Kim Cattrall's Husbands Over the Years

Thu Jun 08 2023
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Inside Kim Cattrall's conjugal life: The actress has been married three times!  

Kim Cattrall is an English-Canadian actress. Best known for playing the alluring Samantha Jones in the cult-favorite Sex and the City franchise. Although mostly associated with her Sex and the City role, a career-long fixation that Kim previously spoke against, Cattrall's profile also includes other hit shows and flicks. 

Born on August 21, 1956, in Liverpool, England, Cattrall spent most of her childhood in Canada. She made her film debut in the 1975 thriller Rosebud and gradually rose to become a well-sought actress over the 70s. Some of her most notable credits include Ticket to Heaven, Private Lives, Producing Parker, and Sensitive Skin.  

Kim Cattrall's Three Ex-Husbands!  

Kim's romantic history consists of a string of famous names but only three of the list are categorized as her former husbands. The Sex and the City alum has had tough luck in marriage but Cattrall's life isn't loveless. Cattrall walked down the aisle for the first time in 1977.   

Kim Cattrall is an English-Canadian actress.
Kim Cattrall is best known for playing Samantha Jones in 'Sex and the City.' Photo Source: Instagram

Cattrall was a star in the making and had yet to break into the film industry when she married Larry Davis, who remains in oblivion. Not much is known about Kim's first marital experience as it ended within two years. The duo had their nuptial annulled in 1979.  

During an interview with The Guardian, the actress recalled how her first marriage took a toll on her. Kim and Larry had similar goals when they first started dating but it wasn't long before she realized the deep-rooted misogyny in their relationship.  

Kim Cattrall was married to Larry Davis.
Cattrall blamed 'Sex and the City for ending her three marriages. Photo Source: Instagram

"He couldn't see that my need to work and express myself was as important as his," said the actress. Cattrall found love again and gave marriage another shot. The Emmy-nominated actress got hitched to German architect Andre J. Lyson in 1982. The significant distance between the spouses and Cattrall's unavailability eventually ended their nuptial.  

Cattrall would later blame Sex and the City for costing her heavily. "SATC cost me my marriage because I was never home," the actress said in her infamous interview. According to her, bad sex life was another factor that ended her marriage. The Brit didn't hold herself from blaming the show for her third failed marriage as well.   

Kim Cattrall married Mark Levinson in 1998.
The actress briefly dated former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. Photo Source: Instagram

Cattrall married her third husband, audio equipment designer Mark Levinson, in 1998. The City Limits actress spoke greatly of her bedroom experience with Mark. The couple even co-wrote a self-help book on sex life called Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm, in 2002. Kim's rigorous stint on SATC, "18-19 hours a day" apparently, strained her third marriage as well.  

Following her third nuptial, Cattrall dated many and has been linked with some well-known figures. She was in a brief relationship with Pierre Trudeau, the former Canadian Prime Minister. The Golden Globe-nominated actress has been romantically associated with Daniel Benzali, Gerald Casale, and Bernard-Henri Lévy.  

Who is Kim Cattrall Dating?  

Cattrall may be unmarried and childless at 66 but the actress isn't single. She has been dating Russell Thomas, who is fourteen years younger than her, since 2016. The pair crossed paths when Russell, who Cattrall lovingly refers to as Russ, was working at BBC in 2016. Cattrall and her boyfriend have been sailing smoothly since.   

Kim Cattrall is dating Russell Thomas.
Cattrall has been dating former BBC employee, Russell Thomas, since 2016. Photo Source: Instagram

Although Cattrall is not the type to flaunt her love life; the actress does give glimpses of her relationship once in a while. The How I Met You Father alum previously said that it was their shared roots, given that Thomas is from England, that attracted the duo to each other. Cattrall says Russ was "worth waiting for."  

"I'm very comfortable around him," Cattrall said while reflecting on her thriving romance with Thomas. She adds, "He's a firecracker and he's got a wicked sense of humor. And he's easy on the eyes." Kim's long-term boyfriend apparently checks all the boxes and is definitely the man of Kim's dreams, but the actress is yet to dish on her marriage plans.   

Kim says her longtime beau, Russell Thomas, was "worth waiting for."  

The couple recently commemorated their seventh anniversary. The Sex and the City star didn't welcome any children with her former husbands and is okay with not having one. Kim made the conscious decision of skipping motherhood early in her career.   

Kim Cattrall is childfree at 66.
The actress made the conscious decision to not have children. Photo Source: Instagram

Cattrall alleged that her passion and love for her work kept her too occupied to have a child. And during her 40s, Kim decided to let go of the idea of ever becoming a mother. The veteran actress channels her maternal instincts in various ways; be it her new projects, interfacing with young actors, or tending to charities.  

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