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Mon Aug 02 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Kim Van Gundy

Husband :  Stan Van Gundy
Kim Van Gundy and Stan Van Gundy got hitched on May 28, 1988, after five years of dating.

If you love basketball, you probably know Stan Van Gundy, a National Basketball Association professional coach. He currently works as the head coach of basketball operations of the NBA's New Orleans. But we are not talking about the basketball coach; we'll be discussing his lovely wife, Kim Van Gundy.

The spouse of the NBA's coach, her full name is Kimber Van Gundy prefers to stay low-key. So, she has kept a secret about her birth date, family background, and siblings. Today, we'll take a look at her personal life. 

How's Kim Van Gundy Marital Life With Her Hubby?

Kim Van Gundy is living a healthy relationship with her husband, Stan Van Gundy, also known as Stanley Alan Van Gundy. The duo met back in 1983 at Castleton State College while Stan served as a head coach.

Kim Van Gundy is living a healthy married life with her husband, Stan Van Gundy.
Kim Van Gundy got hitched with Stan Van Gundy on May 28, 1998.

The pair then started dating, and they eventually decided to change their relationship from sweethearts to husband and wife on May 28, 1988. On their big day, they invited their family and close friends. 

The couple has been able to become the perfect example of a lovely relationship up until now. Currently, Kim and Stan reside in New Orleans, central Florida. Similarly, American production assistant Molly Evangeline Goodman also lives in New Orleans with her family.

Kim is a private person who avoids discussing her personal life in public. That might be the reason why she does not use any social platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Kim Van Gundy Blessed With Four Kids

Kim Van Gundy and her husband, basketball coach, are proud parents of four children, along with a blissful marriage. Kim gave birth to a daughter, Shannon Van Gundy as their first child in 1991, assistant director at Stephen M.Ross School of Business.

Kim Van Gundy is a proud mother of four kids.
Kim Van Gundy is posing for a picture with her husband and her kids.
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Then she welcomed a son Michael Van Gundy (born in 1994), daughters: Alison Van Gundy (born 1997) and Kelly Van Gundy (born 1999). Alison is an assistant program manager at the Branches. Inc. by profession.

Know Kim Van Gundy's Networth

Kim Van Gundy has kept her net worth a puzzle because she is a private person. However, we assume she has a net worth of $1 million, similar to Spanish actress Marina Salas's networth.

Mrs. Stan also worked as a Special Services Counselor at a community college. As an adjunct faculty member, she also served as an advisor to non-traditional, first-generation college, and immigrant student groups. Besides this, she engages in many several volunteer activities.

Kim Van Gundy's husband, stan Van Gundy holds a networth of $20 million.
Kim Van Gundy's husband, stan Van Gundy is an American professional basketball player.
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On the other hand, her husband, Stan Van Gundy, holds a $20 million network. He earned all his fortune from her career life as an athlete and basketball coach. He served as a head coach for Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Detroit Pistons (2014 -2018).

Education Background

Kimber Van Gundy is a well-educated woman. The mother of four children got higher education from Fordham University in New York. 

Later, she graduated with her bachelor's degree (in 1983) in English and Journalism from Castleton State University in Vermont. Later, she earned a master's degree in education from the same university.

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