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Sat Aug 05 2023
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Kendall Vertes is famously known among the general public as a dancer and has been dancing since the age of 18 months. She is also an actress and singer who has gained popularity for acting work in the movie Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time.

It is no surprise that Vertes is a multi-talented individual and is also a famous Youtube personality having a huge number of subscribers. She uploads interesting traveling vlogs across different places and makeup tutorials on her YouTube. 

Love in the Spotlight: Is Kendall Vertes Secretly Dating Or Flying Solo?

Kendall Vertes is off the market and shares a romantic relationship with Andrew Ciufo. They have been seeing each other and sharing a romantic affair for a substantial amount of time for over a year. 

The loving duo Vertes and Ciufo are not shy about their relationship and flaunts on social media. The lady uploads each other's picture showcasing it to the fans on her Instagram handle.

Kendall Vertes with her romantic partner at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Kendall Vertes with her romantic partner at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (Source: Instagram @ kendallvertes)

However, the details of when Vertes and Ciufo were romantically connected are undiscovered. Kendall often visits her at his baseball matches as he plays baseball for Georgetown University. 

The loving duo Vertes and Ciufo don't have any news of separation or extra affairs. They are possibly looking to cherish more years and treasure the beautiful moments in their love life. 

Sight On Kendall's Previous Relationship

Kendall Vertes has shared several relationships in the past before being with Andrew Ciufo. She shared a relationship with John Rink in 2019 but parted after one year in 2020. 

After the breakup with Rink, Vertes was dating Austen Swankler starting their romantic affair in 2020. They had their split in 2021 but the reason behind their separation is undiscovered right now. 

In 2021, the YouTuber Vertes was seen in a romantic relationship with Tiktok sensation Caden Woodhall. They had a tight-lipped relationship and when broke up is also unknown. 

The Astonishing Net Worth of Vertes: Is She Secretly a Millionaire?

Kendall Vertes is estimated to have a staggering net worth of at least $1.5 million which is quite similar to Karen Gravano. She has accumulated this hefty wealth through her acting and YouTube career including other works. 

Vertes has made money appearing in the American reality television series Dance Moms. She also has earned some money appearing in the television series Choreographers React for her self-appearance in that show.

Kendall Vertes posing with her luxurious car Mercedes-Benz GLE.
Kendall Vertes posing with her luxurious car Mercedes-Benz GLE. (Source: Instagram @ kendallvertes)

Kendall has earned most of the money through brand promotions and advertisements on her social media handle. She has done the promotions of several brands including the vitamin supplement brand Sugar Bear and energy drink brand Bang Energy. 

Vertes has earned money from the content creation on her YouTube channel having over 1.2 million subscribers. In addition, She has several luxurious cars including Mercedes-Benz GLE which is worth over $59 thousand. 

A Quick Glance At  Kendall's Wiki/Bio 

The Internet personality Kendall was born on December 9, 2002, and is the age of early 20s as of now. Her parents are Jill Vertes and Erno Vertes and is their youngest daughter. 

Kendall's mother is an American actress and producer who has worked in the showbiz world. She is also an Internet personality having huge numbers of followers on her social handle.

Kendall Vertes with her mother  Jill Vertes.
Kendall Vertes with her mother  Jill Vertes. (Source: Instagram @  jillvertes)

Nonetheless, Kendall's father Erno is not enrolled in the showbiz industry nor an Internet personality. He is a sportsperson who has played professional tennis for some period. 

Kendall and her parents share a close bond which is seen through their social handles. Her mother is available on Instagram under the username @ jillvertes sharing family pictures and other stuff.

Kendall's Educational Background

The Internet sensation Kendall attended Penn Trafford High School graduating from there in 2011. After graduating from high school, she then attended James Madison University.

Kendall is expected to complete her graduation from James Madison University in 2025. Regardless,  there are no details on which subject she is doing her college major. 

Does Kendall Share Any Siblings? 

The celebrity personality Kendall is not the only child of her parents and has shared two siblings. Her older sister 
Ryleigh Vertes was born on December 30, 1995.

Similarly, Kendall and Ryleigh have shared another sister Charlotte Vertes born on May 5, 1997. She is an Internet personality and has amassed a huge fan base on her social media handles. 

Kendall Vertes with her two sisters and mother Jill Vertes.
Kendall Vertes with her two sisters and mother Jill Vertes. (Source: Instagram @ kendallvertes)

You can find Charlotte active on Instagram under the username @ cvertes22 with over 104k followers. She shares lavish pictures and glimpses into her personal life through Instagram. 

On the contrary, Ryleigh is a dancer and has formerly danced at the Abby Lee Dance Company. She gained popularity for appearing on Lifetime's So Sharp in 2017.

Has Kendall Retired From YouTube? 

It is not known whether Kendall has officially retired from YouTube or not. However, she hasn't uploaded a single video and her channel has been inactive for a year. 

Kendall hasn't said anything regarding the inactivity of her YouTube channel. The last YouTube video uploaded by her was a review video posted on July 21, 2021.

Kendall is possibly busy with her other professional work and hasn't got enough time for YouTube. Fans hope for her return but it is unknown when she will start uploading videos. 

A Quick Look At Kendall's Acting Career

Kendall Vertes started her acting work by appearing in the music video entitled Brooke: Summer Love Song. She is active in the showbiz industry for over ten years. 

Vertes came into prominence by appearing in the music video Todrick Hall: Freaks Like Me. Some of her notable acting attributes are Trico Tri Happy Halloween and Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time. 

It cannot be denied Vertes got widespread fame for appearing in the reality TV series Dance Moms. In that series, she was a top-tier dancer who joined in season 2 and continued to be a part of the cast for several seasons. 

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