Revealed: Rumors About Kate Dries and David Muir Married

Sun Jan 23 2022
By   horsey

Kate Dries was in relation with David Muir who is renowned for his work in journalism.

After Kate made their relationship public through her article, Muir often faced questions regarding their marriage but he did not disclose any sort of information about them being together. However, David is not married to Kate at the present date.

Who is David Muir?

Muir is an award-winning journalist who is known for his hard work as the anchor of ABC Worlds News Tonight. He was born on November 8, 1973, in Syracuse. 

Since 2003 he has been working for ABC News and in 2016, he was honored with CINE Golden Eagle Award for his year-long report on the heroin crisis in America.

David Muir posing for his Instagram feed. Source: @davidmuirabc

His parents got divorced even before he went to high school which is a bitter reality in his life and now he is famous in media.

Is Kate Dries Married to David Muir?

In 2015, The Editorial Director at VICE Dries officially mentioned that she was in a relationship with an award-winning journalist Muir but after some time not a single piece of information about their romantic relationship was made public.

Their relationship was hit on the top news list after she made her relationship public through her article but due to that statement, Muir faced so many questions about their marriage. However, he did not marry Dries at last and he informed that he is not engaged in any relationship.

Rumors about Muir Being Gay

After staying in many relationships he was unable to have a successful relationship with any partners including Dries. However, he has not been married to any women at present and so many rumors are spread by the people that he is gay but the statement is also wrong about him being gay.

Are Muir and Dries still together?

In 2015, David Muir's and Kate Dries' romantic relationship was made public but now there is no information about them being together in any relationship.

David wearing black coat with black jeans and also carrying bags in both hands and Dries wearing a grey sweater.
David Muir and Kate Dries. source: Glamour Path

The former producer of The Guy Friends podcast and the Emmy Award-winning American Journalist are not seen together in any News and other social media.

Is Muir Married?

It seemed David Muir has worked hard to make his life so private from public eyes and reports from everywhere made that clear he is still not engaged with anyone. 

Muir relationship with his colleague

The anchor of ABC Worlds News Tonight shares a special bonding with his colleague at ABC, Kelly Ripa who is a married woman.

Kelly Ripa wearing black inner and David wearing grey vest.
Kelly Ripa kissing David Muir. Source: Twitter

They form a powerful couple and there have not been any exposures about their relation or news related to marital problems and divorce.

Who are Muir kids?

David Muir is a reserved type of person who does not easily let others know his personal life and about his family members. On the other hand, people think that he might have kids being in the age of 48.

However, there is no such evidence about that rumors. However, he has not shared any information that hints about the possibility of having kids.

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