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Mon Oct 31 2022
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Justin Laboy is a social media star. In the Internet age, it is easy to become famous by showing your face and body. However, Laboy gained celebrity status through his memes and tweets.

The Internet-famed Laboy did not always aim to make a career through social media. He was formerly a professional basketball player.

Laboy's Basketball Career

The Internet personality Laboy used to be a basketball player. In the US, every basketball player starts their career in college. He did the same in his basketball career at ASA College in Brooklyn, New York. 

He is wearing a black jacket and a Brooklyn Nets hoodie.
Justin Laboy posing for a photo shoot (Source: NYTimes)

Every player dreams of making it to NBA, which, unfortunately for Laboy, didn't happen. However, he played his professional career in a Macedonian Pelister Bitola Basketball Club.

His career didn't go as planned, as he was forced to retire after suffering a significant Achilles tendon injury. Guess we will never find out where his basketball career would have taken him.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

Before turning into media fame, Laboy used to be a professional sportsperson. That has easily played a considerable part in his body build.

Basketball players are mostly known for their height. Laboy is no exception. The former basketball player stands tall at 6 Feet 4 Inches (193 cm). His height is complimented by his body weight of 190 lbs (86 kg).

Who Is The Girlfriend Of Laboy? 

Justin Laboy may be vocal regarding topics like relationships; however, he is a private man regarding his love life. He is currently believed to be not seeing anyone.

Both of them are wearing white clothes with chain.
Justin Laboy and Rihanna at a party (Source: Twitter @JustinLaBoy)

The media personality is also not a part of any rumored relationships. However, he was previously rumored to have dated famous R&B singer Rihanna. The rumor started as they were seen hanging out during her tour. But, there isn't a confirmation whether they were a thing. 

Got Mentioned By Beyonce In One Of Her Songs

Beyonce is a pop icon who is one of the biggest names in the music industry. So, imagine Beyonce knowing who you are. Your reaction would be the same as Laboy's when he discovered that the musician mentioned him in one of her songs.

She mentioned him in the remix of Megan Thee Stallion's song Savage. The lyrics went like this:

Hips Tik-Tok when I dance / On that demon time, she might start an OnlyFans

Laboy is the host of Demon Time. It is a live stream done late at night on Instagram by women with erotic performances and charges for it. He started it as a means to empower women and provide them with employment, especially when many had lost their jobs due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

He couldn't believe when people first told him that Queen Bey had mentioned him in the song. In an interview with TMZ, he said: 

I go on Twitter and people are like, ‘Beyonce mentioned you on a new song.’ I figured it was some type of prank.

Migos Allegedly Beat Him Up

Migos is one of the most popular hip-hop groups comprised of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. The group allegedly got into a physical altercation with Justin Laboy at a club in Atlanta.

Many believe that the fight occurred because Quavo held Laboy responsible for his breakup with his then-girlfriend Saweetie. Quavo was also apparently mad at him for making fun of his split.

Saweetie had appeared on Laboy's show Respectfully Justin. Her ex-boyfriend Justin Coombs had also appeared at the front, where the audience believed they were flirting with each other. Also, some things she said on the show didn't sit well with the audience, and she was called out for it too.  

Laboy also poked fun at their public breakup. The most talked about thing from their separation was Saweetie's reply, "Take Care," to Quavo's angry tweet directed at her. It was heavily memed at the time, and Laboy also jumped in action with his meme of Saweetie's face morphed into Drake's body on the cover of his album Take Care.

There is no confirmation or any video footage of the fight taking place. Migos have also denied getting into a fight with Laboy.

What Is His Net Income?

Justin Laboy is a popular name on the internet. He has achieved celebrity status and a massive following through his work. The man is a millionaire with an estimated net worth believed to be around the same as Karen Gravano at $1.5 million.

Apart from tweets and memes, he also has a top-rated show called Respectfully Justin, which contributes heavily to his net worth.

Justin Laboy Is Kanye West's Best Friend

Kanye West, or Ye, is a famous American rapper known for his songs like Stronger and Hurricane. Laboy is known for being one of his best friends.

Kanye and Laboy are wearing all black while Neymar is on a PSG kit.
Justin Laboy with Kanye West and Neymar (Source: Reddit r/Kanye)

The rapper announced his friendship through an Instagram story. He mentioned being best friends with Laboy and Prince Wilburn's father, rapper Future, in an insta story. The story noted the contradiction regarding his company with them, considering he is a religious man and a caring father to his kids. His Insta story said:


Laboy replied to the news. He jokingly called himself Innocent. He and Kanye have been friends for a while.

Social Media Presence

Laboy gained fame through social media with his creative memes and messages. He has a massive following on both Instagram and Twitter. His Twitter handle is @JustinLaboy, and his Instagram handle is @justinlaboy.

His Twitter is followed by many to read his creative tweets. Most of his tweets revolve around women and relationships. People use Instagram to share about their life through pictures of their personal life, but that's not what his Instagram looks like. His Instagram works the same way as his Twitter in that almost all the posts on his Insta are just screenshots of his tweets.

He also has a separate Instagram account for his show, Respectfully Justin. The Instagram handle is @respectfullyustin. But this account has been inactive for a long time.

Caught Lying About Interview With Drake

Drake is one of the biggest names in music today. He is known for hardly doing interviews, so it came as colossal news to everyone when Justin Laboy said he would be interviewing Drake on his show.

However, all the excitement fans had was drowned out very quickly when it was discovered that the news was fake. Drake made it known very soon after the rumors started that he hadn't said yes to an interview with Laboy.

Screenshot shows Justin's name not showing in Drake's following list.
The screenshot showing Drake unfollowing Justin Laboy (Source: Reddit r/Drizzy)

The whole thing started with Laboy's tweet saying he would be interviewing Drake. He tweeted:

Drake interview coming sooner than expected #RespectfullyJustin

Drake revealed that no interview was happening with one of his comments on an Instagram post. The Instagram handle @torontorappers posted the news regarding the interview, to which Drake commented with a cap emoji, meaning the news was fake. Laboy did delete his tweet, but the damage had already been done.

It is safe to say that his tweet upset Drake as he unfollowed Laboy on all his socials. Even people called out Laboy for his tweet as they believed what Drake did was right.

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