Kamiri Gaulden

Wed Feb 16 2022
By   angelina

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and Starr Sejanee are renowned celebrities. They got married after dating for several years. Kamiri Gaulden is the third child of the celebrity couple. Gaulden was born on 6 July 2017 in the USA.

Young Gaulden is famous as a celebrity kid. Even though he is not popular as his father, he is known to a good number of people. His father's fans adore him greatly. 

Dating History of The YoungBoy Never Broke Again

The youngster is still in his babyhood and has good friends but no girlfriends. It's obvious that Kamiri will date gorgeous ladies in his teenage and the rest of his life's journey. But, for now, young Gaulden is single.

Kamiri Gaulden posing with his hand on his chin in a navy blue dress with white band on his head.
Photo of Kamiri Gaulden (Photo Source: [email protected])

Talking about his friend circle, the American rapper's son has a very good bond with his friends and studies together with his pals. He is very affectionate to his friends.

When Did Kamiri's Parents Marry?

Kamiri Gaulden's Kentrell DeSean Gaulden has not revealed his marriage date yet. However, the couple probably married before 2017. 

It is still not clear if Kamiri's parents are together or separated. DeSean's practice of multi-dating and polygamy has always made his fans confused.

Wives of The Baby Boy's Father

The Until Death Call My Name songster has a vague marriage history. The House Arrest Tingz artist was probably married thrice. However, his marriage dates are still behind the curtains.

The songwriter married Starr Sejanee with whom he shares two kids. However, as of 2018, rumors say that the second boy didn't belong to YoungBoy after a DNA test of his wife.

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How Many Children Does DeSean Gaulden Have?

The Genie singer is a father to four children. Kayden Gaulden, Kacey Alexander Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Taylin Gaulden are the kids of the Hardcoore rapper.

Kamiri Gaulden posing in a white t-shirt and grey pant with his siblings.
Photo of Kamiri Gaulden with his siblings (Photo Source: [email protected])

However, the Kacey Talk singer is said to have seven children. But, he has not mentioned anything about three others.

Past Relationships of The Lil Top Singer

Kamiri Gaulden's father is believed to have multiple affairs. The stylish rockstar always falls into controversies. Earlier, the Murder Business rapper dated Jania Jackson, Danielle Bregoli, and Mallu Treveju.

It is often reported that Bregoli and Treveju once quarreled and threatened one another regarding their relations with the 100 rounds singer.

Is Kamiri Married?

Kamiri Gaulden is not married yet. He is yet a child and enjoying his childhood. Further, there are no recent plans of Gaulden for his marriage.

More, he has not been engaged previously. Gaulden is living a stress-free life with his parents.

Children of Kamiri

As Gaulden is not married yet, he does not have a child. He is cherishing his early hood with his friends.

Further, there is no recent news if Kamiri has adopted a minor.

Kamiri in Affairs & Controversies

Being a young member of the house and somehow far from the spotlight, Kamiri has never been into any sort of controversies. He has had a spotless life journey to date.

Gaulden does not have any affair rumors as well. He is yet to have a relationship.

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