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Celebrity Child (2002)
Thu Aug 25 2022
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Kori Madison Federline is a celebrity kid who is in the limelight because of her parent's fame. Her father, Kevin Earl Federline, whose stage name is K-Fed, is an American singer and former backup dancer. 

Similarly, her mother, Sharisse Jackson, is an American actress and singer well-known among the public for portraying the role of Niecy Jackson in Moesha, a UPN sitcom.

Furthermore, Kori was born on July 31, 2002, in the United States of America. She holds an American nationality, and her Zodiac sign is Leo. 

Early Life: How Is Kori Doing? 

Kori is currently enjoying her youth to the fullest. She is residing in the United States with her celebrity parents.

Kori Madison Federline with her mother, Sharisse Jackson, and brother, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline. Image Source: CelebSuburb

Kori, without a doubt, is getting a quality education as she belongs to well-established family background. In addition, we can say she is getting everything she wants and living a lavish life.

Kori Madison Federline: Single Or Dating

The celebrity daughter Kori is single and is focusing on her studies for now. In addition, she does not use social media which makes us difficult to get access to her personal life. 

On top of that, she does not have any past relationships or affairs that have hit the headline of the media. 

Parents Details 

Well, talking about Kori's family details, Kevin Federline is her biological father, and Shar Jackson is her biological mother. Interestingly, both of her parents are famous figures in the United States. 

Picture of Kori Madison Federline's father, Kevin Earl Federline, and mother, Sharisse Jackson. Image Source: The Teal Mango

Sadly, her parents are not together and enjoying their personal life. Although they are not together, they love her very much.

Study Details & Qualifications Of Kori

Kori, daughter of Kevin Federline, might be attending some reputed private school for her education. 

But about her father's academic qualification, Kevin is a high school dropout who began dancing with a non-profit organization called Dance Empowerment. Kevin was not that interested in his study from an early age. 

Besides Kevin's studies, he was most interested in other activities like sports, dancing, singing, and more.

Biological & Half-Siblings Of Kori

Kori has five siblings altogether; where Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline is her biological brother, who was born on 20 July 2004 in Yorba Linda, California, USA. Similarly, the rest of them are her half-siblings. 

Kori Madison Federline with her father, Kevin Earl Federline, and siblings. Image Souce: CelebSuburb

Additionally, she also has a good relationship with her half-siblings since she lives with them in a single house with her father. Sean Federline, both 14 September 2005, and Jayden, born on 12 September 2006, are her half-brother, whose biological mother is Britney Spears (Ex-Wife of Kevin).

Kori also has two half-sisters from his father's current wife. Jordan Kay and Peyton are her half-sisters with whom she is often spotted in public. 

How Tall Is Kori? Also, Know Her Weight

Kori Madison Federline has a height of 5 feet 5inch (165 cm) and average body weight. She often wears glasses on her eyes.

Picture of Kori Madison Federline posing for a photoshoot  wearing glasses
Picture of Kori Madison Federline (Image source: Hollywood life)

Talking about her dressing sense, she often wears simple dresses, although she is from well-established family background. Moreover, she has black eyes and black color hair, which perfectly match her personality. 

About Kori's Father - Kevin Federline

The rapper and actor Kevin was born on March 21, 1978, in Fresno, California, United States. As mentioned earlier, he had an early interest in acting, dancing, and singing, so he always wanted to work in the entertainment field. 

In his career, he has got the chance to work in Justin Timberlake, Pink, and Destiny's child as songs as a backup dancer. He called this opportunity because he chose to make his career as a dancer.

Picture of Kori Madison Federline's father Kevin Federline posing for a photoshoot wearing black blazer and white shirt
Picture of Kori Madison Federline's father Kevin Federline posing for a photoshoot (Image source: Glamour)

To add up, Kevin started to dance with a dance group called Dance Empowerment as soon as he dropped out of high school. After that, he appeared in a highly rated show called Britney and Kevin in 2005, where he met his ex-wife, Britney Spears. 

On top of that, Kevin has also released two rap singles in his career. They are PopoZao and Lose Control. However, he gained fame and attention in 2006  from his album, Playing With Fire.

Interestingly, Kevin has also been involved in acting besides singing and dancing. He has appeared in American Pie Presents: Book of Love, where he portrayed the role of a bodyguard. 

Are Kori's Parents Still Together?

As mentioned earlier, Kori's parents are celebrities who successfully succeeded in their careers. However, as of now, her parents are not together. More importantly, they were never married to each other.

Kori Madison Federline with her father, Kevin Earl Federline, and step-sisters. Image Souce: TheThings

Kori's parents, Kevin and Shar, started dating each other in 2001. They were blessed with two adorable children during their relationship. However, the ex-couple got separated in 2004, soon after the birth of their second child. 

Moreover, their separation was due to Kevin's affair with Britney Spears. Currently, Kori's parents are enjoying their personal life. Although Kori's parents are separated, they love her unconditionally same as before. 

Kori's Father's Second Marriage

Kevin Federline, the father of Kori, broke up with Sharisse Jackson and tied their knot with Britney Spears, a famous American singer and dancer, in September 2004

They were blessed with two lovely children during their married relationship. They stayed together parenting their two children for three years but decided to get apart after Britney filed a divorce case against Kevin in November 2006.

Kori Madison Federline's father, Kevin Earl Federline, and step-mother, Britney Spears, and her siblings. Image Source: TheThings

However, they got separated on July 30, 2007, legally. Interestingly, Kevin demanded custody of his children, to which Britney also took part. After battling for months, Kevin finally won the physical custody of his children.

Additionally, he also got $20,000 per month for his child custody, whereas Britney Spears was provided the visiting rights. 

Kori's Father Married Victoria Prince

Kevin Federline married Victoria Prince, a volleyball player, in April 2014. They are staying in a married relationship since 2014.

Moreover, the lovely couple welcomed their first daughter, Jordan Kay, in 2011. After three years, they again became parents after the birth of their second child Peyton in 2014

Net Worth Of Kori's Parents 

Talking about Kori's parents, both of her parents have well-established careers. Her father, Kevin Federline, has a total colossal net worth of $1.5 million, including all his assets and royalties. 

Kori Madison Federline and her mother, Sharisse Jackson.Image Source: CelebSuburb

Similarly, Kori's mother, Shar Jackson, has a net worth of around $500 thousand which she ensued from her career as an actress and singer. 

Kori's Father's Social Media Presence

Ernesto actor Kevin has an Instagram account with the user name @federline4real, where he has amassed more than  77k followers. Surprisingly, he has not posted any pictures on his Instagram.

Furthermore, he is also active on his Twitter account @kevinfederline, with more than 5.6k followers.

However, Kevin's daughter, Kori Madison Federline is not active on any social media platforms for the time being, just like Hattie Margaret Mcdermott.


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