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Wed Aug 09 2023
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Kandy Johnson Isley is a singer popularly known as a member of the music group Johnson Sisters. They won over the hearts of people with songs like Ice Cream and Love Angel.

Kandy is also known among the general public for being the wife of American singer-songwriter Ronald Isley. We will be briefing on her married life, net worth, kids, and other interesting details too. 

Is Johnson Isley Single Or Married? Exploring Her Relationship Status

Kandy Johnson Isley isn't leading a single life and has a husband Ronald Isley sharing a marital life. They are a longstanding celebrity couple who have shared over eighteen years together. 

It all started with Johnson Kandy meeting Ronald in 2001 when the Isley Brothers signed the Johnson Sisters. They got to know each other from that meeting and eventually ended up dating after that. 

Kandy Johnson Isley and her husband Ronald Isley.
Kandy Johnson Isley and her husband Ronald Isley. (Source: Instagram @ kandyisley)

Moving ahead in time, Kandy and Ronald had their lovely wedding ceremony on August 14, 2005. It was reported that they had a well-celebrated marriage and attended with hundreds of guests.

There is no news spread in the past and present regarding Ronald and Kandy's divorce. They share their lovely marital journey with no hindrance treasuring beautiful moments.

About The Previous Married Life Of Kandy

Ronald Isley is the first husband of Kandy Johnson Isley and didn't share any marital life in the past. Also, there are no details on her past relationship while searching through the Internet. 

However, Kandy is not the first wife of Ronald and was previously married to Margret Tinsley. They had their marriage ceremony in 1960 and were reported divorced in 1987 ending the marriage. 

After his divorce from Tinsley, Ronald shared marital life with Angela Winbush marrying on June 26, 1993. They divorced each other after sharing nine years but the reasons are undisclosed.

Has Kandy Shared Any Kids With Ronald? 

Kandy Johnson Isley is the parent of a son welcomed through her marital life with Ronald Isley. The name of their son is Ronald Isley Jr. born in December 2007 and is the age of mid 10s right now. 

Kandy Johnson Isley and her husband Ronald Isley with their son Ronald Isley Jr.
Kandy Johnson Isley and her husband Ronald Isley with their son Ronald Isley Jr. (Source: Instagram @ kandyisley)

Kandy is a loving mother to Ronald and never misses to share pictures on her social media. As of now, their son is enjoying a lavish life and fans eagerly wait if he will pursue a music career.

In addition, Johnson Isley is the stepmother of Tia Isley born through her husband's previous married life. Tia is the daughter of Ronald Isley and Margret Tinsley born in 1969.

Kandy is also the mother of Tawanna Isley born between 1993 to 2002. She was welcomed from her husband Ronald's marriage with Angela Winbush, an American singer. 

Uncover Johnson Isley's Net Worth: How Much Does She Have? 

Kandy Johnson Isley is estimated to have an admirable net worth of $1 million. She has earned money being a successful businesswoman, singer, and other income-adding sources. 

Johnson is the CEO of the liquor brand Liquid Gold which offers high-quality vodka and brandy. She also does the management of The Isley Brothers, an American family musical group.

Kandy Johnson Isley posing with Kandy Johnson Isley.
Kandy Johnson Isley posing with Kandy Johnson Isley. (Source: Instagram @ kandyisley)

On the other hand, Kandy's husband Ronald Isley has made a net worth of $2 million just like Geoff Cutmore. He has been able to make this financial empire through his successful music career.

Ronald earns money through the royalties of his songs on YouTube and other music platforms like Spotify. He is also the founding member of the music group The Isley Brothers. 

Discover Kandy's Bio/Wiki And Age 

Kandy Johnson Isley was born on February 24, 1977, and is the age of mid-40s right now. The name of her mother is Denise Prince Johnson and her father's name is Robert B Johnson.

Kandy Johnson Isley with her father Robert B. Johnson.
Kandy Johnson Isley with her father Robert B. Johnson. (Source: Instagram @ kandyisley)

Moreover, Kandy not being an only child shared her childhood with two other sisters. The names of her sisters are Kim Johnson and Krystal Johnson and loved to sing just like her. 

Kandy is a family person and has always shown admiration towards her family on Instagram. There is no additional information available on her early life surfing through the public domain.

Social Platforms Of Kandy

The celebrity wife Kandy has kept an active social media presence. She has managed to maintain her fame by connecting and interacting with fans through social sites. 

Kandy can be found active on Instagram only and doesn't have an account on other social sites. You can catch updates on her personal life by connecting under the username @ kandyisley.

A Short Summary Of Kandy's Husband Ronald's Music Career 

Ronald Isley is an American singer and songwriter known for his remarkable contributions to music. He is the lead singer and founding member of the family music group The Isley Brothers.

Ronald initially formed a vocal trio, The Isley Brothers, with his brothers O'Kelly and Rudolph. They started their career in the late 1950s and achieved widespread fame in the 1960s.

The Isley Brothers are known for their evergreen hit singles like Shout and Twist and Shout. After their hitmaking days, he enjoyed a solo music career releasing albums such as Here I Am and Mr. I.

It is surprising to see but Ronald's music career has spanned over six decades. His impact influence on the industry and impact on shaping the sound of R&B and soul music are undeniable.

The Music Career Of Kandy 

Kandy Johnson Isley is a singer known for being a member of the Johnson Sisters band. Furthermore, the beginning of her music career started with singing in church choirs.

Kandy and her sister Kim Johnson have also worked as backup singers for many artists including Michael Jackson. Later, they joined the Isley Brothers' management in 2001.

The Johnson Sisters released their album Ice Cream, which included hits like Ice Cream and Love Angel. However, Kandy never pursued a solo music career releasing songs and albums.

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