Justine Watson

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Thu Jan 13 2022
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Justine Watson is a great American personality who is a mental health care expert, author health advocate, and public speaker.

She is a beautiful lady with a multitalented personality and a mother of a baby. She is also a mother of Jordan Cephus and ex-wife of American rapper offset.

Childhood of Watson

Watson was born in the United Kingdom and emigrated to Australia in 1992. She started her carrier as a counselor in 1998. 

 She started as a mental health counselor in Australia by counseling people who are drug abusers who were in a rehabilitation center.

Justine Watson wearing a white dress along with colorful bengals
Justine Watson in a white top. Source: YouTube

Personal life of Justine

The first baby mama of Offset is a famous media personality and a famous counselor who has begun her carrier after having a mental breakdown in 2017. 

She became a counselor after being adversely affected by surgical mesh and after dealing with much anxiety.

First Baby mama of offset

Watson is the son of Jordan Cephus and Offset who is a famous American rapper, Songwriter. 

She had her first baby with him. But they hadn't gotten married formally to each other.

Are Offset and Watson still together?

The mental health counselor Watson is now moved on after she broke up with the Offset. They couldn't make their relationship after their baby.

Who has offset currently in a relationship with?

Offset is currently married to the famous American rapper and songwriter Cardi B. They got married in the year 2017 and the lovely couple is still together.

Offset has a one-child Kulture Kairi Cephus with her present wife Cardi B. The couple is happily enjoying their married life.

Justine Watson
Justine Watson is on a blacktop. Source: Health consumers

Established as a Holistic Counsellor

Justine has started as a holistic counselor in 1998 in Sydney Australia with a private practice working with her family and individuals.

Author of ' Through Grief to self-care '

Watson is the author of the famous book 'Through Grief to self-care ' in which she has portrayed the story of raising children with special needs.

The net worth of the Author of ' Through Grief to self-care '

She has a net worth of $6 million. Her source of earning is from her multiple works like the counselor, author, and public speaker in which she is capable.

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