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Vocalist, Music Artist (1960)
Mon Feb 06 2023
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Karen Clark Sheard is a Grammy-winning American vocalist, music artist, producer, and businesswoman. She is widely known for her contemporary gospel album Finally Karen, which was listed at number#2 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Albums charts.

Karen Clark was born on November 15, 1960, in Michigan, USA. She is the youngest among all the sisters of the vocal group The Clark Sisters. Also, Karen is the founder of a popular record label Karew Records

Relationship Status: Single or Married?

Karen Clark Sheard is married to John Drew Sheard Sr., an American pastor and presiding bishop of the COGIC denomination. 

As their parents were part of the same church, they used to know each other from an early age. In an interview, John Drew claimed they went on their first date in January 1979 after his birthday party. 

Karen Clark wearing blue clothes and her husband John Drew Sheard Sr wearin black attire and glassess
Karen Clark Sheard and her husband John Drew Sheard Sr.  (Image Source: Facebook @Karen Clark Sheard)

Karen and J Drew Sr. decided to walk down the aisle on June 16, 1984. They have been together for more than thirty-eight years and planning to celebrate their ruby anniversary soon. 

Karen Clark's Husband: John Drew Sheard Sr. 

John Drew Sheard Sr. is the current minister in charge of the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States, COGIC. He was elected as the presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) on June 22, 2021, after the unfortunate death of his father, John Henry Sheard. After that, Karen Clark became the first lady of the COGIC denomination. 

Portrait of Karen Clark Sheard's husband John Drew Sheard Sr. wearing black formal dress
Portrait of Karen Clark Sheard's husband John Drew Sheard Sr. (Image Source: bet.com)

Furthermore, John Drew was born on January 1, 1959, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He has done B.Sc. in Education and Masters's in Mathematics from the public university in Michigan, Wayne State University. 

Moreover, John helped Karen's mother, Mattie Moss Clark, manage the Clark Sister's career in the music industry. Later, he also worked as a personal music career manager for her wife, Karen Clark.

Do Karen and John Share Any Children?

Karen Clark and J. Drew Sr. were blessed with two children. After three years of marriage, they welcomed their daughter Kierra Sheard on June 20, 1987. Later, in 1989 they got their first son and second child, John Drew Sheard II

Daughter: Kierra Sheard 

Kierra Sheard, also known as her stage name "KiKi" or "Kelly" is a gospel music artist, singer, fashion designer, businesswoman, and Radio host. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the fashion company Eleven60. 

Karen Clark Sheard's elder children and only daughter Keirra Sheard aka "KiKi"
Karen Clark Sheard's elder child and only daughter Keirra Sheard aka "KiKi"(Image Source: huffpost.com)

Kierra Sheard is known for her album, This Is Me, which was listed in the Top 10 of Billboard's Top Gospel Albums chart. This album was also nominated for Grammy Awards. Later, in 2015 she broke the iTunes and numbered #1 with her fifth album Graceland in 2014. 

Son: John Drew Sheard II

John Drew Sheard II is an American Musician and R&B artist. He was the former Artist and repertoire (A&R) for Karew Records, founded by his parents. Currently, he serves as that music label's Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Karen Clark Sheard's younger child and only son John Drew Sheard II Jr.
Karen Clark Sheard's younger child and only son John Drew Sheard II Jr.  (Image Source: michiganchronicle.com)

Moreover, John Drew Sheard Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is the father of two lovely children, Jacob Dillion Sheard, and Kali Drew Sheard. J. Drew Jr. has also appeared in the 2013's T.V. docu-reality series The Sheards.

Early Life & Childhood of Karen Clark

Karen Clark was born in Detriot, the largest city in Michigan, to her parents Elder Elbert Clark and Mattie Moss Clark. She was the youngest among her six siblings. She began singing at the early age of five. Karen and her sisters used to sing and perform in her middle school. 

After completing her middle school nearby in her hometown, Karen decided to join Samuel C. Mumford High School in Michigan. In 1979, she graduated from high school and decided to join a university and pursue her career alongside. 

About Karen Clark Sheard's Net Worth 

Talking about her net worth, Karen has been earning from a very young age through her successful career in the music industry, primarily in the Gospel genre. From various authoritative sources and analytical teams, it is estimated that the net worth of Karen Clark Sheard is $10 million, like Holly Hallstrom.

The main sources of Karen's income are royalties from her music albums, licensing fees, subscriptions to music apps, and many more. She has also been earning a massive fortune from her successful music label company Karew Records since she founded it in 2009

Life Threatening Incident: Fell Into Coma

In 2001, the current first lady of the COGIC denomination was undergone Bariatric Surgery, making some changes in the digestive system for her weight loss. Regrettably, the surgery was not gone according to the wish.

During the surgery, a blood vessel burst resulting in a severe blood clot issue. Doctors suggested Karen an emergency surgery. Thankfully, the blood clot was removed. However, Karen fell into a coma and was given only a 2% chance of survival. 

Miraculously, Karen survived the life-threatening moment of her life and continued her life and career as she wanted. She is still thankful to God for giving her a second chance in life. 

Parents & Family Details

Karen Clark is from a very religious family. Her father, Elder Elbert Clark, was a preacher and evangelist for the Christian Community. He was born in 1927 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Sadly, Elder Elbert left the world in 2001 at the age of 73. 

Karen Clark Sheard's mother Mattie Moss Clark and father Elder Elbert Clark
Karen Clark Sheard's mother Mattie Moss Clark and father Elder Elbert Clark (Image Source: Facebook)

Karen's mother, Mattie Moss Clark, was a famous music artist and Gospel music director. She released her first album, A City Called Heaven, in 1966 and recorded more than fifty albums throughout her career. She also served as the COGIC's International Minister of music for the most prolonged time. 

Siblings: The Clark Sisters

As mentioned earlier, Mattie Moss and Elder Elbert Clark were blessed with four children. So, Karen has three siblings and two half-siblings, Jacky Clark Chisholm and Leo Cullum, from her mother's side. Interestingly, all of them are sisters.

Karen Clark Sheard with her siblings Jacky Chisholm, Denise "Niecy", Elbernita "Twinkie", Dorinda, and Leo Cullum
Karen Clark Sheard with her siblings Jacky Chisholm, Denise "Niecy", Elbernita "Twinkie", Dorinda, and Leo Cullum  (Image Source: emmys.com)

In 1953, Denise Clark-Bradford, aka Niecy, the eldest among the sisters, was born. Elbernita, aka Twinkie Clark, was born at the end of 1954. After three years, Mattie and Elder welcomed their third child Dorinda Clark-Cole. 

Likewise, Karen was born three years after Dorinda. The sisters are famously known as The Clark Sister, an American Gospel vocal group.

Karen Clark: Awards & Nominations

Being involved in the Gospel choir for more than thirty years, Karen Clark has won several awards, honors, and nominations, like Jackie Torrens. She has won four ''Grammy Awards'' and thirteen nominations. Her Live: One Last Time won the Best Traditional Gospel Album in 2007.

Karen Cark Sheard wining an award for her outstanding gospel music
Karen Cark Sheard winning an award for her outstanding gospel music (Image Source: reuters.com)

 Karen has also won other awards like BET, Dove, NAACP, Stellar, and ''Soul Train Awards'' for her outstanding contribution to the Gospel genre. 

Karen's Presence on Social Media

Karen Clark is pretty active on social media. She frequently posts about her daily life on her social handles across the platforms. 

Instagram: She goes by @karenclarksheard with more than six hundred fifty followers. 

Twitter: Her Twitter handle @officialkcs was created in early 2010 and has over two hundred thousand followers. 

Facebook: Karen regularly posts something on her Facebook. Her Facebook page @Karen Clark Sheard has over 1.3 million fans following.


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