Kahekili Kali

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Tue Mar 28 2023
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Kahekili Kali is one of the famous star kids. She is the daughter of the famous Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. She has risen her fame through the movies like South of Heaven, Crisis, Little Evil, Ant-Man, What If, etc.

Her mother has been continuously contributing to the Canadian movie industry through her incredible acting skills and talents. 

Childhood of Kali

The famous star kid was born in the year 2011 in Queens, New York the United States. She is living her post-pregnancy in her hometown with her family.

She is an excellent student in her class like her mother Evangeline Lilly. She is also interested in acting like her mother as per her mother.

Kahekili Kali's mother Evangeline Lily in a post pregnancy photoshoot.
Kahekili Kali's mother Evangeline Lily was captured in a post-pregnancy photo shoot. Photo source: Extra Tv

Parents and siblings

Kali is the daughter of the famous actress Canadian actress and the famous American actor Norman Kali. She is the only child in her family.

Personal life of Kali

The star kid is currently busy with her study and related stuff as she is not capable of career build. She is small for her age.

But she is interested in acting. She will follow the path of her mother and becomes a successful actress soon.

Kali Loves to do

The star kid Kali loves to dance, listen to music, do yoga, read books, and paint in her free time.

She also loves to travel to different new places with her parents to explore the beauty of nature. She also loves to spend quality time with her family and loved ones

Kali's parent's marriage 

The famous American actress Evangeline Lilly and famous actor Norman kali got married in the year 2010.

Kahekili Kali's father Norman Kali and mother Evangeline Lily
Kahekili Kali's father Norman Kali and mother Evangeline Lily were captured while carrying Kahekili Kali. Photo source: Naibuzz

The couple Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali is continuing their relationship as husband and wife.

Kali's mother's first husband

The star kid Kali's mother Evangeline Lily was previously married to Murray Hone a famous Canadian actor in the year 2003.

The lovely couple could not continue their relationship and finally decided to get part as a husband and wife in the year 2004 after one year of their marriage.

Infamous movies Kahekiliof's mother

The famous actress Evangeline Lilly has given many famous movies and television series through her incredible acting skills and talents.

Her blockbuster includes Ant-man and the wasp, Real Steal, Crisis, Avengers: damage control, The Hurt Locker, White Chicks, Kingdom Hospital, etc.

The controversy of kali's mother

The actress Evangeline Lilly is a controversy-free personality. She has not been involved in any kinds of controversies that have hit the media headline yet.

She loves to keep his personal life away from the media. It is the reason behind her controversy-free personality.

The net worth of Kahekili

kali has not built her career yet. So her mother  Evangeline Lilly is a famous American actress. Her mother has a total net worth of $5 million. She has access to such an amount through her successful career as an actress.

She does not have her business or other kinds of stuff that generate money for he



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