center of Jacksonville throughout the suspension period. He is back wrestling after the end of the suspension period, but his reputation among fans hasn't improved yet.


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