Keiko Ono

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Businesswoman (1949)
Sun Feb 27 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Keiko Ono

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Ex-wife : Keiko Ono
Keiko Ono was the third wife of Hiroaki Aoki. The lovely couple got married in the year 2002.

Keiko Ono the wife of the Japanese American restaurateur Hiroaki Aoki is a Japanese lecturer and businesswoman and also a teacher of classical Japanese.

She is also a businesswoman from Japan but has grown her business in the United States and is the owner of Altesse co.Ltd.

Childhood of Ono

Ono was born in Tokyo Japan on October 3 in 1949. She is a hardworking businessman in Japan. 

She migrated to the U.S  to make her business more successful and more growth in the world.

Keiko Ono
Keiko Ono wife of Hiroaki Aoki. Source: Red young

Personal life of Keiko

Keiko is a hard-working and dedicated woman. She has an International Franchisor who owns a majority of shares in the USA.

Being the wife of a famous Japanese American restaurateur Hiroaki Aoki she is an independent and straightforward and hardworking Businesswoman of Japan. 

Wife of Hiroaoki Aoki

The hardworking businesswomen Ono is the wife of a famous Japanese amateur wrestler and restaurateur Hiroaki Aoki.

 She was the third wife of Hiroaki Aoki. The lovely couple got married in the year 2002.

Keiko Ono
Keiko Ono with her husband Hiroaki Aoki. Source: Page six


Keiko has studied the doctor of philosophy in political science, Master of Arts in political science from Georgetown University.

 She has also studied master of arts in broadcast, journalism, and bachelor of arts in law from Wesda and New York University.

Owner of Altesse co. Ltd

The wife of American Japanese restaurateur Hiroaki Aoki migrated to the USA in 1980.

 She started her own company Altesse co.Ltd in 1988 to make it in the business world.


Ono was rumored after she claimed a $3 million return back from her stepchildren Annie Wermiel and Paul Schmulbach after the death of her husband Hiroaki Aoki.

The Net worth of Keiko

Keiko Ono has a total net worth of $7 million. Her source of income is from her career as a businesswoman.

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