Kelly Mason

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Kelly Mason came to limelight after she was featured in the fourth season of the Show of My 600 LB Life. Kelly weighed 724 pounds when she first met Dr. Nowzaradan. Kelly did not get married in her lifetime. 

Kelly Mason was born as Kelly D. Mason on February 16, 1977, in New Jersey, United States. Much about her early life is still a topic of debate to the public. Kelly died shortly before celebrating her forty-second birthday. 

Relationship status of Kelly Mason

It's been more than a year since the death of Kelly, but any piece of information about her personal life is still a gem to the media. It seems like; Kelly was not involved in any relationship. 

Kelly Mason died on February 15, 2019
Image: Kelly Mason weighed more than 350 pounds while her death
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Kelly suffered from massive weight gain from an early age. No men were interested in her and remained single until her death. David Schwimmer, who is a famous actor, is also single as of now.

How Rich was Kelly Mason?

Nothing much about her wealth and net worth is mentioned to the public. But some online tabloids suggest, she owned a wealth of around $200,000. As she belonged to a middle-class family, there is not much information about her economic activities apart from being in the reality TV show. 

Kelly featured in the seventh season of My 600-lb Life. Among the people that have featured in the film, six have died of various reasons. Among them, Kelly and Rob Buchel were the only two persons who died while they were with the Show.

Depending on the reality show, actors earn an income from $1,000 to $65,000 per week. Kelly might've earned similar earnings from the show.  

Kelly Died just before her Birthday

Kelly Mason left this beautiful earth and moved away on February 15, 2019, in Houston, Texas, the United States. As per the reports of Heavy, Kelly died of a heart attack on her sleep. 

Kelly featured in My 600 LB Life
Image: The My 600 LB Life featured person, Kelly Mason
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Kelly was going through a massive transformation in her body weight. She lost almost half of body weight within a span of a few months of meeting Dr. Now. She was an inspiration to many. 

Before joining with Dr. Now, Kelly had diabetes, high blood pressure, a blood clot in her leg, a pulmonary embolism, reflux, thyroid problems, and arthritis, among other things. She had been in the hospital for congestive heart failure and shortness of breath. 

Social Media Presence

Kelly was much famous during her days in the Show, but she did not have any presence in the media. As she spent most of her time in the hospital, She was not active in social media. 

Mason was very much determined to lose her weight and get back to the track, So did not spend any of her spare time. She would be on her exercise most of her time. 


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