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Fri Jun 23 2023
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Kathy Giacalone is the wife of the late football player Tony Siragusa. Also famous by the nickname 'The Goose', Siragusa had a good record in football despite his heavyweight. 

Giacalone is a faithful wife to Tony, and always supported and motivated him until his untimely demise. Let's shed light on the relationship between Kathy and Siragusa alongside interesting facts about the life of a footballer's wife.

Kathy Giacalone's Husband Tony Siragusa Cause Of Death

Kathy Giacalone's husband, Tony Siragusa, lost his life on June 22, 2022, at the age of 55 like Angela Riola. The former Baltimore Ravens footballer, Tony passed away in his sleep. Siragusa's cause of death is said to be a heart attack, however, it has not been confirmed officially.

In 2012, The chubby footballer, Siragusa, revealed that heart disease runs in his family. Tony's father had died due to a heart attack. This has made people believe Kathy's husband also died due to the same cause. 

Kathy Giacalone's husband, Tony Siragusa passed away at the age of 55.
Kathy Giacalone's husband, Tony Siragusa passed away at the age of 55. Source: Instagram @goose9898

On top of that, Siragusa was also overweight and had lost weight suddenly. With no exercise and an appetite for vegetables, Giacalone's husband was more prone to a heart attack.

Tony's sudden death shocked the NFL world. Many of his close friends, and families, gathered around to bid farewell to Siragusa at his funeral.

Tony said to his wife Kathy about his death:

“If I die tomorrow, I told my wife, ‘just put a smile on my face. Put a little (Frank) Sinatra on.‘”

Kathy Giacalone Relationship Status: Who Has Tony Siragusa Wife Married Now?

Tony Siragusa wife, Kathy Giacalone has yet to overcome the grief of the untimely demise of her beloved husband. Giacalone is currently a widow and is not married to anyone. Looks like, she does want to jump into another relationship for now.

Kathy spent a beautiful married life with her late husband Siragusa. The pair remained married together for nearly three decades and together they have built a family of three children.

Tony Siragusa & His Wife Kathy Giacalone Remained Married For Nearly Three Decade

Kathy Giacalone and her chubby husband Tony Siragusa are one of the celebrity pairs who held their relationship for a long time. The romantic pair got married on April 22, 1995. Tony was 28 while his wife Kathy was 27 at the time of marriage.

Kathy Giacalone and her late husband Tony Siragusa. Source: Instagram @goose9898

Though there were ups and downs in their romantic life, Kathy and Tony never created any headlines due to it. The married couple was not only bound by love but Giacalone and Siragusa were respectful towards each other too.

Giacalone's married life with Tony was one of the most beautiful experiences in her life. The husband-wife duo celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary on April 22, 2020.

 picture of Kathy Giacalone with her husband and three children.
 picture of Kathy Giacalone with her husband and three children. Source: Featured Biography

Tony had uploaded a picture of them together with the caption:

"25 years and she’s still here !!she must be crazy ! Happy anniversary babe I do love you ! ❤️💋"

Likewise, Kathy and her former NFL player husband, Tony completed their 27 years of marriage in the year 2022. The pair was unaware that this milestone was going to be their last one together. Sadly, Siragusa passed away after two months after their 27th wedding anniversary.

Kathy Giacalone & Tony Siragusa Children

Kathy Gicalone is the mother of three children and is very proud of them. She shares close bonds with all of them. Gicalone shares two daughters, i.e Samantha Rose and Ava Siragusa, and a son, Anthony Siragus Jr, with her husband Tony.

Kathy Giacalone's three children on the day of her son Anthony's graduation. Source: Instagram @goose9898

Gicalone's oldest child is Samantha and the youngest is Ava. All of Kathy's children are grown up now and working together to continue their father's legacy. For instance, they created Goose Flights.

Tony Siragusa had thought about this project months before his death. The Jet organization that the Siragusa siblings co-founded is a charitable organization that raises money for private jet charters for a cause.

Here are details of Kathy Gicalone and Tony Siragusa's children including Birthdate & Education:

Name   Birthdate   Education
Samantha Rose Siragusa     January, 1997   BS degree in Communication and Information      Science, University of Alabama in 2019.
Ava Siragusa   2001   Southeastern Louisiana University.
Anthony Siragus Jr   1999   Bachelor’s degree in finance, Villanova School of Business in 2022

Kathy Giacalone's Net Worth: What Does Tony Siragusa Wife Do For Living?

Tony Siragusa wife, Kathy used to be a schoolteacher before her marriage. Her professional career has been behind the curtains which makes it difficult to determine her net worth.

However, Kathy Giacalone currently lives with the fortunes of her late husband, Tony. The former NFL player and The Titan Aviation Group co-founder, Siragusa had an estimated net worth of $6 Million at the time of his death.

Kathy Giacalone and her late husband Tony Siragusa on their romantic vacation to Belgium
Kathy Giacalone and her late husband Tony Siragusa on their romantic vacation to Belgium.Source: Instagram @goose9898

Tony lived a successful life and saw a great career in his time as an NFL player and television personality. Siragusa charged $500 Thousand per year for being a TV commenter on Fox Sports.

The former NFL player, Siragusa had signed a four-year contract of $6 Million with the Baltimore Ravens. Furthermore, Kathy's husband was also a co-founder of Titan Aviation Group. 

Kathy Giacalone Age, Early Life & Bio

Kathy Giacalone was born on July 10, 1968, in the United States. Based on her birthdate, Tony Siragusa's wife is currently in her mid-50s in terms of age.

Picture of Kathy Giacalone sitting in a luxurious house. Source: Instagram @goose9898

Giacalone's nickname is Kuku and close family members might call her with this name. Tony used to wish Kathy on her every birthday. In 2018, the former NFL player wished his wife via Instagram saying, “Happy 50 Babe!!“.

Similarly, Kathy's daughter, Samantha also showered her with warm birthday wishes and a series of their pictures. Samantha wrote:

This past weekend we celebrated a huge milestone for my mama! She turned 50… can you believe it? I’m so happy that I could bring everyone together in Nashville for a special weekend.

Kathy Giacalone Instagram & Other Social Media Accounts

Giacalone chooses to maintain her personal life secret. She likes to stay away from the spotlight and thus, she does not appear much in public similar to Dave Chappelle. Kathy was seen briefly at the event of Goose Flights alongside her children. 

Giacalone has kept her Instagram account, @kuka98, private. Tony Siragusa's wife has 230 followers on her Instagram profile at the time of writing. One thing to notice about the celebrity wife's Instagram is that, her username has the same number 98 as Tony's Instagram id.



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