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Entrepreneur/Make-Up Artist (1989)
Mon May 09 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Karissa Bodnar

Boyfriend : Brendan Gardener
Karissa Bodnar is currently in a relationship with Brendan Gardener

Beauty can mean many things, and over the past few years, refining oneself has become a rapid trend. The billion-dollar cosmetic industry is proof that more people are becoming conscious about their appearance. And, today we are going to talk about the 31-year-old, Karissa Bodnar, a self-made woman who is the founder of "Thrive Causemetics."

Karissa Bodnar-One of America's Richest Self-Made Women

With the inclusion on Forbes 2019 list of America's Self Made Women, Bodnar is rising to be the next business tycoon in the makeup industry. She is best recognized as the founder and CEO of Thrive Causemetics, a leading direct-to-consumer makeup company built around philanthropy.

Image: Karissa Bodnar, founder of Thrive Causemetics.
Source: Instagram@Karissa Bodnar

In 2019, she was listed on America's 11 richest self-made women including Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, etc. 

How a Tragic Loss motivated Karissa Bodnar?

At the present moment, Miss Bodnar is the founder of a multi-million dollar company. But do you know the cosmetic brand is dedicated to her late colleague? Well, Karissa had a friend named Kristy who died of cancer at the age of 24.

Image: Karissa's company is built around philanthropy, giving large donations to Cancer patients.
Source: Washington.edu

During Kristy's treatment, she talked to Karissa about her desire to look like herself again. Kristy began losing her hair, and also her lashes began to fell out. Having being worked in product development, Karissa started experimenting with creating false lashes that stick directly to the eyelid.

By the time Karissa was 26, she had launched a business and made her experiments a full-time career. In conclusion, Thrive Causemetics, a beauty brand was born out of loyal and beautiful friendship. Further, for the honor of her late friend, Karissa  has named one of the styles of falsies named 'The Kristy.'

Boyfriend-Brendan Gardner-Young

The beautiful entrepreneur, Miss Bodnar, is currently in a romantic relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Brendan Gardner-Young. The romantic couple found love within each other while they were studying at the University of Washington.

Image: Karissa Bodnar and her boyfriend, Brendan Gardner-Young
Source: Instagram@Karissa Bodnar

At the University, Brendan was the member of the Athletics team. Previously, he was the deputy program manager at the Boeing Company. On the other hand, Karissa was the product developer for a famous cosmetics company, L'Oreal.

Boyfriend's position at Thrive Causemetics

When Bodnar decided to launch her business, many people were negative towards her at the beginning. However, her boyfriend supported the idea and became a part of the founding team. At present, Brendan is the head of technology at Thrive Causemetics.

Talking a little about Bodnar's lover, the Normandy park native, Brendan played baseball as an outfielder. He and Bodnar jointly see the operation of the company.

Is Karissa Bodnar Married?

When people fall in love, the next logical decision is to get married. In the case of Bodnar, she and her partner began dating in 2010. They are living as couples for over nine years as of 2019. Despite being together for so long, it is quite shocking that the lovebirds are still not married. Also, they are yet to reveal any plans for the upcoming marriage. 

Net Worth-$275 million

Th founder and CEO of a luxury make-up company, Karissa Bodnar has a net worth of $275 million. Thanks to the success of her 100% vegan beauty-brand empire. The source of Bodnar's wealth is entirely cosmetics and beauty products. Also, she is one of the richest self-made young women as per Forbes 2019.

Image: Make-Up artist and CEO of Thrive Causemetics, Karissa Bodnar has a net worth of $275 million.
Source: Instagram@Karissa Bodnar

Some of the company's best-selling products are Liquid Lash Extensions, Buildable Blur CC Cream, Glossy Lip Hydrating Serum, etc.

Over the past two-three years, Bodnar's products are taking over the make-up market more furiously. According to reports, one of the company's products is sold every eight seconds. Another make-up artist, Anastasia Soare, has a net worth of $1 billion.

Do you know the company was selling about $1,000 worth of products a day back in 2016? And even interestingly, it began to pull in more than $100,000 in sales daily. 

Massive Givebacks to Charity

In July 2019, Karissa's company Thrive Causemetics announced a record-breaking donation of $30 million in makeup products to women.

Image: Karissa Bodnar's company gave $40 million to charity in 2019.
Source: People

The recipients of the massive donation include organizations such as RAINN, Upward Bound House, and Share Cancer Support.

This is the brand's second multi-million dollar product donation announcement in two weeks. The earlier announcement on June 26, 2019, celebrated a $10 million production donation, totaling a collective donation of $40 million to nonprofit organizations.

Did you know?

  • One of Thrive's bestselling Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara products are sold every eight seconds.
  • At the company's fourth anniversary, the brand dedicated $25 million worth of merchandise to more than 50 organizations fighting cancer, domestic abuse, and homelessness.
  • At the present moment, Karissa has over 100 Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).
  • The company's signature color, Turquoise, represents the symbol of Joy.
  • On International Women's Day 2019, the beauty brand donated 100% of profits from sales of its products to the non-profit organization, "She's The First."

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