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Sat Mar 04 2023
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Julie Tokashiki is famous for being the wife of actor, Tom Skeritt. Skeritt is an Emmy-winning actor known for appearing in some classic films like Alien, Top Gun, and Contact. The actor has an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

Tokashiki is the third wife of Skeritt. He was previously married to Charlotte R Shanks and Susan Ellen Aran. She doesn't have any kids with him, but he has kids from his previous marriages. They are Colin Skeritt, Matt Skeritt, Erin Skeritt, and Andy Skeritt.

Relationship Status: Married To Tom Skeritt

Julie Tokashiki is living a happy married life with actor Tom Skeritt. The exact date of their marriage remains to be known. But, they did tie the knot in the year 1998. They didn't let age come in their way of love as Tokashiki's husband is thirty years older than her.

Both Julie Tokashiki and Tom Skeritt are wearing all black.
Julie Tokashiki with her husband, Tom Skeritt (Source: TheFilmSchool YouTube Channel)

Skeritt first met Tokashiki on the sets of the show, Picket Fences. She used to work as a studio executive at Twentieth Century Fox at that time. They eventually fell in love and got married. 

Tokashiki stays away from the limelight but her husband has talked about her in the media. Skeritt is nothing but praises for his wife and even once called her a piece of art in an interview.

A Brief On Tokashiki's Career

Skeritt's wife, Tokashiki is also involved in the showbiz industry but she isn't a performer. She serves as the CEO of Triple Squirrels Productions, the company that was founded by her and her husband, Skeritt. Her LinkedIn page says that she has been working in this business for more than 35 years. 

Tokashiki has been working as the CEO of Triple Squirrels since January 2019. Before this production company, she also previously worked for some big television networks and other film productions. 

Some of the production companies Tokashiki has worked with are Warner Bros, CBS, and Twentieth Century Fox in the past. The latter two for which she worked as the assistant to the company's President.

Net Worth Of Tokashiki And Her Husband, Skeritt

Julie Tokashiki has an estimated net worth of $1 Million whereas, her husband, Tom Skeritt has an estimated net worth of $8 Million. Both, are the bread earners in the house and are involved in the entertainment industry.

Tokashiki, unlike her husband, works off-camera. She is currently the CEO of Triple Squirrels Productions. Her salary has been kept under wraps. Skeritt's wife has also made money working for other big companies like CBS and Twentieth Century Fox. 

Tom Skeritt is in a construction site talking to the camera.
Julie Tokashiki's husband, Tom Skeritt doing an advertisement (Source: TheClassicSports YouTube Channel)

Skeritt's primary source of income is acting with the film, Top Gun being his highest-grossing film. The movie made $179.8 Million at the box office as per Rotten Tomatoes

Besides that, Skeritt also founded and owns a production company, Heyou Media which produced some films at the time. Tokashiki and her husband also have a decent size home in Madison Park.

Education Background

Julie Tokashiki has worked with some big companies in her career so, it shouldn't be surprising that she has a good formal education. She has a degree in Journalism which she got from California State University. It's the same institute lawyer, Douglas Emhoff got his degree.

Unfortunately, that's all the information Skeritt's wife, Tokashiki has disclosed about her education. The information on what she studied in journalism and her previous education remains to be discovered.

About Tokashiki's Philanthropy Works

Tokashiki besides her work also loves to give back to the community. And, she has been involved in charity work through the organization The Red Badge Project. This charity was co-founded by her husband, Skeritt, and retired Military captain, Evan Bailey.

A man is walking next to a car in an empty road.
Julia Tokashiki's The Film School produced film El Camino Solo (Source: TheFilmSchool YouTube Channel)

Skeritt's IMDb page says that the charity helps those army men who fought on the frontline and are suffering from PTSD. The company's official website says that it helps all of these soldiers to find purpose, rediscover their value and get over the war trauma to make the best out of their remaining days. 

Tokashiki's husband has previously served in the US Air Force so he can relate to the pain of his fellow army men. Besides, The Red Badge, Tokashiki, and Skeritt also have another foundation called, The Film School. The company provides a platform for indie writers to tell their stories. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to help up-and-coming screenwriters.

Julie Tokashiki's Husband's Previous Marriages

Alien actor, Tom Skeritt found the love of his life with Tokashiki but she wasn't the first woman that swept him off his feet. He was previously married on two separate occasions to Susan Ellen Aran and Charlotte R Shanks.

Charlotte was Skeritt's first wife they were married from 1957 till December 1972. Their love story was a tragic one as Charlotte wasn't mentally stable and their married life suffered due to it. He was married to his second wife, Susan from 1976 till July 31, 1990

Tokashiki Has An Adopted Daughter (Plus, Skeritt's Other Kids)

Tokashiki may not have kids but she is a mother. She and her husband, Skeritt are parents to an adopted daughter named Emi. She was adopted by the couple in 2007 when she was 12 years old. Emi has been kept away from the spotlight by her parents.

Besides Emi, Steel Magnolias's actor, Skeritt is the father of four kids from his two previous marriages. They are Colin Skeritt, Matt Skeritt, Andy Skeritt, and Erin Skeritt. Colin is the son of his second wife, Susan while he had the other three from his first wife, Charlotte.

A man is walking on a beach in a suitcase holding a briefcase.
Matt Skeritt directed, Dave Gahan's Dirty Sticky Floors (Source: j43h8 YouTube Channel)

Andy is Skeritt's oldest son, having been born in 1962. He works in the field of computers. Erin is the second and only daughter, born in 1964. Matt was born on December 13, 1967, and the youngest Colin was born in 1978

Matt is a director and has directed a lot of films like The Healing, Grow Op and Angst. Colin also has a bit of movie experience having worked in 2002's Tuscaloosa.

How Has Skeritt Described Tokashiki?

Skeritt and Julie Tokashiki have been husband and wife for more than two decades now. Both of them really like each other and while Tokashiki maintains absence from the media, her husband doesn't hesitate to talk about his woman.

While sitting down to talk with Closer Weekly, Top Gun actor, Skeritt described Tokashiki. He called her a special woman as she is tough and they both respect and understand each other. 

Skeritt also talked about the huge age gap between the two not having any effect on their marriage other than the minute differences. 

Tokashiki's Husband's Controversial Film, Poison Ivy

Tokashiki's husband, Tom Skeritt lives a quiet life and doesn't engage in a lot of drama. But, he has found himself being talked about in the media once because of his film Poison Ivy. The controversy surrounding the 1992 film involved Skeritt and Tom Green's ex-wife, Drew Barrymore. 

The issue some had with this film was the intimate scenes between Tokashiki's husband and Barrymore. More than the scenes, it was their ages that made people uncomfortable. Yahoo! has reported that he was in his late 50s whereas, the young actress was only 16 at the time.


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