Katrina Sloane and Bard Merchant Married Life

Tue Feb 25 2020
By   Manish

Katrina Sloane has no remedy for showing her love, but to express it in her own words like she is doing in her marital union with Brad Marchand. The couple isn't determining the way they're and keeps the differences of each other's opinions in a good understanding that makes their marital life happy.

Before entering into a new livelihood with her husband, Katrina was a native of Bristol, Rhode Island, where she spent her childhood. So, what's happening in the marital life of Sloane. Let's check out in the following sections that describe the exciting things about Sloane.

Katrina & Brad's "Spectacle" Marriage

American fashion designer, Katrina and her marital partner, Brad Marchand share the best memories in their nuptial. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in a private condominium complex, The Carnegie Abbey Club in Portsmouth, Rhode Island in September 2015.

Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand holding hands in their grand nuptial. Know more in details about the couple's wedding ceremony.
Snap: Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand during their nuptial 
Source: Instagram @kaslone

During the bridegroom's nuptials, Katrina wore a white v-neck solid lace floor-length gown, and Bard was donned in a formal grey business suit, tied up with a grey tie and a white flower on his left pocket. 

More to that, Nantucket aka Nathan Coe, a wedding photographer took amazing pictures of the pair and described it is "Spectacle."

The bridegroom, Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Want to know more about the couple's wedding details?
Photo: Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand standing alongside with their bridesmaids and groomsmen 
Source: Nathan Coe

On the other hand, the bride had 13 bridesmaids, and while her groom had groomsmen. Katrina's son, Sloane also served as the ring bearer, while carrying a sign that showed, "Poppa, here comes mommy." 

The newly-wedded pair, Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand dancing in their wedding ceremony. Check out what's going in their marital life.
Image: Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand performed a beautiful dance at their nuptial 
Source: Nathan Coe

At their wedding reception, the married couple served their guests with three round tiers, topped with a blush-colored roses cake, and performed a beautiful dance as well. Since then, the couple is enjoying their marital life for more than four and a half years.

Playing a Role of a Loving Mother for her Two Children

Real estate license holder, Katrina previously entered into motherhood with her former partner, with whom she welcomed a son, Sloane. Their son is now probably or years old, and Marchand is taking care of Katrina's child as a stepfather after adopting him as his child.

Katrina Sloane and her husband, Brad Marchand with their kids on Christmas Eve. Know more about the married couple's children.
Picture: Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand are parenting their children with good deeds 
Source: Instagram @kasloane

Back in 2017, Katrina and her husband, Marchand announced that they were expecting their first child. Later, Katrina gave birth to their first child, Sawyer Marchand. She recently posted a picture of Katrina via Instagram, while wishing her 2nd Birthday on 18th July 2019.

Enjoying their Adventurous Life as an Avid Travelers

As an avid traveler, Katrina and Brad loves to go on vacation while exploring new exotic places. In January 2016, the duo traveled to St. Thomas, a gateway of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Later, they also went to Elbow Beach, Bermuda in April 2016.

Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand with their children on vacation. Explore more about Katrina & Brad's adventurous marital life.
Photo: Katrina Sloane and Brad Marchand with their children 
Source: Instagram @bmarch63

Following that year, the couple traveled to the Bahamas in Bard's offseason of NHL in May 2018. They also visited Italy with their children as well. On 7th February 2020, Marchand posted a picture on Instagram, while spending quality time with his family in an expensive yacht.


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