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Mon Jul 17 2023
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Kim Yong-ji is a South Korean actress and model known for her acting role in the TV Series Mr. Sunshine. She has been contributing to the showbiz industry since 2018. 

In today's article, well will be discussing if Yong-ji shares a romantic affair with Kim Bum. Also, the question regarding her nationality will be explained making confusion about it clear. 

Is Kim Yong-ji single? Unveiling The Truth Behind The Korean Actress Relationship Status!

Kim Yong-ji doesn't have a boyfriend or husband sharing a romantic relationship. She has not been publicly linked to any romantic partner and leads a single life as of now. 

Despite being a prominent figure, there is limited information available on Yong-ji's relationship details. No details are found regarding her past romantic affairs glancing through the Internet.

Kim Yong-ji with the crew members of the TV Series Somebody.
Kim Yong-ji with the crew members of the TV Series Somebody. (Source: Instagram @ demi_kimee)

Yong-ji being low-key in her relationship has left fans with curiosity and excitement. Likewise, she also hasn't made any posts on Instagram that could hint at her husband or romantic partner.

As an individual in the public eye, Yong-ji might prioritize his acting career and responsibilities. She is probably leaving little time for pursuing romantic relationships instead focusing on entertaining fans through her acting work in films and television series. 

Did Yong-ji Share A Romantic Affair With Kim Bum?

People have extensively searched if Kim Yong-ji and Kim Bum shared a romantic relationship. So, let's explore their relationship fuss in this particular article. 

Unfortunately, Yong-ji and Bum didn't share any romantic relationship and is only a rumor. They were linked by seeing their on-screen chemistry on the TV Series Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

In Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Yong-ji played the role of Ki Yoo-ri while Bum played Lee Rang. Fans mesmerized by their on-screen chemistry searched if they share a romantic affair by chance.

Yong-ji and Bum don't have any romantic feelings for each other as of now. With no official confirmation from both sides including no concrete details it's only a rumor creating curiosity among fans. 

Breaking Down Kim Yong-ji's Net Worth: A Financial Enigma Of The Actress

Kim Yong- ji has been able to pull off a jaw-dropping net worth of $1 million similar to Brock O'Hurn. She has made most of her wealth through her successful acting career in the showbiz world. 

Yong- ji has earned money starring in the television series Tale of the Nine-Tailed from 2020 to 2023. She has portrayed the role of Seonwoo Eun Ho appearing for a total of 28 episodes. 

Kim Yong- ji promoted the clothing brand Daks Women.
Kim Yong- ji promoted the clothing brand Daks Women. (Source: Instagram @  demi_kimee)

Kim also earns through brand promotions, advertising, and sponsored posts on her social media handle. She has promoted several brands including the beauty line Nars Cosmetics Korea.

In addition, Yong- ji also earns money through her modeling and has modeled for Harper Bazaar Magazines Korea. The details on Kim's assets and real estate properties are under review for now. 

A Quick Look At Yong- ji's Family And Age

Kim Yong- ji was born Christine Kim on April 14, 1991, and is the age of early 30s. The information about her parent's name including persona and professional life is unidentified right now.  

Yong- ji wasn't born a single child to her parents and has shared an older sister Kim Yong-hee. She must have kept a low-key profile as there are not many details available on the Internet. 

Does Yong- ji Loves Pet? 

Kim Yong-ji has a profound love and deep affection for animals, especially dogs. She is the owner of two dogs, a bordoodle and a poodle named Roux and Rye.

Yong-ji's Instagram feed is a treasure trove for dog lovers and pet owners. Likewise, she shares heartwarming snapshots that depict the beautiful bond with her dogs. 

Kim Yong-ji with her furry friends Roux and Rye.
Kim Yong-ji with her furry friends Roux and Rye. (Source: Instagram @  demi_kimee)

Yong-ji's Instagram serves as an ability to find comfort and companionship in the company of animals. She finds joy and love in the simple pleasures of being a pet lover. 

Also, Roux and Rye have their Instagram handle run by Kim under the username @ rouxrye. By connecting on their Instagram handle, you can see their adorable pictures. 

Is Yong-ji's Nationality Korean For Sure?

The celebrity personality Yong-ji's nationality has been questioned several times. People are probably confused regarding her nationality searching in the public domain. 

The 5 feet 5 inches Yong-ji lived in Canada for three years for high school and this fact created confusion among people. Also, she is often mistaken as a foreigner due to her appearance. 

Furthermore, Yong-ji is a hundred percent Korean and doesn't have any other nationality. There is no need to be in dilemma and she is a Korean considering all the points.   

What About The Social Handles of Kim? 

Kim Yong-ji has made a notable presence on social media platforms by connecting with them. She has captivated fans with her charm and talent amassing a huge number of followers.

Kim Yong-ji enjoyed her time at Bando Hotel.
Kim Yong-ji enjoyed her time at Bando Hotel. (Source: Instagram @  demi_kimee)

As of now, Yong-ji is only active on the Instagram platform and doesn't have an account on other social sites. She is available under the handle @ demi_kimee with over 1 million followers.

Yong-ji's Instagram feed is a visual delight, featuring stunning fashion choices, and glimpses into her daily life. She also uploads behind-the-scenes moments promoting her projects. 

A Short Introduction To Yong-ji's Acting Career In The Showbiz Industry

Kim Yong-ji is an uprising South Korean actress in the showbiz industry. She debuted by giving a breakthrough performance of Hotaru in the TV Series Mr. Sunshine in 2018. 

Yong-ji has never delivered an average acting performance in the TV Series since her debut. Some of Kim's notable acting credits include Watcher, Somebody, and Modooui Geojitmal.

The lady is receiving large appreciation for portraying the role of Seonwoo Eun Ho in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. She is also a winner of the Asian Artist Award for amazing actor work. 

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