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Celebrity Wife (1979)
Tue Feb 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of katy humpage

Husband : Oliver Phelps
Katy Humpage married Oliver Phelps in 2015.

Katy Humpage is a woman recognized as the wife of British actor Oliver Phelps who is popular among the Potterheads. If you don't know her husband, then let us tell us that he played the role of George Weasley in the insanely popular Harry Potter franchise.

Humpage, on the other hand, lives away from the media and is not associated with or works in the film industry. She was born in England on November 30, 1979, and is a Sagittarius.

About Her Lovelife With Phelps

Katy Humpage has been in a successful marriage with Oliver Phelps for many years. The pair tied the knot on July 4, 2015, and has been going strong. The two have maintained a low-key profile and hardly have given away any information about their marriage.

Oliver Phelps is wearing a sweater taking a selfie in front of a Christmas tree.
Katy Humpage's husband, Oliver Phelps, celebrating Christmas (Source: Instagram @oliver_phelps)

This means Humpage also is not present on Phelps's Insta page. However, this has also led to people not believing that these two are married. But Phelps's picture on the Internet, where he can be seen wearing a ring all the time, says otherwise.

It is believed that Phelps & Katy developed feelings for each other in college. These two have known each other since then, and they have shown that their love is true in their marriage.

Is Humpage A Mother?  

The celebrity wife Katy Humpage is not just a wife but also a mother, as she has a child with Phelps, who is believed to have been born in 2016. But, just like Humpage herself, their baby has also been kept away from the eyes of the media. Perhaps, they want to give their baby a normal childhood since Phelps didn't get one due to being part of Hogwarts.

There are many stories on the internet about their child. People have divided opinions on it, but one of the most popular stories is that their kid is a daughter who was born in 2016 and is named Autumn. Also another famous story is that they are the parents of not one but two daughters, Autumn and Emilia. However, no concrete evidence is available to back up any of these claims. 

At the same time, some people are not just denying this story but are also arguing if Humpage and Olivia even have any kids. However, the couple hasn't given anything about it and kept their kid a secret.

Net Worth & Earnings Of Humpage's Husband 

Katy Humpage lives away from the limelight and has not disclosed anything about herself. That includes her profession and net worth as well. However, her husband, Oliver Phelps, net worth is out in public.

Phelps estimated net worth is around $1 Million and is mainly credited to the success of the Harry Potter franchise. He was part of many movies in the franchise, which helped him make a lot of money. He has also worked in other films, which must have paid him well.

Oliver Phelps is sitting on the rock as he is wearing a blue jacket, black pants, and white sneakers.
Oliver Phelps at the Giants Causeway (Source: Instagram @oliver_phelps)

It's not just acting from where Phelps makes money from. He is also on Cameo, a website where you can get personalized message videos made by paying a certain fee. He charges $124 for customized videos and $870 for business videos.  

A Bit Of Information On Oliver Phelps

Katy Humpage's husband, Oliver Martyn John Phelps, experienced acting success at a very young age thanks to the role of George Wesley. He was born on February 25, 1986, in The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. 

Phelps's acting career sadly never took off after Harry Potter. Sure, he has worked outside these films as well, like Last Night in Soho, Danny, and the Human Zoo and Kingdom, but the character of Wesley is stuck with him as that's the only thing people recognize him for.

Nowadays, Phelps is more involved in social media and spends a lot of time traveling worldwide with his close friends and family. He also has a YouTube channel, Oliver and James Phelps, where he has a show called Normal and Normal and has been occupied with that as well. 

Her Husband Phelps Has A Twin Brother

Oliver Phelps wasn't the only one in his family to have been part of the J.K. Rowlings popular franchise. It is because his twin brother James Phelps (married to Annika Ostle) was also part of it with his role as Fred Weasley

Oliver is the elder brother here, as he was born 13 minutes earlier than James. These two are almost identical, and you will have difficulty figuring out which. That is until you learn about a small fact about them, which will help you identify the brothers. 

The older brother Oliver has a mole on the right side of his neck, which is one of the main things that help differentiate the Phelps brother. Many people learned about it much later, and the brothers used to have a lot of fun as they used to trick people with identical identities.

One of their popular stories regarding it is their auditions for Harry Potter. They had a bit of fun confusing the people over there as they told everyone they didn't know each other and had just met at the auditions. However, people from the audition only discovered the truth after a while.

Phelps Is Huge Into Sports

Katy Humpage's husband, Phelps, has many interests, and sports might be his biggest one, as his love for sports is not hidden from anyone. Just scroll through his Insta page, and you will see that his entire page is filled with it. 

Phelps is into all kinds of sports, from football, Golf and even Formula One. He loves playing it, especially Golf, as much as he loves watching all of it. In addition, he loves football, and the team he supports is Aston Villa FC. The club has even invited him to play at their stadium.

Such great evening having a game at the home of @avfcofficial with the guys from @lukeroper Alfie Enoch and I had a post match debrief. Good seeing @nathandawe between the sticks too! Of all the things I've been fortunate to do in my life, this evening is right up there. just goes to show, good times are ALWAYS ahead.

Oliver Phelps is taking the selfie as Nathan Dawe is wearing a keeper's jersey.
Oliver Phelps with Nathan Dawe at Villa Park (Source: Instagram @oliver_phelps)

Phelps's Opinion On JK Rowling

You cannot talk about Harry Potter without talking about JK Rowling, the woman responsible for the story. But nowadays, she is more in the news because of her tweets which have not gone well with many people, including some Harry Potter actors like Emma Watson. Phelps has also given his opinion regarding it.

Normally, Phelps stays away from the media and doesn't get into any controversy. This was also visible in what he said about the creator of Harry Potter. Tiffani Daniel for Inside the Magic, in her article, has quoted what he said upon being asked about it on MegaCon Tampa Bay

He expressed:

She’s still— the boss. (I’m) still very shy with any interaction with her. Definitely. She’s just an incredible woman. Who I owe, pretty much more than half my life because of her. She’s been very, very good with us.


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