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Actress, VO Artist (1959)
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Julie Dolan

Husband : Lon Gowan
Julie Dolan married Lon Gowan in 2000.

Julie Dolan is an Irish actress, musician, and also voice-over artist. Voice-over work is where she has truly left the mark as she has done voice-over work for Princess Leia, one of the most iconic characters ever. 

Besides voice-over work, Dolan also has a business. Her acting is not limited to working in front of the camera, as she is also a theatre artist.

Dolan Is Married To Actor Lon Gowan

Princess Leia voice-over artist Julie Dolan is married to actor Lon Gowan. The pair have been together for more than two decades as they walked down the aisle on May 7, 2000. The story of how the love between the two started remains to be discovered.

Lon Gowan is taking the selfie as Julie Dolan is about to eat something.
Julie Dolan with her husband Lon Gowan (Source: Julie Dolan Instagram @juliemdolan)

Lon acts for a living like his wife. His popular works include Us, General Hospital, Big Little Lies, and SEAL Team. He has not found the same success in the entertainment business as his wife, Dolan.

Julie Dolan's Wife Has Her Own Business

Dolan has her own business called J.Dolan Communications Inc. However, she didn't start the business; rather, she took over from her father, John Dolan. Her father was the founder of the company. The company aims to provide communications solutions for clients as they provide accessories. The company was started in 1968.

According to Dolan's LinkedIn, the company has been a huge success. Their client list includes Film productions, Theme parks, and government offices. Not just clients but her company have also been involved in numerous charity works.

Dolan Net Worth: How Rich Is Princess Leia Voice-Over Artist?

Julie Dolan estimated net worth is believed to be $5 Million. She is involved in many things, but her voice-over works have easily brought her the biggest revenue. Even though the amount she received remains to be disclosed, being involved with franchises like Star Wars and Final Fantasy will surely make you rich.

Julie Dolan is looking directly at the camera and she is standing Infront of a black background.
Julie Dolan in a photo shoot with Sarah Modene (Source: Julie Dolan Instagram @juliemdolan)

Welcome to Chippandles actress Dolan not only does VO works, but other acting works as well. She is also a freelancer keyboardist. Apart from that, she also has a business called J. Dolan Communications. So, it's no surprise that she is $5 Million in her bank accounts. 

Julie Sister Judi Dolan Is Also An Actress

Julie is the younger sister of Judi Dolan. She isn't the only one working in the family, as Judi is also an actress. And her filmography includes some really popular movies. She has worked in Die Hard 2 and Jaws: The Revenge. But she hasn't worked in movies for many years, suggesting she has given up acting.

Judi was born on May 15, 1943, and is sixteen years older than Dolan. Her IMDb page says that she is also the co-founder of J. Dolan Communications with her father. She has stepped away from the limelight today and is living a normal life.

Julie Dolan as Princess Leia And Her Other Voice-Over Works

Julie Dolan is the voice of the animated Princess Leia and many other characters. However, her work as Leia is her biggest. She has voiced the princess on more than one occasion. She has voiced Leia in two animated TV shows, Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and Star Wars: Rebels.

Princess Lea is talking as Soldier is looking at her speaking.
A scene from Star Wars rebels featuring Princess Leia voiced by Julie Dolan (Source: YouTube @StarWarsRebelsStar)

Dolan voicing Princess Leia is not just limited to animated movies. Her voice is used in Disneyland Star Tours Ride. She has also voiced this character in video games. She voiced Princess Leia in Star Wars: Uprising Video Game and Disney Infinity 3.0. 

Julie's videogame voice work is not just limited to Leia. She has also done voice-over work in other videogames, like Arena of Valor and Elmyra Gainsborough, in a highly successful remake of the 1997 JRPG Final Fantasy VII, the game to which Anjali Bhimani has also given her voice. Voice-over work is where she has found the biggest success in her career.

Dolan Didn't Finish Her Education: But Why? 

Just Us Guys actress Dolan didn't finish her education as she chose to drop out in the middle of her studies. She was a student at California State University Northridge (CSUN). Lawyer Douglas Emhoff may have graduated from the university but not Dolan. 

Dropping out isn't considered the wisest move, as most of them regret it. Very few percent of people find success, and Dolan was fortunate to be in that. She was already juggling her acting work and studies, and it was getting hard for her to find balance. So, she made a risky decision to leave CSUN. Fast forward to today, and it's safe to say taking that risk was worth it.

Julie Dolan Is A Keyboardist

Princess Leia voice-over artist Dolan is a keyboardist who plays keyboards in her free time and performs with the band. She is a freelancer and thus works with more than one band. Her LinkedIn profile says that she plays for The UnderCoverGirls and INXSIVE. She also has her band called Charlie's Angels the band.

Julie Dolan is playing the keyboard while the others are on drums and guitar as people are looking on.
Julie Dolan (on keyboard) performing with Charlie's Angels the Band (Source: Julie Dolan Instagram @juilemdolan)

Dolan first fell in love with piano when she was nine years old. And she has been playing it ever since. She makes time to perform for numerous bands despite her busy work.

Who Are Julie's Parents?

Tell Me I Love You actress Julie is the daughter of John Dolan and Eugenia Geis. Her father, John, was a successful businessman in Los Angeles before he passed away on July 23, 1992. He started J.Dolan Communications, the company run by his two daughters today. Her mother, Eugenia, lives a quiet life, and information on her whereabouts remains to be discovered.

John has also worked in the entertainment industry, like his daughters. He has worked with the legendary musician Prince. No, he hasn't acted in a movie or done some voice work like his daughter. His IMDb page says he worked as a location Projectionist for the Oscar-winning film Purple Rain which starred the When Doves Cry singer.

How Did Julie Dolan Start Her Career?

Julie Dolan fell in love with acting at a very young age. She was only three years old when she saw Shirley Temple on Television and got sucked into this world by acting. She told this story while sitting down to talk with Conventional Relations. In the interview, she said she started taking acting classes at nine at her school.

Julie tasted her first success as a commercial for chevy, which in the same interview, she said was her first on-camera work. Her on-camera acting career may not look impressive to some looking at her filmography, but she sure makes up for it with her voice acting works. 

Has Done Several Dancing Works

Life Interrupted actress Dolan did some dancing works for a while at Universal Studios. She worked there from April 1991 till September 2003. She did a lot of musical work during her time at the show, which involved singing as well as dancing. 

Julie performed a live show for kids over there, as she brought it up in her interview with Conventional Relations. The shows she was involved with at work were American Tail Fievel Goes West, Flintstones Show, Land Before Time, The Rugrats, and Boom Operator.


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