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Wed Jun 22 2022
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The popular paranormal and documentary reality TV series, Ghost Hunters, became an instant hit upon its appearance. The show's investigator, Kris Williams, was also a major fan favorite who later moved to Ghost Hunters International. She worked on the spin-off series until 2012. At present, Williams has lessened her work on television, so what is she doing, and where is she?

The former Ghost Hunters' investigator, Kris Williams, currently works as a content creator. She is now a writer/photographer who travels and explores new places. So, is she married, and how much is her net worth? Let's know in detail regarding her current whereabouts.

Former TV host Kris Williams' Boyfriend

The former Ghost Hunter's host, Kris Williams, is in a romantic relationship. She was previously married, but now Williams is enjoying the companionship of her new boyfriend. On February 23, 2020, Williams shared an Instagram post where she captioned: "Headed out to a Mardi Gras party with my man and friend Alicia. This should be fun."

The former host of Ghost Hunter, Kris Williams is in a romantic relationship. She has a boyfriend
Image: Through her Instagram post, Williams revealed that she is now in a relationship.
Source: Instagram@kriswilliams81

So, how can we say that Kris is dating a new guy? Well, in one of the comment reply section, Kris herself revealed that she had left her previous husband. Much of the information related to her new lover is private, but Kris sure is happy with her new relationship.

Who was Kris married to?

The beautiful Kris Williams was married to an Australian guy whose personal detail is not much known. On November 12, 2017, Williams revealed her wedding via a Twitter post. The name of her previous husband is a mystery, but his Twitter account is Captain Wing-n-it.

Kris Williams was married to an Australian Guyt
Image: Kris' Tweet on November 12, 2017, where she revealed her wedding. Her husband is on the right side of Kris.
Source: Twitter@Kris Williams

Kris's previous spouse is a pilot by profession and the former couple used to run a blog called, trippingaroundthetraps. The site is no longer available, and the reason for their separation is a bit complex.

Kris was and still is very beautiful, along with being smart, passionate, and focused. So, why she felt unhappy with her ex-husband? Was she abused? The pain wasn't physical, but it was the daily mental torture she had to go through.

Reason for Williams' Separation with Ex-Husband

On September 28, 2019, Williams published a blog called, A New start on her self-titled website. In the article, she opened up about her unhealthy marriage. She was dating this guy since 2011 and married him in 2017. The reason for their separation might be unfaithfulness of her then-husband.

Further, the Television host wrote: "This is not a decision I have taken lightly… and to be honest… I held on for way longer than I ever should have." Her then-husband was Australian, so she had to move back and forth from the U.S.

During that time, she lost her financial status, took a break, and left behind her family. Also, her physical condition got worse as she gained around 60 pounds. Eventually, she left the guy and currently resides in Arizona with her new partner.

Is Kris Willaims Wealthy?

At present, Kris, as a content creator, artist, and photographer, has a net worth of $200,000. A question might arise among her fans that why her wealth is lower.

Former Ghost Hunter's host, Kris Williams has a net worth of $200,000
Image: Former Ghost Hunter's host, Kris Williams, has a net worth of $200,000.
Source: Instagram@kriswilliams81

Well, Williams rarely makes any television appearances as of now, and she probably doesn't have any shows. Therefore, the primary source of her income is photography and paintings, which she sells online.

Do you know? Before joining Ghost Hunters, Kris worked as a flooring installer and carpenter for three years. Also, she has knowledge of electronics as well. Another professional photographer, Darah Trang, has a net worth of $1 million.

Things to Learn from Kris Williams

Whoever stayed until the last of this article, they sure have found some positive aspects of the lovely host. In conclusion, her life teaches us to follow dreams, no matter what the obstacles are.

Kris Williams who previously used to host Ghost Hunters now works as a content creator and photographer
Image: Kris Williams is now working as a content creator and photographer.
Source: Instagram@kriswilliams81

Williams left everything that she could have achieved so she could be near her love. Nevertheless, she is happily pursuing her interest currently. Jacque Gonzales is also a host who gained fame after working for QVC.


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