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Tue Feb 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of kate bush

Husband : Dan McIntosh
kate bush and Dan McIntosh married in 1992.

Since Stranger Things is on blast, you must know about the song Running Up That Hill, right? Even without the series, the song is loved enough, so you must also know about Kate Bush, the singer and the writer of the song.

And yes, Kate is also the singer of the song, Wuthering Heights, and the song, The Man With The Child In His Eyes. Aged 64, Kate is an English singer from Sidcup, Kent, England. She was born on July 30, 1958. Born as Catherine Mary Bush, she grew up in a Roman Catholics family.

Has A Net Worth of $60 Million

Kate is one of the most well-known English singers and producers. Throughout her career, she has blessed the world with her masterpieces. So, she has earned quite a fortune throughout her career. The net worth of the English singer, Kate Bush is estimated to be above $60 million

Kate Bush during an event.
Kate Bush during an event. Source: Instagram@katebush_

Just the reappearance of Kate's 37-year-old song, Running Up That Hill in 2022, from Stranger Things, alone has made her $2.3 million. Moreover, she releases songs under her own company, Nobel&Brite, so assumingly she is the holder of 80% of the recorded music royalties.

Received A CBE

Kate received the honor of being appointed as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). She was appointed as a CBE by the late Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to music.

"I feel incredibly thrilled to receive this honour which I share with my family, friends and fellow musicians and everybody who has been such an important part of it all. Now I've got something special to put on top of the Christmas tree."

Before that, she was also awarded Ivor Novello Award for outstanding contribution to British music. And in 2020, she became a fellow of the Ivors Academy in the UK.

Kate's Artistic Background Shaped Her

As mentioned above, Kate is from a family of artists. Though her parents had their primary professions in the medical field, they had their own interests in various sorts of arts. Even her brothers had their fair share of taste in arts.

A vintage picture of Kate Bush.
A black & white picture of Kate Bush. Source: TheMirror

Her mother, Hannah was an amateur traditional Irish dancer while her father, Robert was an amateur pianist. In addition to that, her brother, Paddy used to be a musical instrument maker. And her other brother, John was a photographer as well as a poet. Both her brothers were part of the local folk music scene.

The artistic background of Kate had its fair share of influence on her music career. And thus, she started playing the piano when she was just eleven. She also used to play the organ in a barn that was behind her parent's house. She also studied the violin. And soon enough, Kate started composing her own songs and lyrics.

Kate Is A Karate Kid

You must be wondering if Kate was anywhere in the film Karate Kid. Isn't that right? No, she wasn't in any part of the film. However, the phrase meant that Kate used to practice Karate.

You must be surprised to learn this. However, according to sources, Kate used to train as a Karate player when she was younger. She trained under her brother John as her karate instructor at Goldsmiths College karate club. 

Married To Danny McIntosh

Kate Bush is happily married to Danny McIntosh. Reportedly, the couple tied the knot back in 1992. However, since she does not like public attention, the exact date was not revealed. And if you are a true fan of Kate Bush, you've probably noticed Danny McIntosh in her songs.

Kae bush and her husband, Danny McIntosh.
Kae bush and her husband, Danny McIntosh. Source: VoxBliss

Kate's husband, Danny is a guitarist who hails from London. He has already appeared in several songs by Kate as one of her guitarists on songs like Top Of The City, Rubberband Girl, Constellation Of The Heart, The Red Shoes, The Song Of Solomon, and Lily.

However, not much is known about their relationship. From the fact that she is still together with him after all these years, she must be very happy with him. Moreover, she is not the type of woman to force a relationship, so she must be happy.

Has A Son

Our lovely singer, Kate Bush is a mother. She has a son named Albert McIntosh. She gave birth to him in 1998. However, he is better known as Bertie McIntosh. Nobody knew when she gave birth to her son. 

It was because she kept the news of the birth of her son a secret for five whole years after his birth. If she had revealed the news, it would've probably swept the world of music. However, it did when Albert's birth was revealed by Peter Gabriel during an interview.

Son of Kate Bush, Albert Bush aka Bertie Bush. Source: smoothradio
Son of Kate Bush, Albert Bush aka Bertie Bush. Source: smoothradio

So, just like that, Albert also had quite a personal life. However, he is stepping out on the world and taking his steps toward the music industry as well. Moreover, back in 2014, he joined Kate on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo as a backing singer. 

And she also credited Albert for being the motivation to go ahead with the series of live concerts in 35 years.

Kate Bush's Hit Song Was Inspired By Her First Love

After years of the release of the hit song of Kate, The Man With The Child In His Eyes, her first boyfriend, Steve Blacknell revealed that it was inspired by him.

This revelation shook the fans as they believed the song to be written about David Gilmour, the guitarist of Pink Floyd, the producer of the album. Steve was the first lover of Kate, so it is not strange if they had a very special bond with each other as lovers.

You must be wondering why did they fall apart though they loved each other? Steve said that they just grew apart. He also stated:

"She had her heart set on becoming a global star and I was going to be a flash DJ. When I first heard her music I thought, 'Oh my God'. It made my soul stand on end. I realised I was in love with a genius. We just drifted apart. But I've been told by those around her that I was indeed The Man With The Child In His Eyes and I know that those words were given to me by someone very special. I'm proud to have known and loved her."

Since this relationship of theirs was before Kate came to fame, she had gifted Steve with the hand-written lyrics as a token of love when she was 17. However, later Steve decided to let go of it and put it up for sale at £10,000.

Family Background: Kate Is From Baby Boomers Generation

The iconic singer, Kate was born in Baby Boomers Generation (the era after the second world war) on 30 July 1958. Her parents are Rober Bush (1920-2008) and Hannah Daly (1918-1992). While her father was an English doctor, her mother was an Irish staff nurse. 

Kate grew up as the only sister and youngest to two older brothers in a farmhouse at East Wickham in Welling. Her brothers are Paddy Bush and John Carder Bush.

Social Media Presence

It is very well known that Kate has always led a life trying to stay away from unnecessary media. She does not have a personal account herself, however, she has one for her music where she posts teasers and album covers. 

A picture of Kate Bush back in her days.
A picture of Kate Bush back in her days. Source: TheMirror

On Instagram, she has an account under the username @katebushmusic and has over 193k followers. Similarly, her account on Twitter under the username, @KateBushMusic has over 128.9k followers.

It is sad for fans who wish to know more about her daily life and moments because Kate never posts any pictures of herself. However, the good news is that you can find tons of her iconic pictures on her fan page on Instagram, @_katebush_.


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