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Magician (1994)
Sun May 07 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Julius Dein

Girlfriend : Estelle Berglin
Julius Dein is in a relationship with Estelle Berglin.

Julius Dein is widely recognized as one of the best magicians, who gained a large fan base around the world by his unsolved tricks that made everyone stun. He is popular for performing his magic at various birthday parties of high-profile celebrities as well as in the award show. 

Beyond Dein's popularity on social media, he is recognizable as a national as well as an international entertainer. Not just that, Forbes magazine, Business Insider, Fox News, and many news tabloids featured him on the cover pages. Similarly, Steve Harvey invited him for an interview on his popular show.

How is Julius' Love Life Going with His Girlfriend, Estelle Berglin?

The 27-years-old, Julius has won the hearts of millions of his fans all around the world. Furthermore, he gained millions of proposals from his fangirls who became impressed with his incredible talents. So, it's normal that his fans often want to know who is the current flame in his personal life. 

Julius Dein is currently dating a Swedish girl, Estelle Berglin. What does Julius' girlfriend do for a living?
Julius Dein with his current girlfriend, Estelle Berglin
Source: Instagram @juliusdein

Coming into Dein's relationship status, he is currently dating a Swedish girl, Estelle Berglin, who is also one of the popular internet sensations. Similarly, she is an Instagram model who does endorse various brands. She also encourages her 740,000 followers to live healthy lives through her fitness video clips via Instagram.

Remembering the old days, the couple's chemistry started to build up when they started a conversation with the help of social media. With a cool attitude and many positive similarities, they found they are mean to be. Since August 2019, they officially announced their relationship through an Instagram post. Furthermore, Julius' girlfriend often seen in numerous videos of Julius' magic contents. 

Previously Dated The Seven Actress, Amber Doig-Thorne

London-based magician, Julius always attracted large media attention with his new and amazing magic tricks. Also, he has made headlines about his past affair, which came to highlight. Prior to dating Estelle, Dein was previously romantically linked with Amber Doig-Thorne, a British actress, who is well known for her role in the films like Fanged Up and The Seven

Julius Dein's ex-girlfriend, Amber Doig-Thorne is a Brittish actor, comedian, content creator and presenter. Who is Julian dating nowadays? Does he have a girlfriend?
Julius Dein's ex-girlfriend is none other than Amber Doig-Thorne, who garnered amass by playing the role in the film, The Seven
Source: Instagram @amberdiogthorne 

The former couple first met through a mutual friend from where they have begun their love affair. However, they split after dating for almost a year, but they have been maintaining a friendly relationship even they separated their ways apart.

How Much is Dein's net Worth?

Markus Stromberg's partner, Julius is maintaining his name and fame with his incredible magic tricks for so many years. So, he might be garnering a hefty paycheque through his world tours and local events. Talking about his fortune, he holds a net worth of $2 Million whereas famous menatlist, Lior Suchard has a net worth of around $10 Million.

Dein has collaborated with huge brands like Facebook, TikTok, Doritos, UBISOFT, JAMAICA Tourist Board, and U.S. Food & Drug Administration. He is now promoting brands like Samsung, Uber X Venmo, Singha Beers, McDonald's UK, Columbia Tourist Board, and many more. So, he probably received an impressive paycheque for notable works.

Julius Dein Lamborgini
Julius Dein and his girlfriend, Estelle Berglin enjoying the moment while traveling a long drive on his Lamborghini.
Source: Instagram @juliusdein

As a social media influencer, Julius makes $4,900 - $77,900 per month and $58,400 - $934,400 from his youtube channel, which has 987,000 subscribers with 120 million views. Likewise, he earns $14,303 - $23,838 per post through his Instagram account. Not just that, his TikTok account gets him $14,400 - $21,600 per post.

A Glimpse of Julius' Early Life

Julius Dein was born on 4th May 1994 in London, England, United Kingdom. Furthermore, he was raised by a single mother, Lee Dein along with his siblings, whose names are still under the curtains. At the age of 9, he started practicing street magic tricks and when he 13 years old, he performed his first magic trick at a magic stall in Camden, London.

Dein completed his primary and secondary education from Jewish Free School based in Kenton of North-West London. From King's College of London like Alexandra Edenborough, Julius earned a Bachelor in International Relationship degree. Later, he went to study at the University of California, where he graduated with honors. Likewise, a well-known American journalist, Leslie Lopez is also a graduate student from the University of California.




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